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Secondary Source Research Services

Outsource Secondary Source Research Services

Understand your core business and remain on top of the market demands and customer anticipations with our high quality secondary source legal research services

In this dynamic and fact growing economic world a general question has emerged for financial business growth that is nothing less than a threat, which is having detailed knowledge and core insights of how your business operates, customer needs and business model characteristics with features. Be it launching a new product or providing a business service needs not only technical abilities but also the capability to get crucial business awareness. Useful facts like widespread enterprise information, apt campaign management surveys & better customer churning and detailed market competitive statistics are some of the vital pieces needed to flourish in the market.

Outsource2india is one of the leading primary and secondary sources of legal research services provider in India and abroad as we exceedingly engage ourselves with high value customer segmentation and market research data. O2I provides the wholesome package of data analytics, market investigation, and necessary tools and platforms to enhance our client's business skill set with more competitive advantages.

Secondary Source Research Services We Offer

For new generation business customers, primary and secondary source research services an important role. While primary source deals with collecting real-world data and analyzing them to get meaningful insights out of it, secondary source research services deal with more niche areas on an already explained problem statement. Small or mid-level organizations who cannot afford to spend a lot of primary research work can go for secondary sources legal research services provider. O2I being a market leader exactly understands this situation and makes life easy for our clients by providing the following services within affordable budgets -

  • Quantitative Methods
    • Customer survey
    • Sales figure
    • Company product by sales, cross tabular analysis
    • Online questionnaires
    • Finance trends
    • Statistical methods to understand market size, potential business ROI, growth
  • Qualitative Methods
    • Customer sentiments and feedbacks
    • Understanding customer's engagement
    • Market competition analysis

Our Secondary Source Research Process

The strict process we follow to ensure improved and superior research outputs with zero errors make us the leading secondary source legal research service providing company in India. Our unique & consistent process flow consists of -


01. Design the survey

Clients will come to us with their requirements, and then we will design the campaign. This survey mainly depends on business type, product type, demographic location, end-customer presence and so on. Our team will come up with suitable survey planning.


02. Target audience segmentation

Next is targeting an audience for survey. With proper factors, surveys can be initiated like valid location, accurate nationality, correct age, and target group. Segmenting of customers is done for better survey results.


03. Selecting a target audience

We get in touch with the audience to understand the target profiling is accurate and if at all needed any modification. This helps in selecting and upgrading any target audience factor modification for next level of primary and secondary research.


04. Collecting data

Then the actual data collection starts based on questions and information on client demands. The data collected through the survey is made consistent for further analysis and future secondary research services.


05. Processing data

The data is processed as it acts as input for many analytical platforms and available tools.


06. Data analysis

Once the data is processed and ready to consume, our data analysis team comes up with analytical as well as visual results. A few of the important questions can be answered like market trends, business growth opportunity and so on. Multiple graphs and charts are prepared to understand the data in a more transparent and easy way.


07. Final report presentation

Finally, the results were prepared and put in a report format which can be shared with our clients.


08. Expert data insights

Out expert data analysis team, provides valuable insights based on reports and analysis which is basically explaining how the data is behaving so that clients can feel more flexible and can get better knowledge from it.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Secondary Source Research Services?

At Outsource2india, we believe in providing superior quality results within reasonable pricing. We work with clients throughout the globe, irrespective of demographics and business alignment. There are a few reasons why we encourage global clients to outsource secondary source research services to us -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We strongly recommend you to outsource legal research services of secondary sources to O2I not only to get better results but also financially it will cut down your overall business costs by more than 60%.

  • Certified Research Services

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2005 certified secondary source legal research service providing company. We offer the latest market research data based on your demands and business needs. We provide updates based on mutually agreed frequency like quarterly or annually and also we live up to the certifications by regularly upgrading our research services.

  • Data Security

    A crucial area for research services that needed a lot of attention is customer data safety and security. As we liaise with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations, we have been able to provide maximum data security with the help of latest tools and software by maintaining compliance with NDAs.

  • High-Quality Results

    We keep on upgrading ourselves as per market needs and business trends, so while clients seek for secondary source research services, we can deliver them paramount research results in terms of valuable insights and data meanings.

  • Scalable Services

    In our secondary source research, we certainly ensure scalable services to our customers, as in today's time, client requirements and business demands can vary at times. It could be complex at times too, but O2I takes care of that aspect within agreed discussions, as we firmly believe in giving our clients the apt resolutions for their business issues.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    As we follow quite optimized and automated processes, we are able to give an improved turnaround time for research projects.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Being the leading secondary source research service providing company we provide a committed SPOC for all our clients. We made sure all our client queries and doubts regarding research projects and processes were acted accordingly and responded within given time frame.

  • Expert Researchers

    We have the best available talent pool, in house expert and specialized teams, recruited from top institutions and colleges. Our expert research individuals are capable to work on the diversified business with varied requirements on secondary source research. We have regular basis training to constantly upskilling their talent and making ourselves aware of any minute market scenario.

  • High-Quality Infrastructure

    Another vital reason behind outsourcing legal research services of secondary sources to us is our top quality in house facility and infrastructure. We follow an all-in-one approach for project setup, implementation and report creation with resolution.

  • Latest tools and software

    We leverage the most updated and latest trending tools available in the market for secondary source research tasks.

  • Round the clock Support

    We strongly believe and admire the project delivery model which is not only successful delivery of projects but giving constant support post-delivery and that's what makes us unique in the outsourcing market. We have backend support teams to provide 24/7 issue resolution.

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Outsource Secondary Source Research Services to Outsource2india

Lately, the secondary source research service industry is going through a lot of upgradations. For mid-level and smaller business firms, this outsourcing model has become a real savior in terms of monetary, better outcomes with expert advice and deep insights. Without investing a lot, simply choosing the outsource model guarantees success & we at Outsource2india are adamant to provide the best secondary source research service to you. O2I's unique approach, transparent process flow, refined delivery with industrial expertise adds to the list of benefits. We have been able to successfully deliver international projects with reputed customers have earned us international recognition, and hence we have been identified as the best outsourcing secondary sources legal research services provider.

So don't think twice, just gather your requirements and Contact Us for outsourcing legal research services of secondary sources.

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