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Corporate Legal Services

Outsource Corporate Legal Services

Get access to expert legal counsel and professional and reliable legal support by choosing our corporate legal services provided at prices starting at $10/hour

Today, it has become imperative for every organization to comply with the law of the land. Overlooking the legal regulations can put both your company's brand value and fortunes at stake. But understanding, forecasting, and mitigating legal matters are not easy. Leaders and stakeholders have to deal with a lot of legal rules and regulations on a day-to-day basis, which many times get difficult to comprehend.

That's where legal experts at Outosource2india come into play. Working as personal legal consultants, we offer comprehensive corporate legal services to all B2B and B2C businesses. Our expert lawyers and legal professionals leverage their in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and complete domain expertise to help you deal with all types of business legalities, including mergers, acquisitions, regulatory compliances, and more. Thanks to our innovative approach and professional work culture, we continuously strive to bring autonomy and transparency to the corporate environment.

Our Corporate Legal Services

Being a premium corporate legal service providing company, we at Outsource2india, provide a comprehensive range of corporate legal services in India to keep you and your enterprise fully covered. From completing the paperwork to document submission and from mergers to amalgamations and everything in between, we provide complete support for all business legalities.

Our range of services include -

  • Business Incorporation

    Business Incorporation

    Looking forward to starting a new business or expanding your existing one? We can help you register your business as well as handle all the nitty-gritty of the incumbent application process, helping you save a great deal of time and effort. From completing all the necessary paperwork to fulfilling the legal formalities and mandates, we work with you, as your premium business partner, to help transform your business into a legal entity. We can help you establish your incorporation as a -

    • Private Limited Company
    • Public Limited Company
    • One Person Company
    • Partnership Business
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Foreign Company
  • Legal Due Diligence

    Legal Due Diligence

    Our experts can perform all the legal due diligence on your behalf to help you strike a profitable and risk-free deal. They thoroughly examine the corporate entity to ensure all its financial, accounting, taxation, and legal aspects are clear before entering a deal. So, whether you want to buy new stocks, enter mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or are looking forward to a complete takeover, we can help you thoroughly investigate the target company to detect and prevent all the legal risks associated with the M&A process.

  • Statutory Compliance

    Statutory Compliance

    We can perform statutory audits for you to ensure your company is providing an accurate representation of its financial situation. Our experts can also assist you in designing internal policies as per corporate law. This not only helps you to detect and prevent violations of government rules, regulations, and policies but also aids you in maintaining strict work ethics within your organization.

  • Corporate Advisory

    Corporate Advisory

    We provide expert corporate advice on all legal and financial matters. Our certified and highly experienced lawyers use their years of knowledge and experience to help you safely and successfully conceptualize the business model, structure capital and necessary funding, evaluate your business, streamline budgets, assets, and audit concerns as well as handle all the corporate legal issues like a pro. We also provide complete legal support for all matters pertaining to the company law board (CLB), labor laws, foreign exchange, SEBI, RBI, stock exchange listings, trade licensing, and more.

  • Statutory Record Maintenance

    Statutory Record Maintenance

    Our legal experts can help you prepare and maintain all legal and financial records and registers for the seamless and hassle-free operation of your business. Prepared both in manual and electronic form, these registers come in handy during annual audits, while filing returns and forms as well as when your company is subject to due diligence.

Our Corporate Legal Service Process

Being a leading corporate legal service provider, we follow a holistic process to help you with all matters of your business ownership, complications, and conflicts. Our legal experts have in-depth knowledge of all company laws and can provide you quick and meaningful advice to keep your business running smoothly and as per the government's latest rules and regulations.

Our step-by-step process includes -


01. Understanding Your Requirements

We meet you to understand your business as well as its legal requirements. We also check your previous files and records to review their existing legal status, find gaps in financial and tax reporting, evaluate audit concerns, if any, and document all the legal areas where you need our support


02. Forming and Assigning a Team

Based on your requirements, we form a comprehensive team of lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, tax consultants, company secretaries, and more, who'll work hand-in-hand with you to provide you complete support and legal advice on transactional, litigation, advisory, regulatory, and tax-related matters


03. Performing Regular Audits

We also perform regular company audits to ensure that your company is functioning as per the latest rules and regulations


04. Changing Policies as per the Latest Mandates

Government corporate policies keep changing or upgrading. It becomes imperative for companies to stay current with all these rules and regulations. To prevent legal litigations, our experts can help you change, update as well as upgrade your current corporate policies and rules as per the government's latest norms

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Corporate Legal Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a premium corporate legal services providing company based out of India. With over 25 years of experience and a huge global clientele, we offer comprehensive legal support to businesses of all sizes and types. As a full-service agency, we bring together a diverse pool of qualified professionals who have extensive experience and talent in providing specialized, cross-practice support to large corporate houses, mid-size businesses, and individual practices. Fully equipped and abreast with all the latest corporate norms and legal practices, we ensure unmatched support and services to fully cover you on all legal matters.

Outsourcing corporate legal services to us can help you enjoy -

  • Budget-Friendly Prices

    We make sure that our expert corporate legal services are available to businesses of all sizes. For this, we provide our customized services and solutions at a highly affordable price point.

  • Instant Access to the Best Legal Advisors

    We are powered by a diverse team of legal professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience of corporate laws. Having served a multitude of clients, they can support you in all legal matters, right from A to Z, about your organization.

  • Personalized Attention

    Big or small, all our clients are extremely valuable to us. To help serve all their legal needs, we assure the highest level of partnership, maximized attention, and complete commitment to provide sector-specific solutions.

  • Customized Solutions

    We firmly believe that "no one solution fits all". That's why we tailor our services as per your specific needs. This helps you enjoy our services as per your requirements. We also provide you the option to scale our services as per your business demands.

  • Global Reach

    Our legal experts work in close association with various global law firms. This helps us meet our clients' varied needs and requirements - within the country as well as globally.

  • Latest Tech-Powered Solutions

    Our tech-enabled documentation, delivery, and management solutions and platforms make our service delivery quick, effective, and seamless.

  • Consistent Focus on Quality

    We make sure that all the solutions that we offer to you are practical, implementable, of the highest quality, and are geared toward the growth and success of your company.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    With us, you never have to worry about your company's legal matters anymore. As your preferred partner, we efficiently and painlessly handle all your legal hassles so that you can focus on building your empire.

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Outsource Corporate Legal Services to Outsource2india

Don't let legal hassles bring down your business and morale. Outsource corporate legal services to Outsource2india and get practical, result-oriented solutions that can help you seamlessly navigate the rapidly evolving legal landscape. Powered by a diverse pool of highly qualified and extensively experienced lawyers, chartered accountants, financial advisors, and company secretaries, we provide specialized, cross-practice support to corporates around the world and can help you bring your company under the framework of the law. Whatever be your legal needs or requirements, we can provide practical, cost-effective solutions to help you maximize your business productivity and outcomes.

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