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Outsource MCD to DWG Conversion Services

VectorWorks, another alternative for AutoCAD, was originally developed as a design tool for Mac OS. Later it branched out and targeted those in the architectural and construction industries. While VectorWorks (also called MiniCAD) might be the tool of choice for companies, AutoCAD still remains the favorite among designers and engineers.

It therefore becomes important to have your VectorWorks based MCDE files converted to DWG (AutoCAD). This is easier said than done as conversion between these formats involves spending time and money on resources, especially if the number of files to be converted is huge and the files complex. Improper conversion can lead to huge inaccuracies and can be detrimental to your project.

O2I can help your company mitigate all these risks by helping to transition from MCD to DWG easily and at low costs. With over 19 years of experience, we have worked with individuals and companies of all sizes and handled their CAD outsourcing requirements. From simple conversion to building plan drafting, we have expertise in various aspects of product development, project management and implementation with special focus on design.

Features of MCD to DWG Conversion Services -

  • We employ a combination of manual and automated processes to ensure speed and accuracy. The outputted MCD file will be fully editable
  • Preservation of layers during the process of manual conversion, while converting files to the DWG format
  • Can incorporate field notes that you supply into the CAD files
  • Ability to merge separate sheets into a single CAD file, with edge-to-edge matching or overlays
  • Can publish your drawings to a webpage / website for vendors, customers or colleagues to use
  • Can convert all aspects of your drawings (PDF, Image formats) including but not limited to elevations, floor plans, electrical layouts, details, detail sheets, architectural, structural sheets etc.
  • Final output will be dimensionally accurate and will have followed exact specifications of the customer
  • Can work with multiple versions of DWG and MCD Files

To find out more about outsourcing your MCD to DWG Conversion to Outsource2india, please fill our inquiry form and our Customer Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

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  • International Career Institute
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