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Intellectual Property Research Services

Outsource Intellectual Property Research Services

We will help you ensure compliance and understand the usage rights of intellectual content at just $10/hour. Get your free quote today!

Are you looking for an intellectual property research partner who can advise and provide research support to ensure compliance with the law and protect your intellect creations? Be it copyrights, trade secrets, patents or trademarks we are at the forefront to enable our clients to actively manage and protect the credit for their inventions. Therefore, we help you earn recognition and credit for your inventions as per the law.

As the finest intellectual property research service provider, Outsource2india has the team that can thwart false possessions and incorrect ownership that the right entity might lose benefits from. We have reigned as a go-to provider whenever our clients wanted to outsource legal research services. We provide intelligent intellectual property valuations, patent analytics, litigation support, whitespace analysis with licensing and research drafting at affordable rates.

Intellectual Property Research Services We Offer

Outsource2india, being considered as the top intellectual property research service provider has an important role to play when you outsource intellectual property research services. At O2I, we realize the need for constant business answers and intelligence awareness to protect your intellectual property, hence we bring you customized solutions for the entire IP life cycle. Outsourcing plays a vital role in terms of the detailed preservation of artifacts with proper litigation maintenance. The Intellectual Property Research Services we offer are as follows -


Global Patent Research

To look for prior information and novelty search by maximizing protections & minimizing office actions. All necessary data are gathered for accurate filing.


Patent licensing

Conversion of IP as a revenue generation model by having expert opinions and proper validations to avail optimum commerce.


Patent docketing

Appropriate professional legal assistance for better IP docketing


IP prosecution services

Getting informed with the latest patent data for flawless prosecution services.


Technological support

Best in-house patent analytics and insights.


Market research

Monitor market trends and movements.

Intellectual Property Research Process We Follow

Outsource2india strictly follows a defined process with an aim to provide the finest quality results with constant monitoring of legal services. Our unique process flow is what makes us the best Intellectual Property research service providing company in global market. The steps that we follow are -


01. Client Requirement Gathering

Once our client reaches out to us, our experts will start gathering data to understand the requirement. We go through steps of discussions and meetings to analyze the accurate requirement.


02. Global Research

Our internal teams begin the investigation of necessary patent-related information. This step is crucial as having enough knowledge before filing patents is a must. We process all types of research like chemical structure search, biological sequence search, and patent landscape analysis before proceeding.


03. Patent Monetary Calculation

Next, we start our evaluation process where we go through the intellectual property to understand the market commerce and licensing details. We share all the information with our customers to make them aware of all possible license facts, patent lifecycle, validation dates.


04. Paralegal Draft

Our paralegal expert team processes the proofreading, prosecution status, and data verification.


05. Quality Check

We perform our highly sensitive quality check before filing the actual property facts.


06. Intellectual Property Filing

Then we start filing the IP details. We have our expertise in regulatory norms to perform flawless filing.


07. Final Delivery

Once the final filing is done, we share that with our clients in terms of reports and keep constant monitoring on the whereabouts.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2India's Intellectual Property Research Services?

Outsource2india guarantees the finest technical and functional perimeter over your opponents in the market, without much capital investment. Having more than 25 years of market business expertise, we highly value our customer demands and requirements. We have been working with clients globally, which makes us more diversified in terms of business definitions and has enhanced our intellectual property research services. Faster deployment, minimum cost, cutting edge resolution, reliability with better infrastructure makes us the best in the market. Hence, we highly recommend outsourcing intellectual property research services to us -

  • Cost-benefit

    An important aspect of outsourcing intellectual property research services is cost-effectiveness. An organization can save quite a lot and instead can spend that amount on further research and business expansion purposes.

  • Certifications

    O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified intellectual property research service providing company which guarantees the best quality management systems. This assures our commitment towards meeting customer goals and needs with proper regulatory requirements.

  • Data Security

    A key point to be noted is Data Security which we deal with the utmost care. We understand our client's sensitive data and by leveraging enough legal procedures and tools to live up to that. Therefore, we are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified partner.

  • High-quality Service

    Outsource2india is a pioneer in intellectual property research services and is, therefore, the finest intellectual property research service provider, because we make sure to help with better intelligence and correct answers for protecting assets. Having more than 25 years of industrial work experience in outsourcing legal research services, business advisory and market research, we provide intelligent intellectual property valuations, patent analytics, litigation support, whitespace analysis with licensing and research drafting.

  • Specialist Engagements

    Intellectual property research services need a lot of technical knowledge and our in-house talent adds to that statement. We recruit our talent pool from top institutions and best available in the market to give paramount quality service to our customers. Customers can directly interact without specialized analysts and can leverage advanced knowledge transitions for better results.

  • Proprietary Frameworks

    Our advanced frameworks and methodologies help to resolve complex technical and Intellectual property queries. We work with diversified customers across the globe with varied strategic questions, which helps to constantly enrich our knowledge base as well. Be it patent quality index or innovative maps or patent valuations we pay equal attention to all the needs.

  • Customized Solutions

    One belief is to meet customer goals as per customer needs and requirements. Hence, we provide customized solutions for different clients, by maintaining a dynamic process and by steadily monitoring our flow.

  • Technology

    Another key reason for choosing O2I is our technological advances. We leverage the latest market trending tools and updated software system to ensure data integrity, data safety, better in-house process flow, efficient customer interactions, and final delivery. We are technology aligned having the best available talent in the market with cutting edge technical support and finest customer experience. As a top outsourcing intellectual property research services partner, we believe in delivering high-end outcomes within agreed timeline with high accuracy rate that too within affordable budget.

  • Domain Expertise

    We have worked with customers from all domains like biotechnology, healthcare, automotive, banking, telecom, and so on. This has amplified our unparalleled domain knowledge.

  • Scalability

    O2I understands the dynamic market and hence provides flexible client requirements. Within an active project, we don't charge beyond the agreed transaction amount for minute changes and modifications.

  • Intellectual Property Strategies

    We pay high attention to IP strategies. As an organization we understand how much an IP branding helps and drives better business opportunities. Hence our expert Business Advisory team completely blends with our customer's business to offer deep insights and valuable research products.

  • Litigation Support

    Another vital service is litigation and legal support. We assist legal support on every possible IP life cycle to avoid any unnecessary circumstances. Our legal experts provide support on every stage of patent drafting and filing to ensure a transparent and fruitful experience for our customers.

  • Infrastructure

    Our offshore development facility is equipped with all the latest infrastructures for finest results. Our one in project management tool helps to smoothly analyze, plan, execute and deliver our client needs.

  • Support

    The final piece would be post-delivery support which differentiates us in the market.

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Outsource Intellectual Property Research to Outsource2India

Intellectual property research services have immense value for both an individual and for the organization. Without having proper protection and active monitoring of Intellectual property, an actual invention might not get its due credit or recognition. Right from identifying to filing to updating would need much knowledge and experience to deal with. Hence the outsourcing structure came with high value adds. Outsource2india, being the leader assurances high-quality results within affordable budgets and time. Our international client base helps us to earn a well-recognized name in the market and makes us the top outsourcing Intellectual Property research service provider.

Contact us and tell what you need to know, and we will provide the quote details pertaining to outsourced intellectual property research services.

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