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Legal Document Review and Management Services

Outsource Legal Document Review and Management Services

Get access to accurate legal document review and analysis services provided by seasoned legal professionals at $10/hour

Legal document review is a critical component of any legal process. It is a time-consuming process that is expensive in nature. Are you struggling to review your legal documents due to a lack of time, adequate personnel, and cost constraints? Are you looking for legal document review services to help you tide over the numerous legal documents that you have? If so, a good option would be to outsource your legal document review process to an experienced and reliable legal document management company.

Outsource2india is a leading provider of legal document management solutions to clients from across the world. We provide superior legal document services at cost-friendly rates within a short turnaround time to companies, law firms, and legal research firms. If you are looking for legal document review services or legal document management services, you are in the right place.

Our Legal Document Management Services

We provide a host of legal document review services such as preliminary review of documents for pre-litigation and internal investigations, due diligence review of internal documents, and institutional document management.

Our legal document management services include -

  • Subpoena Preparation Services

    Subpoena Preparation Services

    We are an expert subpoena preparation company. Our team of subpoena experts have expertise with local, state, and national laws, and will always ensure that your papers are prepared strictly according to the relevant requirements.

  • IP Portfolio Management Services

    IP Portfolio Management Services

    If you're bogged down challenges related to portfolio management, we have you covered. Being a leading IP portfolio company with 24 years of experience in the most complex portfolio and legal ecosystem, we can help you make the most educated portfolio management decisions.

  • Process Serving Services

    Process Serving Services

    Outsource2india is a leading legal process outsourcing company with extensive knowledge on court serving. Our experts work efficiently to collect relevant documents and serve them with complete precision.

  • Managed Review Services

    Managed Review Services

    In this offering, we manage the review process and technologies. Our managed legal service to review documents is flexible and customizable so that we can help with a wide range of requirements. Further, the entire process is handled with the utmost data security and care.

  • Client Managed Review

    Client Managed Review

    If you decide that your legal documents are too sensitive to transfer to a third-party for review, we can assign legal experts who will come to your office or other preferred location to review the documents. We will also oversee the day-to-day legal review process.

  • Legal Document Review Quality Control

    Legal Document Review Quality Control

    Our processing of legal documents doesn't end at the review stage. We go a step beyond and augment our review process with a stringent quality control process to ensure that all our clients receive the highest quality documents that are thoroughly reviewed and free of errors.

  • Legal Drafting Services

    Legal Drafting Services

    We can also help you with services such as drafting necessary discovery pleadings like interrogatories, request for production of documents and deposition summaries.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Document Review Services to O2I?

Outsourcing legal document review and management services to us comes with a host of benefits, such as -

  • Experience

    Outsource2india has a team of legal experts who possess the desired expertise and experience in reviewing legal documents.

  • Expertise

    Our Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) team is well-versed with all types of legal documents.

  • Risk Mitigation

    We mitigate the risks associated with the various document review projects that we undertake.

  • Proven Methodologies

    Our experienced lawyers follow proven management practices and document review methodologies.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    We are equipped with robust technological infrastructure, backed by trained IT professionals, which enables us to review your documents and send them back to you effortlessly.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

O2I Provided Reliable Paralegal Services to a US-based Insurance Provider

A New York-based insurance provider required detailed paralegal services. Our team of paralegals helped the company streamline its process by accurately and reliably filing motions and drafting answers.

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Outsource Legal Document Management Services to Outsource2india

Are you looking for a trustworthy and experienced partner to outsource your legal document review? If you are looking for a partner who can meet your legal document review requirements cost-effectively and within a quick turnaround time, you are in the right place. With a large workforce working in multiple teams, Outsource2india offers reliable legal document review and management services.

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