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Medico-legal Support Services

Outsource Medico-Legal Support Services

If you need affordable medico-legal support services starting at just $10/hour from professional LPOs, your search ends here. Contact us to get 24/7 support from our experienced medico-legal advisers

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced, pocket-friendly medico-legal support services? Then Outsource2india can be your go-to partner. In Medico-Legal Cases (MLC) involving investigation by law enforcement, legal support is imperative. If you have to deal with medical records and notations that are complex, we have experts in healthcare and law to help you.

Outsource2india helps healthcare service providers with medico-legal support services. in two decades, we have served hundreds of individual law practitioners, mid-sized, and large law firms with our efficient and top-notch medico-legal outsourcing support services. With a team of over a thousand FTEs working in different delivery centers, we deliver our services effectively within short turnaround time.

Medico-Legal Support Services We Offer

Though we provide comprehensive medico-legal support services, sometimes, varying client requirements need to be addressed separately. As a medico-legal support service provider, we have analyzed hundreds of different requirements and categorized our services based on relatively common requirements. Many times, this categorization has helped our clients to make quicker decisions. To ease the choice of our potential clients, we have categorized our services as below -

  1. Medico-Legal Case Screening Services

    Medico Legal Case Screening Services

    Our professionally trained and well-experienced experts will evaluate the potential of the claim and determine whether it's worth pursuing or not. It requires a lot of resources and time to prove the legitimacy of any case. With more than a decade of experience and knowledge of the legal complications, our professionals will screen your cases to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the case. They will help you identify cases that are more fruitful and bring results in your favor.

  2. Medico-Legal Medical Records Screening Services

    Medico Legal Medical Records Screening Services

    When you are fighting the medico-legal case, medical records do play an important role to turn the case in your favor. When you outsource medical records screening to us, our team will evaluate the liability, merit, and standards of care and provide screened records regarding the malpractice and negligence that can really put you into trouble by losing the medico-legal cases. Our experts will take cases in any nature and determine the viability of medical records.

  3. Preparation of Medical Records Summary

    Preparation of Medical Records Summary

    At O2I, we support law firms and law professionals offload some of their responsibilities and win the case at courts. Our medical records summary support services will help you handle important aspects of any medico-legal case by providing you with a summary of clear and relevant key facts for respective cases.

  4. Medico-Legal Comprehensive Drafting Services

    Medico Legal Comprehensive Drafting Services

    Outsourcing comprehensive drafting services to a medico-legal support service provider will help you save time and let you manage your resources effectively. To create a binding legal text, one has to have a good knowledge and experience about the complications of medico-legal regulations, laws, and proceedings. Our team of experts with extensive knowledge of the above will assist you get your job done.

Medico-Legal Support Process We Follow

We have world-class infrastructure and professional experts with huge knowledge of medico-legal intricacies. Having both of them could still hamper the quality and productivity of our clients' work if we do not have an efficient process flow. By working with several clients of varying requirements, we have sorted out a unique process flow that has enabled us to use our services efficiently and deliver projects before deadlines. Our unique process flow is as follows -


01. Requirement Gathering and Briefing

Our executives will contact the client and gather information about the case and the parties or attorneys involved in the case. Once the client briefs us about the project, our team will examine the details, check for future conflicts.


02. Defining Price and Deadlines

Based on the requirement of medico-legal support and the time elapsed for the support, we will decide the prices, send quotes to clients and finalize the deadlines for the project delivery. The client will sign an agreement with us on the completion of the project and payment.


03. Allocation of Resources

Based on the scale of the project and the work involved, we will allocate a team of experienced professionals to carry out the medico-legal support with the requirements and set of instructions to execute the project by maintaining confidentiality.


04. Submission of the First Draft

The first draft on the deliverables will be sent to the client after performing cross-checks for misleading information that could seriously hinder the success of the cases. Though we don't find the maximum of times, we prefer to do it to ensure excellent support. The client will analyze the draft and send feedback.


05. Submission of Final Draft

Our team will collect the feedback and make the required changes. Once done, the final draft will be sent to the client through an agreed FTP transfer.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Medico-Legal Support Services to Outsource2india?

By understanding of client's requirements, we assist them to evaluate the case and turn cases into their favor with our medico-legal support services. Through better support to screen the case and medical records, prepare medical records summary and comprehensive drafts, we have helped our clients around the world to yield positive results in their medico-legal cases. When your clients outsource medico-legal support services to us, they will enjoy a long list of benefits. Few of such benefits are as follow -

  • Customized Low Pricing

    Unlike our competitors, we don't go on slashing higher prices or request upfront payments from our clients. We carefully analyze the requirements and quote our clients based on the work to be done. In that way, we always provide international standard medico-legal support services at a much lower price than others.

  • Access to World-Class Infrastructure

    Since we are pioneers in providing medico-legal support services in India, we never leave a stone unturned when it comes to service excellence. We are equipped with the world's finest infrastructure that can support our team to deliver project within the quickest turnaround time. Either it's a highly sophisticated software tool or an operating system, we are all set with the latest technology. When you outsource to us, you will leverage all the benefits of it.

  • Top-notch Quality and Accuracy

    Our well-trained QA team is all set to conduct multiple, stringent quality checks to ensure the quality and accuracy of deliverables. Clients from different continents have lauded us for the quality services we provide. We maintain international standards and local law standards while working on medico-legal support services. We have earned the ISO certification through our quality services.

  • 100% Confidentiality

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company and all our employees and consultants have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us. With that, you can be assured that all the data and information related to your medico-legal case remains safe and confidential. Over that, we transfer all the data to and from the client through an agreed secure FTP.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With the help of our highly efficient process flow, experienced professionals and world-class infrastructure we complete your projects at the shortest turnaround times maintaining higher quality. This has been our greatest strength in providing world-class services.

  • Round the Clock Customer Support

    At Outsource2india, we strongly believe that our services don't end at the delivery of our services. What makes our services world-class is our after-sales support. Our well trained and experienced customer support executives are at work 24/7 to help our clients solving the queries.

  • Dedicated Team for Every Project

    Boasting thousands of experienced employees and consultants, we have multiple teams working on each service. To ensure the quality, timely deliveries and confidentiality, each team consisting of experts from all the departments will take on a single project and complete it before they start working on a new one.

  • Highly Scalable

    When you outsource medico-legal support services to us, be assured of scalability. With thousands of professionals from different departments teamed up to handle projects on a large scale, we are sure to scale our services to a bigger extent. Outsourcing medico-legal support services O2I will always leave you room to scale up your business.

  • Single Point Communication

    Communication between our team and clients play a major role in delivering higher quality services within the shortest turnaround time. When our clients contact different team members to resolve the query or to make any changes, there will be a greater risk of miscommunication. To zero out on miscommunications, we have a dedicated contact point for each client.

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Outsource Medico-Legal Support Services to Outsource2india

Are you looking for medico-legal support from professionals who have an excellent combined knowledge of two separate, intricate subjects, healthcare practice and the law associated with it? Do you need medico-legal support to turn your medico-legal case in your favor? Worry not! Outsource2india's world-class medico-legal support services will serve your needs. Being in the business for over a decade and helping our clients from across the globe, our experts have become familiar with most of the local law procedures associated healthcare practice. Equipped with world-class infrastructure, highly skilled professionals, customer-centric pricing procedures O2I is your best bet if you are looking for medico-legal support services.

Contact us to outsource medico-legal support and we will walk you through the process we follow and provide a custom quote for your needs.

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Medico Legal Support Services FAQs

  • What is meant by medico legal?

    Medico legal is something that involves both medical and legal aspects and is mainly medical jurisprudence.

  • What is a medico legal examination?

    Medico-legal examinations are assessments that whether any psychological harm has been done or whether the person has certain conditions.

  • What is medico legal certificate MLC?

    An injury report or a wound certificate prepared by the doctor in all kinds of medicolegal cases is known as a medico legal certificate or an MLC.