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Pharmaceutical Software from O2I

O2I has been a strategic pharmaceutical software development partner for pharmaceutical companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. Our wide industry expertise in building robust, scalable software for the pharmaceutical industry has helped O2I to build a knowledge repository on pharmaceutical software needs and best practices.

O2I has partnered with global pharmaceutical companies and has knowledge of their business models, IT needs and the intense pressure under which they have to perform. Our deep understanding of the industry practices and workflow models help us to create robust, scalable and powerful web-based solutions to meet the needs of these companies.

We have worked with small and medium pharmaceutical companies, developing various applications that help to enhance various functionalities within the pharmaceutical sector such as pharmaceutical R& D, sales, CRM and supply chain management.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Overview

The pharmaceutical industry today is characterized by intense competition from too many new players and too few new drug offerings being made. To stay competitive in this industry, pharmaceutical companies are forced to reduce overheads and manufacturing costs and improve productivity. There is a need for new drug development and shortening time-to-market for these new drugs. The companies that are able to offer customers new product offerings in shortest time-to-market are the winners of the future. Regulatory compliance also plays a very important role in this scenario with companies who slip up on compliance having to face the legal and market implications of this.

Pharmaceutical Solutions that Address Departmental Needs in Pharmaceutical Companies

A focus on the IT needs of each function is critical for pharmaceutical companies to stay ahead of the intense competition in the field. The very nature of the product entails that pharmaceutical companies should have proactive, real-time response systems to meet customer needs instantaneously.

O2I helps in the development of pharmaceutical CRM software and sophisticated supply chain modules to help companies in meeting real-time customer needs and making distribution networks more responsive to market needs. O2I develops systems that enhance R& D processes in pharmaceutical companies. Submission management, research data integration, statistical analysis and reporting are made less time-consuming and chaotic. Our applications for R& D departments of pharmaceutical companies transition them to more systematic and effective R& D practices. From clinical data capture and comprehensive data analysis to detailed reporting, O2I provides solutions that help companies to accelerate their drug development processes in strict compliance.

Regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry are complex and frequently changing. O2I develops software applications that help global companies to comply with these requirements in the U.S. and in other countries.

O2I's pharmaceutical software solutions have specifically addressed the needs of the following departments:

  • R& D
  • CRM
  • Supply chain management
  • Compliance
  • Finance and accounting functions
  • Sales and marketing

Pharmaceutical Software Solutions from O2I

O2I has developed pharmaceutical data and document management software to manage the inflow of clinical trial data from remote locations. Pharmaceutical software applications developed by O2I are deployed in various companies to build online stores and product catalogs, automate distributor networks and streamline supply chains. Our solutions to web-enable pharmaceutical systems give companies a better global reach and presence.

O2I has developed pharmaceutical software solutions in the following areas:

  • Applications for regulatory compliance
  • Submission management applications
  • Software to collate and analyze data from clinical trials worldwide
  • Applications for data integration, analysis, and reporting
  • Pharmaceutical CRM software
  • Pharmaceutical order management applications
  • SFA (Sales Force Automation) software for pharmaceutical sales teams
  • Finance and accounting automation software
  • Online payment systems
  • Pharmaceutical ERP software
  • Pharmaceutical data and document management software
  • Pharmaceutical inventory software

Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Software Development: Areas of Concerns

Despite offshore outsourcing becoming increasingly common among global companies the pharmaceutical industry has been a little slow in taking up the outsourcing model mainly because of concerns on

  • Proprietary knowledge and IP (Intellectual Property) issues
  • Reduced control over processes
  • Software quality
  • Infrastructure capabilities of offshore vendors

However, initial companies that turned to pharmaceutical software outsourcing are now reaping the benefits of high quality software and significant cost reduction. It is becoming clear that many of these concerns are ill-founded. More companies are transitioning to the outsourcing model to meet their pharmaceutical software requirements and to enjoy its significant benefits. Outsourcing helps pharmaceutical companies to address their end-to-end software needs. Offshore vendor companies are providing them with pharmaceutical CRM software, pharmaceutical ERP software and powerful pharmaceutical inventory software to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Outsource your pharmaceutical software needs to O2I's qualified and expert application development team.

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O2I's Pharmaceutical Software Development Services: Benefits

  • High software quality
  • Significant cost savings
  • Transparent development processes
  • Strict protection of IP rights
  • Clear Communication channels throughout project lifecycle
  • Accelerated drug development
  • Faster time-to-market with new drugs
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Increased global reach through web-enabled applications
  • Savings by streamlining support functions such as finance and HR
  • Better R& D data management
  • Knowledge sharing through multi-access applications
  • Access to collaborative research tools

With our expertise in clinical trials systems, contract research software, LIMS (laboratory information management systems), and regulatory compliance O2I offers a range of software development that include application development, system integration, web-enabling, implementation and e-business consulting to global pharmaceutical companies.

Outsource to O2I for solutions that address your end-to-end pharmaceutical software needs.

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