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Court Reporting Services

Outsource Court Reporting Services

We help you get arguments, statements, and verdicts recorded verbatim through a professional court reporter at rates starting at just $10/hour

If you lack formal experience in documenting testimonies of deposition using stenograph tools and with a precision of a stenographer, it's best to outsource court reporting services to rid of hassles. The process of verbatim court reporting transcription is efficient when you trust experts at Outsource2india. Our professional stenographers will work on your behalf to jot down live deposition sessions in shorthand, without making errors. The content is transcribed in later stages to follow-up on the case material. Our team ensures perfect grammar, legal documentation etiquette, and confidentiality while being fully organized. Over 10000 cases are handled by our team annually while ensuring accountability.

Being a top court reporting service providing company, we will resolve discrepancies through audits, and ensure that you have complete budget control. We help you scale new heights without the burden of court reporting services. Get in touch with us today and get the best quote.

Court Reporting Services We Offer

As a reputed provider of court reporting services in India, we offer a continuum of court reporting services that include -

  • International Court Reporting

    International Court Reporting

    If you have legal disputes with international entities, you'll need a knowledgeable staff with an exceptional awareness of the legal framework of the said country and take down the legal notes with a professional approach. Being a top court reporting services providing company, our team has 25 years of experience as a professional court reporting service provider and understands the legal wordings from speech to form documented records that affect further hearings. We have a close-knit working relationship with other court reporters and stenographers across a wide geography and serve international clients with legal disposition if you want a professional hired with expertise in local laws.

  • Digital Court Reporting

    Digital Court Reporting

    Despite the steep demand for stenographers, there is a shortfall in the number of qualified professionals. Modern courts are equipped with technology to make data capture seamless but as efficient as a stenographer preparing courting reports. Therefore, we combine the best of technology and operator to bring customers the best of both worlds. This is what makes us one of the best court reporting services company in India. Today scheduled proceedings are documented in time and a clear trail of records is maintained from the start to speed up the deposition. If needed, our team of court reporters can also read back the content to keep you updated with relevant bits of data.

  • Custom Court Reporting Rules

    Custom Court Reporting Rules

    Court rules can differ between states and international regions, so we make sure to take the best steps that are compliant with the court rules. Our team of court reporting experts keeps up with the latest guidelines to ensure they are acting within the legal framework to avoid confusion and rework.

Court Reporting Process We follow

Our process for court reporting is usually time-consuming and tedious. So outsourcing court reporting to O2I takes away the hassles and streamlines the effort. Our court reporting process is as follows -


We are contacted by the client for the court reporting requirement


We conduct feasibility checks through analysis of requirement


Initiate court reporting services as per the plan


We help in faster arbitration and deposition by making information available on demand


We provide detailed work reports summarizing the efforts

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Court Reporting Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing court reporting services to Outsource2india brings you immense benefits. Apart from massive cost savings, you can also achieve greater bandwidth and focus on decision-making. Here are more reasons why court reporting is a must-have for your business -

  • Huge Cost Reduction

    The high cost of hiring a full-time stenographer for court reporting is one of the major reasons why court reporting services providers like us come into the picture. In doing so, we help you save money.

  • ISO Standards

    The quality of our work meets and even exceeds the ISO 9001:2015 regulations. We have in place robust policies that ensure no standards are flouted.

  • Trained and Certified Team

    Outsource2india has fully trained and certified professionals who tackle challenges in court reporting. Our task force includes 500+ in-house court reporting professions with experience in shorthand techniques.

  • 24/7 Services

    Our support channels are accessible round-the-clock. If you wish to reach out to our agents you may prefer to do so, via phone call, email, or web chat depending on your priority.

  • 100% Data Confidentiality

    Being a reputed court reporting service provider, we ensure that your data isn't accessible to unauthorized people and take steps to protect the same while in our custody.

  • Quick TAT and Scalability

    We are agile when it comes to delivering projects on time and scale-up in the client's interest to serve their needs. All that while following the SOP.

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Outsource Court Reporting Services to O2I

With 25 years of experience, Outsource2india has been ranked as a top partner that businesses consider without second thoughts. Our court reporting services are not just a solution designed for complex litigation, but also ideal for those with small cases that reach court jurisdiction. Our skill in legal process outsourcing has brought immense satisfaction to our clients who need a partner whom they can count upon. With a team of legal and documentation experts, we will help you save time and effort spent in the legal system.

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