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Outsource EMR Software Services

Outsource2india has been providing effective software services to several companies across the globe, for almost a decade. We, at Outsource2india, know the significance of automation solutions in the healthcare arena. One of our service offerings is Electronic Medical Records software (EMR), a healthcare automation solution, which is used by several healthcare practices in the world.

With our EMR software, you can streamline your internal procedures, maximize productivity, improve logical workflows and provide better service to your patients. Besides, you can integrate our EMR software solution with your existing medical billing software. We can help you automate all the aspects of your patient documentation process as our EMR software is equipped with modern clinical productivity tools.

Features of Our Distinct EMR System

By using our EMR software, you can enhance the productivity of your daily operations. With our EMR software, you can:

  • Handle official documents that are used for distribution and further processing
  • Maintain daily appointment schedules, which can be easily accessed by your staff
  • Effectively manage the administrative staff in your healthcare practice
  • Create reminders and electronic messages and ensure consistency of operations and other administrative tasks
  • Our EMR software has data capture tools which minimize your interaction with the computer to a considerable extent
  • You can access patient information, lab reports, invoices and other important documents instantly
  • The office workflow management feature of our EMR software can help you track your patient's history - from check-in to check-out
  • The coding assistance feature of our software solution evaluates medical notes and suggests the appropriate E& M code for each data entry
  • Chart notes help you simplify the patient examination, evaluation and documentation process
  • Another feature of our EMR software, document managing and imaging, helps you scan, index, archive or distribute patient documents
  • The knowledge base feature of our EMR software provides informative updates regarding the diagnoses and treatments based on national guidelines
  • Our EMR software adheres to HL7 (Health Level Seven) ANSI standards
  • Our EMR software has several automated processes that help you increase productivity, such as:
    • Recommendations about preventative healthcare
    • Online pharmacy services that provide e-prescription for medicines
    • Pre-defined treatment options for common ailments
    • Easy-to-use electronic medical charts
    • Complete demographic data of every patient
    • Recommendations regarding drug dosages
    • Alerts about interactions and allergies
    • Workflows that can be customized to match your office's needs

Get the Outsource2india Advantage

  • High-quality EMR software solutions
  • Team of professional software solution providers
  • Processing patient records becomes speedy
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Establishment of best practices and workflow management in your healthcare practice
  • You can access the medical history of your patients stored in the EMR system for quick review instantly
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Quick turnaround time

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