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Legal Document Review Services

Outsource Legal Document Review Services

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Document review in legal proceedings helps avoiding errors and assumptions. During legal document review, sensitive case details are highlighted to form better arguments. Legal document review requires complete knowledge of the law as well as an eye for details. Many law firms, independent attorneys and businesses outsource document review to specialized document review attorneys and legal process outsourcing companies like Outsource2india to save time and focus on other critical legal tasks.

Outsource2india has extensive experience in reviewing legal documents for litigations, investigations, mergers and acquisitions, government documents, internal/external audits, and more. We follow the rules and procedures set by the presiding court. Our expert document review team can take care of reviewing any volume of documents, practice areas, complexities, budgets, languages, international laws, adversarial environment, etc., quickly and cost-effectively.

Legal Document Review Services We Offer

O2I offers seamless legal document review services with the use of the latest technologies, a global footprint, and a trained and certified team of paralegals and attorneys who are conversant with laws in the US, the UK, and Europe. Our services include -

  1. Foreign-Language Legal Document Review

    O2I has a team of multilingual document review specialists who have vast experience of analyzing foreign-language documents during the discovery phase. We can quickly appoint trained translators and attorneys with expertise in the laws of various countries to deliver fast results for your specific language needs. We can also help you in getting certified translations of important documents that you need to submit during the legal proceedings.

  2. Document Review Support Staff

    Often law firms and attorneys require constant help with document review and eDiscovery. We have a team of experts ready to work for you according to your needs and workload. You can hire our trained document review experts, attorneys, paralegals, litigation support staff, translators, foreign-language attorneys, etc., based on your case requirements, budget, and deadlines.

  3. Client Managed Legal Document Review

    Our clients choose us for working in-sync with their own legal teams and help with document review tasks and other litigation support activities whenever needed. This flexible approach allows our clients to maintain complete control over the review process and keep the work on track. Our dedicated project manager transparently manages client communication and ensures that quality is maintained.

  4. Technology-Assisted Legal Document Review

    We make use of cutting-edge technology to bring specific information to light. With techniques like keyword research, date range research, email threading, clustering, customized coding, etc., we can quickly identify all the relevant and the non-relevant documents. The documents are then sent to the right subject matter experts for further reviewing.

Legal Document Review Process We Offer

We offer a complete range of legal process outsourcing services and our team works along with you right from document collection till production. The process we follow includes the following steps -


01. Legal Document Collection

We assist your team in collecting all the relevant documents from various sources while following proper protocols and procedures


02. Legal Document Sharing

We set up a secure cloud sharing location or safe FTP to transfer the files and maintain their confidentiality. We can also work on your preferred eDiscovery tool


03. Legal Document Formatting

We ensure that the documents are in the right format and with correct file names, coding, tagging, etc., to assist in easy tracking and management


04. Initial Analysis

We use technology to quickly bring-up the relevant documents and get them reviewed first by our subject matter experts. This saves time and increases focus on important issues


05. Thorough Document Review

We have appointed a team of licensed US attorneys, paralegals, language experts, etc., to review all your documents comprehensively and highlight the findings


06. Production

Once the review process is completed, we collect all the relevant documents and share them with you in the format of your choice or on any popular e-discovery software

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing Legal Document Review Services?

As a dependable legal document review service providing company, we understand the critical nature of this work and offer several advantages -

  • Huge Cost Reduction

    By outsourcing legal document review services to us, our clients save on the cost of hiring and training new resources. We have seen a reduction of up to 50% in most cases. They also save immensely on the amount of time spent on doing back-office tasks.

  • Flexible Engagement

    Depending on clients’ needs, O2I offers customized review approaches and engagement models. We can augment your staff with our document reviewers, or act as your end-to-end legal document review service provider.

  • Document Review Expertise

    Having worked with hundreds of clients, our trained legal practitioners can perform any task with immense attention to detail. All the work is supervised and reviewed by our licensed US attorneys.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    We leverage the latest eDiscovery software and analytics technologies to review documents quickly and accurately. Technology-assisted document review helps us in spending more time on relevant documents and prioritize the work.

  • Court-specific Standards Compliance

    We follow the standards of legal formatting required by the court you are presiding in. Our team has a thorough understanding of the UK, the US and European law systems and familiarity with the courts’ filing procedures.

  • Trained and Certified Team

    We have an in-house team of skilled lawyers, legal subject matter experts, document specialists, paralegals, legal analysts, proofreaders, translators, multi-lingual attorneys, etc., who have deep knowledge of the legal document standards and are well-versed with the laws in different jurisdictions. Our geographically diverse legal team is equipped to handle legal proceedings of various countries and unions.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have a globally located team and we leverage the time-zone advantage to deliver faster services to you. Our teams work in shifts to offer various legal process outsourcing services to our customers across the globe. Take advantage of our quick turnaround and focus on other critical tasks.

  • 100% Data Confidentiality

    We understand how important it is to keep the legal documents safe and confidential and that is why we have thorough protocols, processes, access controls, NDAs, and data security technologies in place for complete safety and privacy of your confidential data.

  • Accuracy and Quality

    We know that there is no scope of error when it comes to legal documentation and hence, we have a separate team to review all the documents before they are sent back to the client. This ensures that the client requirements are met as well as high quality standards are maintained every time.

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Outsource Legal Document Review Services to O2I

O2I is the most trusted provider of legal document review services in India with over 25 years of experience in the fields of legal research services and legal process outsourcing. Law firms, independent attorneys, and businesses in the US, the UK, and Europe choose O2I to outsource legal document review services. We not only help our customers reduce overheads but also help them in increasing productivity by truly offering them the advantages of outsourcing. Our skilled team of experienced lawyers has a thorough knowledge of laws and document drafting standards in various courts. We deliver results quickly and cost-effectively so that you can focus on other business priorities.

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