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Legal Memorandum Writing Services

Outsource Legal Memorandum Writing Services

Create meticulously researched and precisely drafted memorandums with our legal memorandum writing services.

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Law firms and in-house legal departments are grappling with numerous challenges, primarily the growing complexity of global legal regulations, increased workload, and the need for specialized expert knowledge. Writing legal memorandums, an integral part of legal proceedings, demands significant time, expertise, and resources. Given the time-consuming nature of this task, it often results in overworked legal teams and delayed responses.

Our offshore legal memorandum writing services offer a solution to these challenges. We have an expert team of legal professionals who are well-versed in various jurisdictions and legal areas globally. By delegating legal memo writing services to us, you can leverage our expertise and experience, freeing up your team's time to focus on core legal matters. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and timely legal research memorandums, ensuring you meet all deadlines and maintain your firm's reputation for excellence.

Client Success Stories

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The client had a fully functional in-house team comprising the best paralegals. But due to the sheer volume of cases, they needed additional support to streamline internal processes and boost productivity.

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Our Legal Memorandum Writing Services

We offer custom and comprehensive support to help professionals and legal firms worldwide stay ahead of the curve. Outsourcing legal research and writing to us gives you access to a wide array of remote legal memorandum writing services, which include -

  • Legal Publishing Services

    Legal Publishing Services

    Our legal publishing services offer end-to-end solutions, incorporating advanced digital publishing platforms for effective content dissemination. Our team of legal scholars and editorial professionals ensure your publications are authoritative, current, and universally compliant.

  • Contract Drafting Services

    Contract Drafting Services

    Our contract drafting services specialize in creating detailed and legally robust contracts. Leveraging state-of-the-art drafting technologies, our legal draftspersons design contracts that protect your rights and preemptively address potential disputes.

  • Legal Coding Services

    Legal Coding Services

    Opt for our legal coding services for precise coding, indexing, and classification of your legal documents. Our proficient coders use cutting-edge coding software to organize your documents for easy access and retrieval, optimizing your document management process.

  • Complaint Drafting Services

    Complaint Drafting Services

    Our complaint drafting services ensure your legal memorandum outlines and claims are articulated effectively and supported by strong legal rationale. Our team of seasoned litigators excels in drafting persuasive complaints, using in-depth research and a comprehensive understanding of legal protocols.

Tools and Technology Platforms We Leverage

 Document Management Systems
 Legal Research Databases
 Legal Analytics Platforms
 Cloud-Based Document Editing
 Legal Citation Management
 Secure File Sharing

Legal Memorandum Writing Process We Follow

A legal memorandum is a brief note or outline written to support a legal argument by an attorney. The memorandum contains a summary or legal arguments, applicable laws, citations, and more. Preparing legal memorandum might increase the pressure on the already swamped legal departments or independent law firms. We take care of your burden by following the process shown below -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will work with you to understand what you want our experts to do. We will understand your needs and provide preliminary estimation about the cost and turnaround time


02. Analysis of Client Requirement

Your requirement will be noted and taken to the project team to make a concise list of deliverables and discuss challenges in the project


03. Selecting Qualified Legal Experts

We will handpick legal experts based on cultural fit, qualifications, and experience. A team will be formed based on your requirement


04. Case Briefing and Tool Training

We will transfer your case information to our legal experts and if needed they will be provided training to handle legal documentation tools


05. Legal Memorandum Writing

The legal memorandum writing will be carried out according to the SLA and completed within a stipulated time


06. Quality Assessment

The quality of work will be assessed with care to ensure that the deliverable reports are 100% accurate and actionable


07. Project Delivery and Reporting

The project will be delivered along with legal reports to help you analyze the data with ease

Why Should You Partner with Us?

A legal memorandum is a crucial document as it can be sent to the client directly and maybe the foundation on which other documents like a legal brief, factum, opinion letter, pleading, etc., are prepared. As a dependable legal memorandum writing service providing company, we understand the importance of this work and offer several advantages -

  • Huge Cost Reduction

    By outsourcing legal memorandum writing services to us, our clients save on the cost of hiring and training new resources. We have seen a reduction of up to 50% in most cases. They also save immensely on the amount of time spent on doing back-office tasks.

  • International Standards

    We follow the international standards of legal writing and provide well-organized memorandums that communicate the legal problem and the applicable laws succinctly. Our team has a thorough understanding of the UK, US and European law systems and familiarity with judicial council forms and filing procedures.

  • Well-researched Memos

    The legal memorandums written by us include the summary and analysis of the relevant laws that apply to a specific situation. We have access to legal libraries, resources, and databases and do thorough research to deliver completely accurate details along with citations.

  • Trained and Certified Team

    We have an in-house team of skilled lawyers, legal subject matter experts, document specialists, paralegals, legal analysts, etc., who have a thorough knowledge of the legal drafting standards and are well-versed with the laws in different jurisdictions. Our geographically diverse legal team is equipped to handle legal proceedings of various countries and unions.

  • 24/7 Services

    We have a globally located team and we leverage the time-zone advantage to deliver faster services to you. Our teams work in shifts to offer various legal process outsourcing services to our customers across the globe. Take advantage of our quick turnaround and focus on other critical tasks.

  • 100% Data Confidentiality

    We understand how important it is to keep the legal documents safe and confidential and that is why we have thorough protocols, processes, access controls, NDAs, and data security technologies in place for complete safety and privacy of your confidential data.

  • Accuracy and Quality

    We know that there is no scope of error when it comes to legal documentation and hence we have a separate team to review all the documents before they are sent back to the client. This ensures that the client requirements are met as well as high-quality standards are maintained every time.

Additional Services We Offer

Law Office Management Services

Enhance your firm's performance and client satisfaction with our law office management services.

Legal Document Drafting Services

Meticulously prepare error-free and legally sound documents that strengthen your legal positioning with our legal document drafting services.

Legal Document Review and Management Services

Our legal document review and management services offer thorough scrutiny and strategic management of your legal documents.

Legal Filing Services

Secure your legal proceedings by precisely filing court documents on time with our legal filing services.

Delegate Your Legal Memorandum Writing Services

Our company stands at the forefront of delivering specialized online legal memorandum writing services. We ensure that our legal memorandum formats are meticulously researched, coherently structured, and precisely drafted to cater to your specific needs. Our solutions not only help you optimize your legal processes but also provide a significant reduction in operational costs.

No longer does your team need to be bogged down by the intensive task of writing legal memorandums. Let our expert team handle the complexities, while you focus on your core legal functions.

Isn't it time you leveraged our expertise to enhance your legal operations? Reach out to us today and experience the difference we can make to your legal processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the prices for overseas legal memorandum writing services remain the same or do they vary?

The pricing for legal memorandum writing services is variable, given factors such as the case's intricacy, the depth of research required, and the urgency of the project.

Can you explain the process through which legal research is performed for the memorandum?

We conduct legal investigations by exploring various legal databases, studying relevant case law, and incorporating court decisions to draft a well-rounded memorandum.

How long does it typically take to deliver your legal memorandum writing services?

Typically, our legal memorandum writing services are completed within a 5-7 business day period, though this can change depending on the project's scale and intricacy.

Am I allowed to provide my insights during the process of creating the legal memorandum?

Yes, we highly value client input during the legal memorandum writing process, as it ensures the final memo aligns with your unique perspective and objectives.