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e-Discovery Services

Outsource e-Discovery Services

At just $10/hour, we help you electronically discover, interpret, and manage legal data for efficient case management

Do you prefer to outsource e-Discovery services for detection of legal matters, investigation of the government matters, and more? Are you lacking time and money to handle paper-heavy information? Outsource2india's e-Discovery services is wholly electronic, where information is recorded for a short and long period. The process of data identification, collection, and preservation after processing is completely systematic. The electronic data format is secure and reliable for evidence over paper records.

Outsource2india is a leading provider of e-Discovery services because we assure to help by means of better data collection and reports. We also provide cost-saving policy and many more attractive offers to our clients. Our best teams follow the best procedure to avoid errors. Hence, outsourcing electronic discovery services can save you time and money in a big way.

Electronic Discovery Services We Offer

The entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model is under the control of Outsource2india and we tackle all the core areas of the business. The client benefits are kept in mind. The electronic discovery services that are provided by the Outsource2india to their clients is as follows -

  1. Reporting e-Discovery

    Reporting e-Discovery

    With the help of e-Discovery reporting right from reports of data management, category and modification of data reports, processing the data reports, data analytics and statistical reports are done.

  2. Collection of Data and Forensic Reports

    Collection of Data and Forensic Reports

    Under this service, evidence identification, harvesting of data, imagining of forensic, preservation, and analysis are done. It is one of the most crucial steps for e-Discovery services.

  3. Processing e-Discovery

    Processing e-Discovery

    In processing service, the facilities that we provide to our customers include extraction of data, analytical reporting, filtration of data, identification of different foreign languages and many more.

  4. Assessment of Early Case

    Assessment of Early Case

    In this service, the project cost is reduced, the time period of the project cycle is also minimized, and the various documents that are collected are developed and revised.

  5. Hosting Options

    Hosting Options

    This phase allows checking for actual responsive data among the lot. This can be done using all-time monitoring, using dedicated hardware, using 128-bit secure encryption options and most importantly, the role-based authentication for secure data access.

  6. Production e-Discovery

    Production e-Discovery

    We provide Various production services such as native production, PDF production, hybrid production, placeholder generation, and many more. We offer these services to ensure easy accessibility of data while keeping the precise formatting & complexity in mind.

Electronic Discovery Process We Follow

Outsource2india, one of the best e-Discovery service providing company severely follows a definite process and aspires to provide premium quality results with regular monitoring services. Our exclusive process flow format makes us the finest e-Discovery service provider company in the international market. The steps or the format that Outsource2india follows are -


01. Information Governance

The company policies and workflow are set by information governance or IG. Nowadays, e-Discovery has become one of the key elements of IG to provide the best performance and practices


02. Identification

The e-Discovery team or group identifies which are more relevant data or not with their software, due to which the rest are put aside which are not usable. This helps to perform the work more easily


03. Preservation

After the identification of data, it must be preserved for evidence as it might get destroyed or lost. With the help of a process known as legal hold, we carefully preserve the data


04. Collection

The gathered data is kept in a centralized repository and nothing else is done. The data are kept intact and unaltered from unauthorized elements


05. Processing

The collected data is analyzed, modified, and converted to required formats. The extra unused or unnecessary items are deleted


06. Review

With the help of tools, we review the data to save cost and time. We also perform reviews internally for maximum productivity


07. Analysis

It's the peak level where the content is analyzed with key patterns, group discussions, and various topics


08. Production

e-Discovery models and rules help in producing the documents as potential evidence


09. Presentation

This step helps to differentiate electronic presentation and paper. It also displays the evidence and trails

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource e-Discovery Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india has its finest technology and efficient work culture in market comparison, within the budgets. Moreover, with 25 years of experience in the business market, customer's requirements, as well as their demands, are given equal importance. We not only serve local clients but also provide services in the international markets. Therefore we have diversified the e-Discovery services. Hence, we recommend outsourcing e-Discovery services to us to get the best result -

  • Cost-Benefit

    One of the main reasons for outsourcing electronic discovery services is cost-benefit. A client company can save a huge amount from their financial statement by outsourcing the work. The software or the infrastructure has limited potential for companies that work on short projects. Therefore, instead of wasting money on implementing the infrastructure, you can leave the concern to us.

  • Certifications

    We provide quality services to our customers keeping their requirements in mind. This has helped us earn the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Therefore, we dedicatedly meet the demands of our customers and not let them go unsatisfied.

  • Data Security

    We know how important our customer data is. Therefore we keep all the evidence safe and secured not only during the project but also after delivery. We use highly effective data security software measures and tools to ensure maximum data protection.

  • Specialist

    In e-Discovery services many specialized and well-trained people are needed. We have all the specialized people in our company and all dedicatedly perform their work without any issues.

  • Forensic and data collection

    The client need not bear the stress of data collection because data collection and reporting are completely taken care of by our team members.

  • Customized Solutions

    Meeting customer's goals as per the expected quality standards is one of our signature traits. Therefore, we provide customized solutions for various clients by following a dynamic process and by monitoring the workflow.

  • Technology

    Customers come to us because we have integrated with the latest technology to provide e-Discovery service. We provide our team with the latest tools and efficient software system to ensure data integrity, safety of data, successful customer interactions and the best service levels.

  • Domain Expertise

    We have customers of various domains such as healthcare, banking, telecom, automobile, and others which have enlarged our domain knowledge. This has enabled is to handle various customer situations and queries with ease.

  • Scalability

    e-Discovery services from O2I is a versatile solution that fully caters to the client's requirements. While an active project is on, we do not charge further from the agreed estimate.

  • Software

    The software that is needed during the project for e-Discovery is provided by us. Our team uses the latest e-Discovery software that has proven it's efficiency.

  • Infrastructure

    The full set up is configured by our team and the client company need not bear any financial burden. From the start of the project until its completion, we offer infrastructural support to our team.

  • Support

    After the project is completed and delivered we keep in touch with our clients for any help needed. And also during the project, 24/7 service is provided by us.

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Outsource Electronic Discovery Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2india is one of the finest companies providing e-Discovery services in India. From data collection, reporting, analyzing, preserving and so all are done in a synchronized form. Keeping all the legal aspects in mind the data are preserved so that if needed in future for any evidence it could be provided. Data security is one of the best points that we provide to our clients. In this market of competition, security is one of the most important aspects that we guarantee. As the competition is high so are the challenges also, O2I keeps all the needs of the client apart from being professional.

So to get the best result from the project, don't waste time choosing your outsource e-Discovery services partner & get in touch with Outsource2india.

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