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Outsource Catalog Data Entry Services

Whether you are an established company doing business online, or a planning to get into the e-commerce space, using catalogs for product display is important for informing customers about your products and bringing in direct sales. An effective online catalog lets you categorize your products and allows for product descriptions and photos, thus helping you maximize your e-commerce store's effectiveness.

Outsource2india has been a pioneer in providing catalog data entry, catalog conversion, and data processing services. Our catalog processing professionals have extensive knowledge about online catalogs. We can take your paper brochures, product catalogs, etc. and enter the information into an online catalog. Further, we can place the products in the right categories / sub-categories and display your product pictures alongside, aesthetically.

Why Do You Need Online Catalogs?

Product catalogs have been popular since many years because they helped potential customers browse through a huge selection of products across different categories with descriptions and beautiful product photos to go with it. This helped businesses to generate sales to a huge extent.

With the advent of broadband and the rapid growth of the Internet, it has become vital for any organization to take their business online. With online catalogs, you can reach a bigger audience worldwide. Converting your paper catalogs to online versions is easy. Many outsourcing companies offer catalog data entry, conversion, and processing services that can help you take your business online.

Our Catalog Data Entry Processing Services

  1. Catalog Building and Indexing

    If you want to take your business online and make it a success, then you must invest in efficient catalog building and indexing services. Just send us the paper catalogs of your products and we will build online catalogs or web-based catalogs depending on your requirements. Indexing catalogs is very important if you want your customers to find the product that they are looking for in an easy manner. With well-indexed catalogs, your customers will be able to access the information they want without wasting time. Our catalog content management professionals are trained to understand the needs of online buyers and are well-versed with all the categories and sub-categories. Our accurate and professional catalog building and indexing services can make your online business a success

  2. Product Data Entry

    Our e-commerce product data entry professionals are skilled at updating product descriptions and categories, stock information, etc. They are also adept at working on all major e-commerce CMS technologies, including:

    • BoxBilling
    • CubeCart
    • Magento
    • OpenCart
    • osCommerce
    • PrestaShop
    • Quick.Cart
    • TomatoCart
    • WHMCS
    • Zen Cart

    Additionally, our on-page search engine optimization (SEO) experts can optimize your images to ensure search engine compatibility standards.

    Read an article on 10 Reasons to Outsource Product Data Entry to India.

  3. e-commerce Order Processing

    We have the expertise to expedite customer purchases and have worked with numerous e-commerce websites and storefronts. In order to facilitate invoicing and shipping customer goods, we use a multi-step process involving capturing order information, ascertaining product availability, and processing electronic purchase

  4. Image and Graphic Support

    Online shopping is a visual process, where image quality acts as a catalyst in selling products. Our imaging services include, Image Creation, Clipping, Cropping, Resizing, Tagging and Enhancement, Thumbnail, Zoom View, Background Change, etc. Our image editors have the skills and expertise to make your photos and graphics salable. Find out more about our photo editing services

  5. Data Mining

    We are capable of mining data from spreadsheets, PDF files, Web, e-brochures, e-books, catalogs, etc. Our data mining services help customers get product information and pricing details from multiple online sources, and competitor and supplier websites. These data mining details include competitor monitoring information about changing pricing dynamics, image files, product description, etc.

  6. Catalog Conversion Services

    We can convert your product catalogs into specially designed digital catalogs that can help you attract consumers and increase your sales. As a part of our catalog services, we add product/service descriptions, optimize product images in best possible resolutions, and index and update products effectively to increase consumer search ability

Our Catalog Data Entry Process

At Outsource2india, we have an exclusive team for catalog data entry, conversion, and processing. Our team is well-qualified with the expertise and experience of working with customers across the globe. The process we follow ensures early turnaround time for your project, so that you can start generating revenues as early as possible.

Here is the 4-step process we follow:


The content management team at Outsource2india will go through all the paper product catalogs and get a good understanding about the products and services offered in the catalog


Our catalog building and indexing professionals will then make a note of the various headings, subheadings, phrases/words in bold and phrases/words in italics


Our catalog experts will identify important keywords and create a well-organized index


Finally, the products and services are indexed according to the relevant categories and sub-categories

Is Outsourcing Good for Catalog Data Entry and Conversion?

Outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to hiring local talent for data entry and the conversion of your product catalogs. With recruiting, this can take up a lot of time considering the local availability and the time spent for recruiting the right number of people for the job. In addition to paying salaries, you also incur costs on infrastructure, training, and other overheads.

Outsourcing eliminates the need for hiring in-house staff for data entry and conversion. In addition, you are not bound to stick to an outsourcing company when you do not have the need for conversion. You can sign short term or long-term project contracts based on your needs. India, with its pool of skilled data entry professionals and their excellent English knowledge, comes as an added benefit for companies who wish to outsource their catalog data entry requirements.

Choose Outsource2india for your Catalog Data Entry Requirements

Outsource2india offers everything you need for Catalog Data Entry, and is therefore the partner of choice for global organizations. Following are some of the reasons why our customers choose O2I over our competitors -

  • Experienced and trained experts in catalog management systems - Our catalog management team can perform data entry tasks with an accuracy level of over 98% and ensure that your project is error-free
  • Reduced turnaround time - At O2I, we can deliver your project within a very short time (usually 24 hours). The turnaround time, however, can change depending on the complexity of your project
  • Appropriate product description - Product description plays a crucial role in all marketing strategies. We use appealing titles for product descriptions that result in better sales conversions and search engine rankings
  • Strict adherence to editorial and compliance rules - At O2I, we strictly adhere to ISO quality standards and SLA guidelines to ensure that we meet the client's benchmark. We perform quality audits at every stage to make sure that our clients receive superior quality projects
  • Cost-effective services - Our pricing structure is specially designed to suit your budget. We offer services on per hour basis as well as per project basis. We also have a full-time equivalent (FTE) option
  • Robust infrastructure that reduces the time spent and maximizes productivity - Equipped with the latest MAC and Windows PC computers, our catalog management professionals can handle all your requirements and deliver
  • Save time, effort, and resources - By outsourcing your catalog requirements to O2I, you can reduce the cost of recruiting professionals as well as complete your work in a short time
  • Domain expertise in marketing products/services on the internet - Our catalog management professionals have the expertise in marketing products and services on the Internet. We can help you increase your sales by promoting your products and services in the best possible way

contact our catalog data entry experts today to receive exceptional quality catalog data processing services at reasonable prices.

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