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Video Deposition Services

Outsource Video Deposition Services

If you're looking for a better alternative to the regular transcript reading during trials, outsource video deposition services at prices starting at $10 an hour

It is a proven fact that visual components capture more attention when compared to any other medium of sharing or presenting the information. People are more interested in what they see than what you read, and their memory of visual information is stronger. When it comes to trials, it is the same kind of impact that you can expect from video depositions. However, law firms and attorneys have an array of other responsibilities related to different causes, and video deposition requires specialized skills. If you take this responsibility, you need to spend a fair share of your time and effort learning and mastering the specific skills required for this. This makes outsourcing video deposition services to a cognizant company a better alternative.

Outsource2india is a professional video deposition service provider with years of experience in helping law firms and legal experts with top-quality video presentations during trials. We work with an in-house team of experts who help create impactful and useful testimonies in video format, keeping in mind integrity and credibility as the primary characteristics of the video.

Video Deposition Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers a range of video deposition services in India and overseas to keep you completely covered. We understand the impact that a professionally created video can have on the jury and judges, and we offer the same with the help of our expert team. We leverage the latest technology to add a professional edge to what the video has to deliver. We understand the principles of a civil procedure and strictly adhere to them while editing the video. Here are several video deposition services that we offer -

  • Digital Synchronization

    Digital Synchronization

    If you have a legal video deposition transcript, we can help you in creating the digital version of it. Digital synchronization involves combining the transcript text with the video such that both the elements are perfectly synchronized. The videos for proceedings are stored in our electronic repository. You can access them at any point in time in case you need to highlight and evaluate the testimony, or search and index footage.

  • Live Video Streaming

    Live Video Streaming

    If you plan a remote attendance, we also provide live video streaming services, which can be a cost-saving alternative. We export the files to an online channel that is highly protected that you can access. We also provide 24x7 customer support in case you encounter any difficulties in accessing transcripts, exhibits, videos, etc.

  • Remote Deposition

    Remote Deposition

    We offer a range of remote deposition tools besides live streaming, like video conferencing, conference calls, etc. We ensure that there is complete coordination with all parties regarding the date and time. With that done, we initiate the process of connecting all the parties via personal computers. These remote depositions are completely secure and comply with SAS 16, HIPAA, and PII regulations.

  • Professional Deponent Preparation

    Professional Deponent Preparation

    Professional deponent preparation is a crucial step to ensure the deponent does not feel anxious or nervous about the trials. We assist in deponent preparation with the help of practice sessions with the platform. The participants are familiarized with the basic features and functions of the platform that is to be used for the deposition. Other concerns, like the posture, attire, effective presentation, etc. are also discussed to eliminate anxiety.

Our Video Deposition Process

Outsource2india is a professional video deposition services providing company that aims to offer flawless services to help you win trials. Our video deposition process is concise, precise, and ensures complete control over quality. Following are the steps that we follow to offer you the best video deposition services -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you get in touch with us, we gain a clear understanding of your requirements by communicating with you. The kind of video deposition services you require, the estimated price, and the timeframe is among the many specifications we discuss. The transcript that you provide us can be a key aspect in providing accurate video deposition services, so you can share the transcript with us via a secure FTP channel to ensure complete data security.


02. Collating Key Points

Any of the various video deposition services depends on the extensive analysis and assessment of the transcript. Our team of professionals peruses the files you share with us to have a deep insight into the matter. We highlight the important aspects of the transcript and collate the key points to align our video deposition services to your exact expectations. Once we have all the research in place for a video deposition, we move to the next step.


03. Video Creation

All the important points are extracted from the transcript for creating the kind of video for the trial that you require. In the case of deponent preparation and live streaming, we ensure that everything is properly explained, and all the parties understand how to use the platform for live streaming.


04. Delivery

Once the video is created, we look for loopholes. All the inconsistencies are eliminated, and we take your feedback before delivering the video deposition for a successful trial.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Video Deposition Services?

When looking for video deposition companies that are capable of offering professional services, it is obvious for clients to look for the added benefits and pick a reliable company. There is a range of reasons that make our services everything that any law firm, lawyers, or paralegals require. With that said, here are the reasons why you should work with us -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We believe in offering the highest quality services at the most affordable rates. We understand that video deposition services can be a great way to make your trials be a success, and we do everything to ensure that big and small law firms and professionals can work with us without having to worry about the budget.

  • Data Security

    We understand that our clients trust us with classified information related to cases, and we are committed to upholding their trust in us throughout the video deposition process. For this, experts who work with us sign a confidentiality clause and we abide by international data security regulations. So, when you're working with us, data security is something you don't need to worry about.

  • ISO-Certified

    We are an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified company. This assures our clients that all the processes and methodologies that we adopt to comply with industrial quality standards. So, be it quality of the services, rates, professionalism, or data security, we are the best.

  • Latest Technology

    We leverage the best tools and latest technology to offer you efficient video deposition services. We also keep upgrading our infrastructure to ensure that our clients get the best of the bests.

  • Quick TAT

    Our team of efficient experts and the amazing tools that we use help us provide agile video deposition services, ensuring quick TAT.

  • 24/7/365 Assistance

    We provide complete assistance round-the-clock to ensure that any questions or queries that you have are resolved quickly. You can reach us via different channels of communications like calls, emails, and the chatbox on our website to reach us and expect to hear back from us in less than no time.

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Outsource Video Deposition Services To Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a one-stop-solution for all your video deposition requirements, whether you're looking for live streaming, HD recording, or video creation that is of uncompromised quality. We make the video depositions precise, cutting through any fluff, and delivering content that holds complete significance for the trial. We have been catering to countless clients for the past 25 years, and our experience helps us easily understand the unique requirements of each of our clients, providing video deposition services that are nothing short of excellence. If you're looking for perfection, trust, and want to partner with a video deposition service provider that commits to your success, we are your best partner.

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Video Deposition Services FAQs

  • What is video deposition?

    A video deposition is when a witness involved in a legal case recounts events that are captured in video and shown to a judge or jury.

  • What is the purpose of a video deposition?

    A video deposition is used to record the testimony of witnesses involved in a legal case. Depositions are often used in the investigative stage of a trial.

  • How much do deposition videographers make?

    The average salary for a deposition videographer in the United States is $64,000 and ranges between $52,500 and $79,500.