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Legal Staffing Services

Outsource Legal Staffing Services

Get access to professional and reliable legal staffing solutions to meet any of your legal staffing requirements. Prices start at $10/hour

Legal professionals are the backbone of every business. They act as your organization's support system and ensure the smooth functioning of your day-to-day operations. However, hiring competent legal professionals is a tedious and time-consuming process and even the smallest hiring mistake can cost your company immensely.

Outsource2india is a premium legal staffing service providing company offering competent legal staffing and consulting solutions to legal firms as well as B2B and B2C companies. Working as your personal recruitment consultants, we can assist you with all your short-term and long-term legal recruitment goals to help you drive business productivity without significantly increasing your overhead costs. Our legal staffing experts have immense knowledge and years of experience in the recruitment industry and can help you quickly onboard professionals who expertly match your firm's or organization's needs and requirements. They can help you ramp up your legal workforce to make your operations run at peak performance.

Our Legal Staffing Services

As a leading legal staffing service provider, we at Outsource2india provide a comprehensive range of services to streamline and smoothen out your search for great talent. Our skilled team of recruiters and talent managers leverages their deep industry knowledge and AI-based technology to carefully evaluate your legal staffing requirements to help you find skilled legal talent to fill your vacancies quickly and seamlessly. With deep consulting expertise and rich recruitment experience, we can help you find the right candidates for all kinds of legal roles and processes. So, whether you want to hire a corporate counselor, a lawyer, or a legal secretary, we can find skilled professionals across a range of specializations.

Our legal staffing services include -

  • Contractual Staffing Services

    Contractual Staffing Services

    Our contractual staffing solutions can help you with all your long-term and short-term staffing goals. From consulting a professional legal advisor for an upcoming project to onboarding a contractual legal team for your ongoing processes, we can help you successfully connect and collaborate with the right legal talent - one who understands your business and your culture.

  • Permanent Staffing Services

    Permanent Staffing Services

    Leveraging our exceptional legal talent network, our seasoned recruitment experts can help you build a great in-house legal team that you can proudly call yours. Whether you want to recruit entry-level professionals or add mid-career and executive-level legal advisors to your team, we can deliver great legal staffing for your varied needs.

  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

    Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

    Enjoy both flexibility as well as efficiency with our contract-to-hire staffing services. So if you are unsure of your project workload or prefer a trial period before making a new hire full-time, our unique staffing solutions can help you try and test the professionals so that you can evaluate their talent before making them a permanent hire.

Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Staffing Services

Identifying the right legal team is a complex process that only a few are equipped with. Outsourcing legal staffing services not only helps you make the hiring process seamless, but it also helps you to -

  • Gain instant access to smart, reliable people, with the best skillsets and professionalism
  • Find dedicated resources for your short-term and long-term projects
  • Spend less time screening resumes and evaluating candidates
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes and unwanted layoffs
  • Easily align your workforce to your organization's ever-changing needs and demands

Types of Legal Professionals We Recruit

As a leading legal staffing agency, we, at Outsource2india, have intensive experience in hiring a variety of legal administrative for your organization's varied needs and requirements. We can help you recruit skilled and experienced staff for various legal positions including -

 Case Clerk
 Firm Administrators
 Legal Assistants
 Legal Secretaries
 Legal Administrators
 Litigation Support Managers

Our Legal Recruitment Process

Bringing the right people onboard needs expert skill and precision. One wrong hire can bring down your company's productivity and profitability. That's why, at Outsource2india, we follow a rigorous step-by-step process to help you build a strong and highly efficient legal team that can take your company to soaring heights.

Our legal staffing process includes -


01. Understanding Your Needs

Every business is different and so are its staffing requirements. We meet you to understand your hiring needs and the type of professionals you are looking to work with


02. Finding the Ideal Recruit

We leverage our legal talent network to help find you a partner that's experienced, highly qualified, and completely understands your business and work ethics


03. Verifying the Candidate

We use patterned interview techniques to make sure the shortlisted candidates are the right fit for your company. We thoroughly screen all the shortlisted candidates to present only the top candidates to you.


04. Scheduling the Interview

After the initial round of screenings and interviews, we schedule the interview of the shortlisted candidates with your team for final approval


05. Candidate Onboarding

We also assist your team with the onboarding of the candidates. From conducting rigorous background checks to performing additional screenings of the shortlisted candidates, we go beyond our way to smoothen out the recruitment process for you to help you fill the critical vacancies faster

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Staffing Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a premium legal staffing agency offering legal staffing services in India and abroad. We are powered by a team of highly dexterous and experienced recruitment managers who can help you quickly and efficiently hire vetted and qualified individuals who can provide you comprehensive legal support across your organization's departments. As your staffing partner, we work with you and your teams to help them find and onboard the right talent - one that has all the required skillsets, experience, and work ethics - who can perk up your productivity and take your business to soaring heights.

Outsource legal staffing services to O2I and enjoy -

  • Competitive Prices

    We offer our services at competitive prices. Our budget-friendly legal staffing services allow you to quickly fill your roles without significantly increasing your overhead costs.

  • Quick Access to Experienced Recruitment Managers

    We work with some of the best talents in the world. Highly experienced and rigorously trained, our professionals work with you to help you attract the right people to your team, making the hiring process efficient and seamless.

  • Intelligent Recruitment Algorithms

    We leverage the latest AI-powered solutions and software to scan tons of recruitment data to shortlist experienced candidates who accurately match your job requirements.

  • Flexible Services and Solutions

    As an extension of your team, we understand your business needs and day-to-day challenges. That's why we provide you access to the right legal professionals as per your organization's needs and demands. Our customized services allow us to cater to all your long-term and short-term legal staffing requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We are fast, very fast. Powered by the latest technology, our recruitment algorithms help you find and recruit great talent in the minimum possible time.

  • No Long Term Agreements

    At O2I, we do not bind you to any long-term agreements. You can use our services as per your business's needs and requirements.

  • Guaranteed Project Continuity

    Long-term projects cannot afford turnovers in critical roles. That's why, while hiring or recruiting a legal professional, we make sure they agree to stay with you till the completion of the project or the transition of ongoing roles and responsibilities.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    When you choose to partner with O2I, you'd be assigned a dedicated project manager, who'll be well versed with your company's business and work culture. Knowing your company in his best capacity, he'll help you define and find a candidate that will be the best match for your requirement.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    By taking care of all your legal staffing needs, we make the search for great talent even better. We manage all your hiring requirements so that you can focus on the growth and performance of your company.

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Outsource Legal Staffing Services to Outsource2india

Need skilled talent on the go? Outsource legal staffing service to Outsource2india and get instant access to extremely skilled and highly versatile professionals that will expertly meet your organization's needs and requirements. With decades of experience and unparallel access to a vast pool of skilled and talented individuals, we can expertly handle all your legal staffing or recruitment needs and can help you onboard professionals with diverse talents and capabilities. While doing so, we make sure that all our recruits seamlessly fit into your roles and work culture.

Allow us to help you find the best legal staff for your organization. Simply let us know your requirements and our recruitment experts will get back to you within the shortest time.

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