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Outsource OCR Cleanup Services

OCR Cleanup Services

With an increase in demand for faster data entry, OCR or optical character recognition has dominated the market. The process through which text files or other raw data is captured from image files in ASCII and Unicode formats is called as OCR. During the OCR process, errors can occur and so OCR clean up is done to rectify and bring in accuracy.

Outsource2india (O2I) provides both OCR and OCR clean up services. O2I uses advanced technology and highly experienced professionals to provide global customers with accurate OCR services and OCR clean up services. If your organization is looking for a reliable and cost-effective ICR cleanup services partner, then your search ends at Outsource2india. Choose Outsource2india as your partner and experience quality OCR cleanup services.

Why use OCR clean up services?

OCR clean up services comes into picture after the process of OCR as there are chances of errors even after the OCR process is completed. OCR clean up services helps in the following ways -

  • During the process of OCR there are chances of missing out some data. So, the OCR cleanup process is necessary to get back lost data
  • There are occasions when characters are misread during OCR, thus introducing errors in the final product. By using OCR clean up services such errors can be rectified
  • OCR clean up can fetch an accuracy level of more than 98%

Outsource2india has a track record of accurate ICR clean up services.

What does the OCR clean up process involve?

  • Error control – By using the process of OCR, data entry errors can be kept to minimum
  • Faster rendering – The OCR clean up process captures data from image files at a faster rate in comparison to other data capturing methods, such as keystrokes
  • Data storage in electronic formats - The OCR cleanup process can convert all manually written documents into electronic formats
  • Usability – The OCR clean up process can increase the usability of your data, as it can converts your books, manually written items and other such journals into electronic formats

Why outsource OCR clean up services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india has the required infrastructure, expertise and manpower to provide customers with accurate OCR clean up services. We can capture your data and convert it to any format that you require and at the same time provide you with OCR clean up services which can fetch you accurate data. Other factors that will compel you to outsource your OCR clean up work to O2I are -

  • We use the latest technology and software
  • Our OCR cleanup services are very cost-effective
  • We can deliver accurate OCR clean-up services ahead of schedule
  • Our OCR cleanup services team consists of well trained and experienced OCR technicians
  • We have the capability to convert any kind of file into any format
  • We Deskew the images to ensure optimum readability

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