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Outsource AutoCAD Conversion Services

AutoCAD Conversion Services

CAD drawings play an important role in manufacturing and construction industries. Today these drawings integrate into various other business applications, and this has seen the demand to convert civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural drawings into CAD and store them in electronic formats. Facts are, CAD software has monopolized the market yet there are over a hundred registered CAD related software which are used. With issues like compatibility, there is high demand for CAD data conversion and migration to AutoCAD.

The business of AutoCAD Conversion and Migration is not new to Team O2I. Our qualified engineers have been at it for the past 14 years and handle clients from North America, Australia, and Europe. Our expertise in AutoCAD conversion and migration services help convert CAD drawings into multiple digital formats. Well versed with worldwide standards and codes, the team is conscious of the need, budget and time of every assignment undertaken.

CAD Conversion and Digitization Services

The engineering team at Outsource2india can convert any paper plan and images such as TIF, JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG to accurate multilayered electronic file formats. We can work with various industry standard formats such as ASME, ASTM, ISO, SAE, ANSI, BS, DIN and MIL. The team at Outsource2india can support different CAD software ranging from ProE, Solid Edge 2D, AutoCAD (DWG, DXF) and 3D CAD systems like Inventor, SolidWorks, Microstation (DGN), AutoPlant, CATIA and Unigraphics/NX.

Outsource2india's AutoCAD expertise includes -

  • 3D to 2D AutoCAD Conversions
  • Raster to vector AutoCAD conversions
  • Legacy CAD data migration and conversion to AutoCAD
  • 2D drawings from hand-drawn sketches and images
  • Photographs to AutoCAD Conversion
  • CAD redrafting & Conversion to AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD to ArchiCAD conversion
  • ArchiCad to AutoCad conversion

Our Software Expertise

Now that we have extensive experience in developing and using a variety of CAD conversion tools (some of them client proprietary) we ensure better accuracy and consistency in the final products. Outsource2india's engineering team uses the following tools / software -


CAD Conversion Process We Follow

Process flow is designed to include the validation of the quality of input data as well as the output at every stage. It also includes feedback from customer, which is delivered to the respective engineer working on the project, ensuring consistency while managing large volumes. Outsource2india's extensive experience in CAD services and the ability to assemble and manage large teams complements O2I's processes to handle large volumes.

Assessing Work

Define CAD Conversion/Digitization Scope, Ensure details available

Comprehend Input

Analyze input document, Establish clarity for AutoCAD

Effort & Pricing

Indicate time, resources and pricing for CAD Conversion/Digitization

Project Assignment

Set up engineering team by Project Manager

Execute Draft

Create AutoCAD output based on input brief, Output to match input

Drafts shared

Create AutoCAD output based on input brief, Output to match input

Final Edits

Changes based on feedback, thorough quality check

Final Delivery

Final AutoCAD converted/digitized drawings shared using client preferred method

Benefits of Outsourcing to AutoCAD Conversion Services

With AUTOCAD conversion of paper drawings into CAD files, the benefits include -

  • Retrieve and Maintain CAD files easily
  • Separate text and design to create a new layer
  • Intact dimensions are shown in separate layer
  • Generate separate layers for dimensions, body, text, hidden lines, and centerlines
  • Output is editable - in DXF, DGN, or DWG format
  • Incorporate changes easily than on hardcopy drawings
  • Cost-effective and less time consuming compared to hand-drawn drafts
  • Reduce data storage and minimal physical damage

Why Choose Outsource2india?

  • Handling Large Volumes of Data

    Capable to manage large volumes of hardcopy data or files sent to us by our clients for CAD conversion. We can create AutoCAD drawings, arrange, and archive them for easy retrieval. Before starting any project, we discuss issues such as part assembly, file naming, folder structures for data storage, and layer and font styles with the client, and adhere to all the guidelines outlined by the client

  • Partnering with Clients

    By outsourcing work to O2I, the client gains a partner who understands the business needs and provides services accordingly. Before starting a project, all relevant issues are discussed. This ensures that the team adheres to the guidelines mentioned in the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • Constant Quality Checks

    At Outsource2india, we conduct quality checks at every stage of a project to ensure that our clients receive accurate and error-free files. We adhere to ISO quality standards to ensure high quality results

  • Highly Trained Professionals

    Our engineering team is constantly trained and updated about new software and technologies, so that we can fulfill any requirement that you may have

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We strive to complete your project within the scheduled delivery time. However, depending on the size, scope, and complexity of your project, the turnaround time can change

Outsource CAD Conversion & Digitization to O2I

Outsource2india has been into CAD Conversion and Digitization services for more than 14 years with extensive industry experience. The experienced, multi-disciplinary team has the expertise in civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural drawings. We offer high quality design concepts at highly competitive prices with probably the quickest turnaround time and this has helped us service close to 50+ International clients.

Do contact us and we will be able to offer some of the best in class solutions for CAD conversion/digitization services. To find out more about outsourcing your AutoCAD Conversion to Outsource2india, please fill our inquiry form and our Customer Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

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