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Outsource Geospatial Services

Developed initially to aid environmental and life sciences, geospatial technology is used across multiple domains and industry verticals today. Outsource2india utilizes geospatial technology to offer best-in-class geospatial mapping services and accurate civil engineering solutions to the clients, and support various geospatial data based business operations.

Apart from geospatial data analysis, we offer a wide spectrum of geospatial data services, which include:

Planimetric Mapping Services
O2I's experience in digitizing planimetric maps helps us to capture man-made and natural features for widespread GIS solutions at a faster turnaround time at cost-effective rates. Read more.
Orthophoto Production Services
Our Orthophotographs and spatial data services give you accurate base maps to enable highly reliable GIS information and similar systems. Read more.
Photogrammetric Services
We synchronize high-speed imaging and remote sensing to capture exact positions and motion pathways to provide precise location based mapping. Read more.
Topographic Mapping Services
O2I understands the importance of updated and precise topographic maps for businesses that base their decisions on them. Read more.
Terrain Modelling Services
We combine multiple geospatial mapping techniques to offer you accurate terrain modelling services at low turnaround times. Read more.
LiDAR Mapping Services
Rely on O2I for those highly specialized, high resolution LiDAR digital terrain models (DTM) maps to meet your critical requirements Read more.
Geographic Information System Services (GIS)
With a high level of proficiency in providing GIS and spatial data management services, O2I is at the forefront of delivering unmatched GIS services Read more.
GIS Surveying Services
By leveraging the latest technology, O2I offers complete GIS analysis as well as GIS data management to provide highly accurate geographical surveys for varied business needs Read more.
Digital Elevation Modeling Services
Our DEM services help you get accurate elevation images for various business needs, be it evaluating mass movements of floodplains, terrain slopes, earthquakes, etc. Read more.

Outsource Geospatial Services to O2I

Outsource2india has a specialized team that conducts geospatial analysis. Some of the reasons why our clients trust our services are:

  • Team at O2I is highly experienced and skilled at handling various specializations in geological mapping and is adept at analyzing and delivering results based on various business and industry requirements
  • We leverage the most advanced, stable, and latest technologies to deliver best-in-class services to our clients
  • Our experience in 2D, 3D, CAD, web mapping, and other related technologies helps us deliver more accurate and clear geospatial images
  • Our infrastructure is capable of handling high volumes of imaging services at fast turnaround times
  • With a vast experience, O2I is a premier service provider if you are looking for geospatial services in India

Geospatial mapping is an area of expertise where a deep and wide understanding of the various businesses which use them and the specialized technologies that must be leveraged, is the key. This is exactly where seasoned services providers like O2I can step in to deliver to your precise requirements.

So, wait no more to contact us and share you requirements, we will be glad to assist you.

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