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Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services

Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services

If you are looking to create a paperless organization and convert your handwritten or printed documents into digital files, Outsource2india (O2I) can help. At O2I we have more than two decades of experience dealing with printed/handwritten documents for a global clientele.

Our dedicated document management team takes your paper documents and converts them into popular digital formats enabling you to speed up your operations.

Our Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services

A professional data outsourcing company, we have the necessary technical resources to capture data from all types of input formats. At O2I, our technically qualified staff and in-house customized software accurately convert your documents from handwritten paper/print into digital formats such as MS Word or PDF.

We also undertake data entry of birth records, municipal records, town records, and other legal documents from the original to a digital format. We are well equipped to handle highly complex publishing solutions such as mathematical and scientific books, texts, journals, and newsletters.

O2I's Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services Process Flow

At O2I, we follow a well-defined process flow for handwritten or printed documents data entry . The steps included in our process flow are -


01. Briefing

O2I Business Development Manager assesses client requirement

Team Allocation  

02. Team Allocation

Trained data entry professionals assigned to the project according to client requirement


03. Input

Client transfers printed/handwritten documents via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox, in various formats - hard copies/ scanned copies etc.

Data Entry  

04. Data Entry

Qualified data entry professionals perform data entry services manually


05. Review

First draft reviewed and edits/modifications completed if any


06. Output

Final output transferred via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Dropbox etc., in client preferred format - MS Word, PDF etc.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Benefits of O2I's Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services

Our data conversion solutions are ideal for corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutions, libraries, etc., or any information-intensive organization. When you outsource data entry services to O2I, you avail several benefits, including -

  • Accuracy - At O2I we offer a 100 percent accuracy rating. If data is in a print format (images and text documents), we use state-of the-art scanning facilities to digitize them. These are later manually checked for errors and then a proofreading team will further review to ensure that there are no errors in the process
  • Cost-savings - At O2I you can avail a cost-savings of 60+ percent
  • Reduce Time and Effort - Managing huge volumes of data is time-consuming and tiresome. Outsourcing to O2I reduces that burden by letting your offshore partner take that up for you.
  • Skilled Team - Our expertise is built around a team of 400+ experienced data entry operators, Quality Analysts. Project Managers etc.
  • High-quality Processes - At O2I, we adhere to ISO quality document management standards that conform to global standards.

Opt for O2I's Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services

If you are looking for reputed data entry companies in India, opt for O2I. An outsourcing company with more than two decades of experience in data entry services, we cater to any requirement.

For affordable costs, fast turnarounds and accurate services, contact us today - call or email and get a free quote within one business day.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: data.info@outsource2india.com

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