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Compliance Law Research Services

Outsource Compliance Law Research Services

We can provide experienced resources to manage complex litigations through credible compliance law research. This will facilitate attorneys to proper govern cases

Are you contemplating delegation of law research services to an experienced third-party service provider? Do you lack the efficiency to gather information and facts to make product development decisions safer? If yes, your search ends with us. In 25 years we, at O2I, have enriched our information on compliance and today we navigate the legislative landscape using analytics to fulfill the compliance research needs of various business verticals.

Outsource2india's compliance law research services are cost-efficient and tailored for global corporations and legal firms. This facilitates our clients to make business decisions without worrying about legal implications. Our service can improve reputation, operations, and safety in addition to better public relations. So why wait? Outsource your legal research requirements today!

Compliance Law Research Services We Offer

Compliance law research involves the gathering of data, information, and facts to acquire knowledge that can help in safe product development decision-making. It is important for all organizations to have a stake in this field as it assures hassle-free market operations and steady growth. As an established compliance research service providing company, Outsource2india specializes in the following services -

  1. Conduct Compliance Legal Research and Draft Report

    Conduct Compliance Legal Research and Draft Report

    Being a reputed compliance research service provider we help you carry out extensive research on laws addressing compliance issues as requested by the client. Our legal compliance specialists pay attention to meticulous details to ensure our clients get a correct and complete overview of rulemaking for correct administrative guidance. After the research we ready the legal memorandum citing the laws and use cases.

  2. Pre-compliance Monitoring

    Pre-compliance Monitoring

    We assist you to carry out legal research to maintain compliance with State Federal and local legislations. We have wide experience in helping a range of companies abide by compliance rules pertaining to industries such as banking, securities trading, real estate, etc. for U.S. jurisdictions.

  3. Compliance Implementation

    Compliance Implementation

    As compliance implementation is a bigger challenge than anything else, we assist companies to document all compliance requirements. Our implementation documentation process entails noting down of existing, amended or new law to the client's procedures. We assist in filling up review forms and legal documents for maintaining compliance with laws of the particular jurisdiction.

  4. Multi-jurisdiction Surveys

    Multi-jurisdiction Surveys

    Multi- jurisdiction compliance surveys help companies get a comprehensive outlook on the compliance requirements in a country. We assist businesses to carry out surveys to assess jurisdiction in 50 U.S. state laws. Besides, we have experience in conducting surveys on compliance laws across international jurisdictions.

  5. Compliance Analytics

    Compliance Analytics

    Analytics is vital to compliance law research. We help you with methodologies and resources needed to collate, store, analyze and mine data on regulatory topics that support compliance efforts. Our analytics model is designed to identify patterns, discrepancies, and anomalies.

Compliance Law Research Process We Follow

Our compliance law research services are carried out with utmost transparency. Our process is streamlined by professionals with several decades of experience. Therefore, we can complete the compliance law research in a quick TAT. Our process is as follows -


01. Business Requirements

Our experts sit with you to understand your business and the legal aspects of your business model. At this stage, we also try to understand the extent to which your business is compliant with existing laws.


02. Dedicated Research Team

After getting a fair idea of the operations, we form a team of legal professionals who are apprised of your business model and the product/service you are planning to introduce. The team starts its operations by digging into legal treaties, restatement of laws, legal encyclopedias, online resources, etc.


03. Collate Findings

The team collates all applicable statutes, relevant citations, case laws, etc. The team then goes through all the case laws and statutes to equate it with your business model. In the case of inadequate findings, the team keeps running new searches until the comprehensive compliance laws can be collected.


04. Classify & Document Regulation

After adequate research, all the applicable regulations are classified, structured and documented. This is done after extracting requirements from applicable regulations and adjusting inconsistencies between requirements.


05. Quality Monitoring

After the documentation process, our quality team goes through the collated statutes and regulations for a final round of validation with the existing laws. During this process great care is taken to establish traceability between business processes, to ensure all applicable requirements are met.


06. Submission

After the quality check, the compliance law report is submitted to the clients' legal team. We handhold your team through findings in the report, and assist in establishing the connection between the applicable laws and business model.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Compliance Research Services

The demand for meeting compliance requirement has become so important that even small companies are falling in line to be on the right side of the law. Owing to the huge pressure of compliance demands, it has become imperative for organizations to maintain compliance teams or be in touch with compliance firms and save on their overall operational costs. However, the shortage of talent has made it difficult to maintain an in-house team. Likewise, rising costs have made it difficult for mid-sized and small companies to hire legal firms. Therefore, in the face of rising regulatory requirements, businesses are outsourcing compliance legal research requirements.

Businesses prefer to outsource compliance law research because of several specific challenges that this field currently faces. These include the following -

  • Coping with Talent Shortages

    There is an acute shortage of professionals specializing in compliance law. Consequently, carrying out in-depth and end-to-end research is a challenge in this field.

  • Sub-optimal Compliance Processes

    Not all compliance research processes are designed to get the best results. Therefore, to get optimum results, businesses seek to outsource.

  • Investing in Technology Infrastructure

    Compliance research can be carried out with the help of the right tools and technology. Offshore research companies invest heavily in ensuring this.

  • Increasing Operating Costs

    Outsourcing compliance law research service helps in getting qualified professionals at less cost. The savings can be realized in increased bottom-lines.

Why Outsource Compliance Law Research Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing compliance law research services to O2I can bring a lion's share of benefits to your business. Our services are not only cost-efficient and timely but also ensures 100% compliance. Here are more reasons why you should outsource compliance law research services to us -

  • ISO Certified Compliance Law Research Services

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with extensive experience in compliance law research. You can use our extensive knowledge to understand rules, laws, and regulations from the right perspective and take advantage of the benefits then stand to offer most of the times.

  • 100% Data Security

    We have a team who have signed the non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, there is no risk to your confidential legal data when it is being handled at our end. We also strictly comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations to ensure maximum security to your data.

  • High-quality Service

    Compliance law research is a high-quality service that is handled by legal experts who are thoroughly aware of the process. The compliance will be checked by referring legal documents to ensure that your decisions are safe from a legal point of view.

  • Scalable Services

    We work together with all stakeholders to deliver quality compliance law research services. We draw on the collective strength of different research departments to give a comprehensive idea on the existing laws and the strengths and weakness of existing statutes. Our services are scalable if you have unplanned priority and very little time to insource.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We can help you link relevant research content to the corresponding regulations and statutes with agility. This saves time and helps you accelerate findings for quick decision makings. This aspect of our service is crucial as it helps you meet time constraints.

  • Affordable Solutions

    The compliance law research services are highly affordable and easy on your wallet. You can avail the full-package or customize the service to your preference.

  • SPOC

    A single point of contact will be mapped to each project we handle so that if you wish to reach you need not wait in queue for your turn to arrive. Your calls and messages will be prioritized, and quick updates will be brought to you by our SPOC.

  • Full-time Compliance Law Research Experts

    We have a qualified team of legal researchers with years of experience in compliance law. They will assist you to track laws and legislations on compliance, besides assisting you in carrying out surveys/analysis for legal compliance.

  • Superior Infrastructure

    We provide our clients access to reliable legal databases like LexisNexis, BLAW, Westlaw and other web-based sources. This enables you to search statues related to case facts and seek opinions of legal minds with ease.

  • Round-the-clock Service

    Yet another reason for our quick turnaround is our global presence. Our compliance law research team is spread across 8 global locations which keep us awake researching for you round-the-clock.

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Outsource Compliance Law Research Services to Outsource2india

Compliance law research is critical to establish limits for corporations and other entities. The outcome of the research helps businesses tailor, execute and monitor their legal strategies as well as ensure abeyance to state and federal laws. When you outsource this legal process to a third-party entity you need to ensure they have considerable experience in executing research strategies in your field. We, at outsource2india, are a leading provider of compliance research services in India who understand how to carry out, report, implement and monitor compliance research strategies. Additionally, we have served as an extension of a company/firm's legal departments. Our clients have leveraged our vast experience to protect stakeholders from all types of compliance-related legal hassles.

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