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Outsource An Outsourcing Success Story

Outsourcing is a tool that is underestimated by a lot of companies. The success story below is a good example of how a simple outsourcing requirement from one of our customers resulted in a complex and effective outsourcing contract.

Holistic Solutions

Eric Jackson, one of our customers based in the US, wanted to provide an audio transcription service to his customers. This service would allow customers to call a toll free number where they could leave a message. This message could then be transcribed from a digital file and stored in a place where customers could access it online. Mr. Jackson was clear about what he required for this business; a four part solution which would include web design, website/customer database hosting, an Interactive Voice Response solution, and transcription. However, he was unsure about which part of this solution was feasible to outsource and did not know enough about the capabilities of Indian service providers.

When Eric Jackson approached us at Outsource2india, we carried out a situational analysis, which is part of our 5 stage process. This took into account the type of customers and industry he was catering to as well as the solutions he planned on offering them. We discovered how we could create value in Mr. Jackson's business by combining our expertise in transcription services along with our technology center's capabilities in web design, web site hosting and customer data base hosting. This way we could provide a holistic solution to his outsourcing requirement.

Identifying the "outsourceable"

One of the key indicators of whether it is a good idea to outsource a particular function is to find out if the region you are outsourcing to has the requisite skills and expertise to handle the work. India's reputation as a technological leader and its popularity as a destination for software development and IT support are well known.

Each part of Mr. Jackson's solution could easily be outsourced as a wealth of similar work is carried out by professionals in India. Our technology center has extensive expertise in web design and custom software development. Based on Mr. Jackson's requirements a dual solution was proposed that would include both the customer "front end" website as well as the data transcription "back end" website.

Why Outsource2india?

Outsourcing the entire process to a single vendor has the advantage of ensuring continuity and involves less coordination. While most outsourcing ventures leave it to the client to take on the responsibility to manage the project, we at O2I manage the entire program. Mr. Jackson approached us with an outsourcing requirement and through communication with O2I, he realized the scope of what can be outsourced.

At Outsource2india, an outsourcing relationship does not simply involve execution of the project. Through our unique 5 stage process, which caters to any part of the outsourcing life cycle, we strive to create value for our customers by enhancing their outsourcing experience. We also offer our input on alternative technologies, hosting services, payment gateways providers, and much more.

On-going project management and maintenance is part of our 5-stage process. We have a dedicated team at our technology center that maintains websites on a proactive basis. The client can choose from a variety of suitable packages, which result in faster resolution of maintenance issues as well as enhancements and modifications to the website.

Creating True Value through Hassle Free Outsourcing

We provide holistic solutions at Outsource2india and proposed an outsourcing program for Mr. Jackson based on our philosophy of creating value for our customers. Right from analyzing his requirement and identifying the components that can be outsourced, proposing a holistic solution that included web design, logo design, application design, development and testing, to maintenance and enhancement services as well as suggestions and input on third party hosting services, payment gateway providers, digital SSL certificates, etc we aim to take care of every aspect of Mr. Jackson's outsourcing venture. With systems in place for reporting, disaster recovery, transition management, project management, and much more we strive to make the outsourcing experience smooth and hassle-free for customers like Mr. Jackson.

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