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Foreign Law Legal Research Services

Outsource Foreign Law Legal Research Services

We help you understand similarities and differences between laws of multiple countries, or between different types of legal systems. Outsource your needs at just $10/hour

Foreign law legal research is a complex subject that requires a lot of time, investment, and proficiency for execution. Over the years, the delivery model of international law legal research services has seen a transformational change. Thanks to the availability of outsourcing opportunities, legal teams are preferring to outsource foreign law legal services to scale down operational costs and you can do it too. It'll propel you towards efficiency and enhance your focus on other important activities. And that's where Outsource2india comes in.

By outsourcing foreign law legal research services to O2I, you can marginally save your time and effort. Our deep understanding, concise procedures, and many customized methods have been attained over years of practice and experience. Our team of committed professionals is known for prompt, precise and quality output, making O2I India's leading foreign law legal research service provider.

Foreign Law Legal Research Services We Offer

Our team of legal experts and paralegals hold an experience of over 25 years in the field of foreign law legal research. Our services include -

  1. International Law Research

    International Law Research

    Understanding the laws of another nation can be a hindrance to legal firms while dealing with global clients. Our professionals excel in providing detailed reports on international law for specific cases and the relevant laws and history related to them.

  2. Multi-jurisdictional Research

    Multi-jurisdictional Research

    When you outsource multi-jurisdictional research services, you can be assured that our team will perform a thorough analysis, to understand the difference in rules and regulations, policies, laws, and legal operations of a country and its various jurisdictions.

  3. Collective Research of Secondary Sources

    Collective Research of Secondary Sources

    Heaps of law journals are evaluated by us on a daily basis, and we keep an eye on what is happening all over the world. We can conduct quick and comprehensive research from secondary online and offline sources and offer a wholesome report to you.

  4. Case Law Research

    Case Law Research

    Crucial cases require an in-depth study of similar cases to understand them better. Our team of qualified and experienced lawyers specializes in finding out the best precedences to draw meaningful references and solutions to support the cases at hand.

  5. Legal Opinions

    Legal Opinions

    We have an army of experts that can help you take your legal decisions objectively and assist you in significant matters regarding foreign law. If you seek an opinion or want to discuss your options, our team can help you with research as well as genuine, professional advice.

Foreign Law Legal Research Process We Follow


01. Briefing

The client gets in touch with us and shares the details of the case at hand. We encourage transparency so as to generate better research outcomes. Once we understand the purpose of research, the analysis begins.


02. Legal Analysis

Our team creates a plan and follows the defined research methodologies to collect the right information from reliable sources.


03. Research Document Preparation

We prepare a comprehensive deck of all the available foreign laws, historical judgments, old cases, precedents, references, amendments, etc., along with all the links and resources for further study.


04. Quality Check

Our team of experts cross-checks all research analyses and documents before submitting the final draft to the client. We ensure that you get only relevant information and not just endless data.


05. Final Draft

The final draft of our work is forwarded to the client in the format of their choice. If the client demands any further information, we offer additional research to fill those needs.


06. Confidential Process

Legal matters can be risky, and this is why we ensure that communication and file transfers are done through secure mediums.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing Foreign Law Legal Research Services?

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Outsourcing not only cuts down the cost; O2I provides a solid combination of quality and cost-effectiveness for the client. This makes us perfect as a foreign law legal research service provider.

  • Team of Passionate Researchers

    Our team of assertive lawyers, paralegals and researchers share a high passion for the work they do. Our trustworthy research services team works hard to bring out all the relevant information to light.

  • Transparency

    Transparency between the two companies ensures that the outcome would be successful. We advise our clients to be transparent with us from the beginning. We ensure that our team remains accessible, and communicates with the client regularly.

  • Uncompromised Quality

    Talented lawyers and a team of paralegal professionals form the backbone of our company. Over the period of our existence, we have been appreciated and thanked for our glitch-free services, and we continue the streak to this day.

  • 100% Confidentiality Guarantee

    Before working with a client, we sign a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring that confidentiality of the client's case is given top priority. We have refined security protocols and technology in place to ensure the secure handling of documents. Rest assured, your legal documents are in safe hands and well-kept within international security standards.

  • Time-zone Advantage

    Our offices in the U.S. and multiple work stations spread across many countries including India, which gives us a time edge of working round-the-clock for our clients. This allows us to offer a quick turnaround and be available for our clients.

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Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

We simplified filing motions and drafting answers for an insurance client based out of the United States. They had approached us for paralegal services and we streamlined their workload.

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Outsource Foreign Law Legal Research Services To O2I

Our foreign law legal research services are commended by each one of our clients. When it comes to seeking foreign law legal research services in India, O2I is considered to be one of the most internationally-recognized legal process outsourcing companies. Holding an ever-evolving technical experience, and vast knowledge of the field, O2I is the first choice for outsourcing foreign law legal research services. Our quality-levels are at par with international standards, and we are an acclaimed ISO 9001:2015 certified international research service providing company. We have submitted hundreds of projects successfully and we ensure meeting deadlines to achieve a 10/10 in every regard. Get the best foreign law legal research services.

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