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Outsource Orthophoto Production Services

Outsource2india offers the highest quality Orthophoto production services, including digital photography and aerial Orthophotography for a variety of deliverables using diverse techniques. Our precision oriented work is geared to effectively support the minutest requirements in the creation of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), with Orthophoto Production being our area of expertise. Over a decade long experience in digital Orthophotography creation, helps us serve diverse clients (Public Utilities, Land Management, Urban Planning, and Governmental Agencies) and ensure smooth operations and reliable results.

Our Scope of Work

Outsource2india has proven experience in offering Orthophoto Production services, and has successfully delivered projects that require Thermal Imagery Processing, RGB & CIR Orthophotography and Black & White Orthophotography.

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Orthophoto Production Services Offered by O2I

The team of experts at Outsource2india is capable to meet any large scale requirements irrespective of what the terrain or topography is. The range of services we offer includes -

  • Colored and black & white Orthophotos used in making maps
  • Ortho mosaicing services including Ortho Rectification and Mosaicing combined to obtain the desired results. This task involves correcting the image distortions caused by software features or terrain elevation. Our experts work towards correcting this image distortion using the latest technology and tools
  • Mosaicing services including stitching the image together from disparate images into one single view visual
  • Color balancing services, Seamline editing, and Tile cutting services
  • Thermal imagery services for analysis purposes and urban planning
  • Orthophoto updates when the areas have changed over a period of time
  • Digital photography, Orthophotography India, and aerial photography services

6 Reasons to Choose O2I for Orthophoto Production Services

1. Process Excellence:

Our team understands that Orthophoto Production requires meticulous observations, recordings, and carries the weight of a well-mapped urban development or utility plan that affects communities. Therefore, our team swears by process management excellence, and follows the latest global practices and standards followed in the area of Orthophoto Production. The process and technology we use is expensive, but our team ensures that we work within your budget, without compromising on the quality and efficacy of the task at hand, by staying true to the project timelines.

2. Team of Experts:

Our civil engineers are well-trained and have minimum 5 years of experience in working on a vast range of projects for global clients and have delivered highly complex and large-scale Orthophoto production solutions. Our team has the expertise in working on various formats including TerraModel TIN, IMAGINE Raster, SOCET SET TIN, ASCII text files, and 3D Shapefile.

3. Accuracy:

We use the advanced spatial technology and GIS solutions to achieve the desired results each time around. We work with utmost accuracy and tread an extra mile to meet clients' requirements.

4. Attention to Detail:

Any scale of Orthophoto production project consists of manipulating huge data that goes into terabytes; with each terrain being different and posing various challenges to photograph, record, and analyze. Our experts understand the kind of attention required to create one perfect visual that can be easily referred to for subsequent intelligence gathering.

5. Economical Orthophoto Services:

Accuracy at compelling costs is an advantage you receive when you outsource Orthophotography to India, in particular to Outsource2india.

6. Ethical Responsibility:

We respect and understand the need to keep all client information and project related data protected and confidential at all times. We follow strict data security policy towards the same and treat each project of orthophoto production India as classified.

How We Work?

Once you outsource your services to us, you can stay at ease and leave the entire project related worries to our expert team. We work in accordance to the set standards and are highly process oriented. Once the client outlines his/her project brief, share their objectives, and expected results; our team implements the specific procedures outlined by them to achieve the results that will add value to the project.

Each step in the project cycle has a clear defined objective and deliverables mutually agreed upon by both, the O2I team and the client team. There is always an assigned representative within easy reach keeping you posted on the developments and project status at any point of time.

Outsource Orthophoto Production to Outsource2india

If you are delaying outsourcing Orthophoto Production services to India, due to cost or quality constraints, look no further. Cutting-edge GIS and spatial technology coupled with professional execution by the team at Outsource2india helps us offer highly reliable Orthophoto Production at affordable cost and promised timelines. Vast domain expertise and adherence to international quality standards by our specialists ensure highest customer satisfaction.

For any query related to Ortho photography in India, and to outsource your Orthophoto requirements to Outsource2india, get in touch with us, our executives will get back to you within 24 hours to help get you started.

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