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Outsource XML Conversion Services

XML Conversion Services

As XML is the preferred cross-platform web-publishing format used by businesses to display and store information on the internet, several firms are now opting for XML conversion services. The advantages of XML over other web-publishing formats include its flexibility, scalability, versatility, and validation ability. However, transforming existing web publishing formats to XML is a prolific task for organizations.

Therefore, the best option is to opt for a reliable service provider, as it helps in saving valuable time and enormous overhead costs. Outsource2india is the best place to get your XML conversion projects done. Through years of experience we have gained expertise to convert both hard copy documents and electronic formats into XML. We have completed a variety of XML conversion projects for several global customers.

XML Conversion Services We Offer

At Outsource2india, we have a team of experienced professionals who use the latest content analysis and transformation tools to provide precise XML conversion services at lesser costs; one of the most affordable in the entire outsourcing industry. We accept projects in all XML versions like DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition).

The XML conversion projects are constantly monitored by our quality control team to guarantee accuracy above 98%. Once you outsource XML conversion services to us we will successfully convert documents from almost all known electronic formats to XML. Our comprehensive range of XML data conversion services includes the following -

  • HTML to XML
  • MS-Word to XML
  • PDF to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • RTF to XML
  • Text to XML
  • XML tagging services
  • Any storage media to XML

Why Should You Outsource XML Conversion Services?

Outsourcing companies have dedicated resources to successfully handle conversion projects within the desired time and maintain the quality standards. By outsourcing XML conversion services organizations can reap variety of benefits, which include the following -

  • Businesses will be left with more time, which can be utilized for focusing on other core tasks that add value to the company
  • Dedicated XML conversion firms like Outsource2india provide organizations with the access to the latest and advanced technology and assure enhanced service delivery
  • Once businesses outsource conversion it helps in drastically reducing the operational costs and per head costs of the employees

How Can You Benefit by Outsourcing XML Conversion to O2I?

Our rich multi-domain industry experience enables us to understand unique needs of our clients and provide XML conversion services that precisely cater to their needs. For instance, if clients are planning to automate XML conversion process, we provide software packages which convert any existing electronic formats to XML. This software can be customized to suit an organization's internal requirement.

Our experts will study the organization's setup and then suggest the most convenient platform for implementing the software. Subsequent to installation, we will also provide a routine maintenance check for the software depending on the regularity of the client's convenience. Some of the major benefits of XML conversion services we offer are -

  • Affordable Rates

    We provide a flexible pricing structure and the clients will be charged strictly based on project requirements as well as the number and types of files converted

  • High-quality XML Conversion

    Once you partner with us, we provide assured output accuracy greater than 98% irrespective of the file formats submitted by the client

  • Shorter Delivery Timeframes

    We understand the value of your time and hence when you choose us we deliver XML conversion within the stipulated time, without any compromise in the quality

  • Secure Conversion

    Often enormous amount of confidential data, such as personal information of the customers have to be converted to XML files. For this reason, we have strict data security measures in place to ensure that the confidential data shared with us is not compromised

  • Easy Methods for Uploading & Downloading Data

    In order to make your engagement with Outsource2india smoother, we have designed different methods for uploading and downloading data, which include e-mail, FTP upload, CD/DVD, etc.

  • State-of-the-art XML Conversion Technology

    We leverage state-of-the-art XML conversion technology to provide all our clients with the best possible services of XML conversion

Choose Outsource2india for Quick and Accurate XML Conversion

Outsource2india is one of the leading outsourcing firms based in India, offering quick and efficient data conversion services to global clients. Being in the industry for over 19 years, we have successfully catered to specific XML conversion needs of numerous clients across various industry sectors. We provide a comprehensive range of data conversion services, which include file conversion, PDF conversion, HTML conversion, SGML conversion, document conversion, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking out for quick, accurate, and affordable XML conversion services, then you have come to the right place. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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