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Outsourcing Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) to India

Late hours, difficult clients, and the stringent law system can take a toll on your law firm; leaving you and your employees feeling tired and stressed, with no time to focus on expanding your business. This is where legal processing outsourcing to India can make a huge difference to your firm.

India is the hotspot for LPO services, as the country has a large pool of skilled lawyers who have an in-depth understanding of the US, UK, and the European law system. Since Indian legal experts are familiar with filing procedures, judicial council forms and legal consulting services, you can always be sure of accurate litigation services.

Get The India Advantage!

current operating costs Leverage a whopping 50% reduction on your current operating costs
lawyers, paralegals, coders, & SMEs Tap into the expertise of skilled lawyers, paralegals, coders, & SMEs
organized database Convert piles of data into a searchable and organized database
quality control processes Ensure 100% accurate LPO services with stringent quality control processes
time-zone difference Save on precious time & effort with India's 12 hour time-zone difference
full-time, part-time, or per-project basis Conveniently hire lawyers on a full-time, part-time, or per-project basis

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Why Outsource Legal Process Outsourcing to India?

  1. Low operating costs

    Making a decision to outsource legal processing outsourcing to India can help you cut down on your current operating costs by more than a half, as the cost of labor is low in India. You can also save on the cost of investing on expensive software, infrastructure, or technology. Apart from the huge cost benefits, your firm can also enjoy benefits like an increase in revenue and profits.

  2. Skilled legal experts

    Indian LPO providers can put you in touch not only with experienced lawyers, but also with skilled paralegals, knowledgeable subject matter experts (SMEs), coders and legal document specialists. With an Indian legal team at your disposal, you can conveniently outsource LPO services of any type, no matter the volume or level of complexity. Indian lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge about the law system, procedures for filing, judicial council forms, civil procedures and the local rules of your country. Apart from this, they also subscribe to publications like the New York Law Journal, Compliance Reporter, and Law Journal Press to keep them updated about the latest happenings in the legal field.

  3. Organized legal database

    If your legal firm has piles of data (contracts, agreements, presentations, or legal documents) that are cluttered or unorganized, then outsourcing processing outsourcing is the right thing to do. Your LPO management services provider can create a searchable, organized, and accurate database, after thoroughly examining all the documents and then extracting only the appropriate information. With access to such a database, you or your associates will no longer have to spend time trying to search for a piece of information.

  4. Exceptional quality

    India is the ideal destination for legal processing outsourcing services, as you can tap into the expertise of professional lawyers, paralegals, and litigation experts who are up-to-date with the latest legal developments globally. Indian LPO providers only hire lawyers who know and understand global law and regulations, in particular, the UK, US, and the European law system. Since Indian lawyers can meet procedures and fill out judicial council forms without a mistake, you can be sure of quality legal document management services. Apart from this, Indian legal service providers use the very best in software and technology and strictly abide by quality processes to ensure that your firm only gets the best litigation services in the world.

  5. Save on time and effort

    Has your legal firm ever wished for more hours in a day? Yes, now your answer can come true by outsourcing. LPO in India can help you benefit from India's unique 12 hour time zone difference. Since your night will be India's day, all you have to do is send in your legal work at the end of your workday and receive the completed work the very next morning. Such fast LPO management services can not only help you complete your project ahead of your schedule, but can also help you save the time and effort of your employees, which can be invested on expanding your legal firm.

  6. Flexible hiring options

    With the outsourcing of legal process outsourcing services, you can enjoy flexible hiring options, where you can choose if your firm requires full-time lawyers, part-time legal experts or paralegals only for a specific legal project. Legal service like Outsource2india provide dedicated employees for - 160 hours a month or 80 hours a month for a rate that starts as low as $10 per hour.

Legal Process Outsourcing Services Process at O2I

legal requirements

The client fills in the "contact us" form and puts across the legal requirements

analyzes the requirements

Our team analyzes the requirements, and the mode of functioning

client's specifications

We design a project workflow, based on the client's specifications

project managers, lawyers & coders

A team of project managers, lawyers & coders is assigned to the project

intensive project specific training

Intensive project specific training is provided to the team

client of quality and reliability

A trial project is executed to assure the client of quality and reliability

client's feedback

Based on the client's feedback, changes are made

sent to the customer

The project is completed on time, and sent to the customer

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Outsource Legal Process Outsourcing to Outsource2india

If your legal firm is looking for expert legal processing outsourcing services in India at an affordable cost, then look no further than Outsource2india. At Outsource2india, we can help you leverage all the advantages of outsourcing, while enabling you to enjoy cost savings of a whopping 50%. You need not have any worries about the security or privacy of your data, as we sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) at the onset of a project. Why not give your legal firm a competitive edge by outsourcing one or more of the our LPO services.

Get in touch with today for accurate LPO management services that can help your law firm make an impact on your customers. We, at Outsource2india will be glad to assist you.

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