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Outsource Raster to Vector Conversions

The building and manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries today use complex, demanding and highly accurate drawings. Though raster images used to be the norm earlier, their relevance has decreased, since they are resolution-dependent and not too accurate. Vector images, on the other hand, do not suffer from this problem and are the preferred mode of working with drawings and images. More companies these days are looking to convert raster to vector format.

If your company has rasterized images we can help you move them all to vector based image formats. O2I has helped companies of all sizes to convert raster to vector, helping them utilize the latest CAD software tools.

Our CAD conversion team works with various image formats such as TIFF, BMP, CALS, PNG and JPG.

Salient features of Raster to Vector Conversion services include -

  • Raster to Vector conversion can help mechanical engineering companies, architects, design houses and government agencies through automation and faster information sharing
  • Using this conversion, special objects can be segregated and placed in layers in the vectorized image
  • Blocks and Attributes are used in the conversion process maintaining uniformity
  • The final vector image is fully editable and can work with most CAD-based software
  • Accuracy is high as dimensional accuracy is given high priority

With a core team of engineers, draftsmen, project managers and quality analysts, Outsource2india is the right partner in assisting with all your raster to vector conversion needs. With additional expertise in engineering services and outsourcing, we can handhold in transitioning your requirements seamlessly to our team.

To find out more about outsourcing Raster to Vector Conversions to Outsource2india, please fill our inquiry form and our Customer Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

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  • International Career Institute
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