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Outsource File Conversion Services

Businesses regularly need to convert files from one format to another, which may be complex at times. Shortage of time or resources, large volumes of files in varying formats, or absence of required software and tools may be some of the reasons that may make file conversion process troublesome. Outsource2india's (O2I) File Conversion Services help you convert almost all file types including images, video and audio.

Your File Conversion Needs

O2I offers you the most scalable, cost-efficient and effective file conversion services available today. Our design, execution and ongoing customer support ensure that our file conversion process delivers flawless results and the value you expect. We use a combination of state-of-the-art file conversion software, rich media, publishing knowledge and our ability to work with single- or multiple-source publishing to provide you the best file conversions possible.

Outsource2india's Solution

O2I's File Conversion services offer you affordable, efficient file format conversion in the following areas -

  • Legacy and new content
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Image files
  • Text files
  • HTML files
  • Legacy file formats to XML/ HTML
  • Pre-press preparation for print and e-publishing
  • eBook production
  • Graphic design and digitization of illustrations

Simply send your files to O2I in any of the following formats: Paper documents, books, microfilms, microfiches, image files (.tiff, .gif, .jpg, etc.), video files (.mpg, .mov, .avi, etc.), or audio files (.mp3, .wmv, .wav, etc.). In return, you can have your data converted into any format (.txt, .pdf, .doc, Real Video, AVI, QuickTime, etc.) or any media (CD, tape, Zip disk, etc.) via Internet, FTP, VPN or Telnet.

Top-Notch Technology and Talent Equals Top-Notch Results

O2I's file format conversion infrastructure and technology is nothing less than top-notch, as is our talent. Our file format conversion team is comprised of trained researchers, editors and proofreaders, and imaging and scanning technology professionals. Our team has years of experience in file conversion services, video conversion services and data conversion services. O2I's file format conversion team ensures that -

  • all data processing and keying services are 99.995% accurate.
  • multiple-document conversions (batch processing) are carried-out flawlessly.
  • image quality is preserved after file format conversion.
  • encrypted PDF files are supported by our advanced PDF file converter.
  • files can be automatically viewed after conversion.
  • you get instant-streaming video on either your existing Web server or a video server, by providing complete code to paste directly into your pages.

Make Outsource2india Your File Conversion Solution

O2I's File Conversion Services provides cost-effective, reliable file format conversion services to companies around the world. Contact us today for your file conversion needs, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed!

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