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Property Tax Appeal Services

Outsource Property Tax Appeal Services

Prepare and analyze property tax valuations and assessments, property research, negotiate and file tax exemptions, appeal services, and more, at prices starting at $10 per hour

In order to develop a successful business, you will face countless obstacles which can slow down your trajectory. At O2I, we make sure that paying too much in the form of property taxes is not one of them.

While taxes need to be paid in order to remain in compliance with regulations, many businesses need a lot of help in order to ensure they do not underpay or overpay due to costly calculation errors. We assist our clients by providing exceptional property tax appeal services in India as well as abroad. This includes commercial, industrial, residential and even special-use properties. Our team of lawyers can perform quick property tax assessments, analyse valuations, research into properties, negotiate and file tax abatements as well as for exemptions. If required, we can also represent our clients for tax appeals, including negotiating with property assessors and presenting a case on your and your lawyer's behalf to state and county boards.

Our Property Tax Appeal Services

O2I has been providing property tax review and appeal services to our clients for more than 15 years now. Our exceptional team of property consultants, lawyers, certified appraisers, and former tax assessors ensure all your residential property tax appeal services are met with under one roof. Our services include -

  • Real Estate Property Tax Assessment Analysis

    Real Estate Property Tax Assessment Analysis

    We provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic review of your real estate property, the taxes that your currently pay or are being asked to pay by taxation authorities. Our team of property tax professionals focus on identifying the correct opportunities to help you reduce you tax obligations for both real estate and personal property assessments.

    Every aspect of the property is analysed and all facets of the tax are properly scrutinized as your property tax appeal company. We are also adept in focusing on industry-specific issues which tend to have an impact on the overall value, fixed assets, components, and tax exemptions.

  • Property Tax Appeal and Protest

    Property Tax Appeal and Protest

    All property owners can protest or appeal actions concerning their property tax appraisals. Our expert services as your property tax appeal company can help you with the following queries that you might have regarding your property -

    • The real appraised value of your real estate or property
    • Unequal appraised property value as compared to other properties
    • Wrongful inclusion of property in appraisal records
    • Unapplied exemptions
    • Wrongful taxing of your property
    • Inaccurate property ownership
    • Special appraisal for change of land
    • Failure on account of the appraisal review board (ARB) to send notice
    • Any action taken by the Chief Appraiser or ARB that adversely affects you

    O2I helps to manage the entire process when you appeal property tax assessment, reducing your tax liability if possible and helping navigate all the accompanied procedural complexities.

    Our property tax consultants have the requisite expertise and are equipped with all the resources necessary to take your portfolio through the property appeal process. We take a burden off you and work tirelessly to deliver tax savings which are as per your expectations.

  • Property Income and Expense Analysis

    Property Income and Expense Analysis

    Our property income and expense analysis services provide you with the necessary tools and insights to plan, budget, and forecast all income and expense related to your property, allowing you to stay a step ahead of your competition.

    At O2I, we believe the best business decisions can be taken only when the important financial decisions are available at your fingertips, and our detailed report covers national and local national trends for re¬search verticals which make sense to you. Our reports can easily cover the following -

    • Apartments, Condominiums, Cooperatives & Planned Unit Developments
    • Office Buildings
    • Shopping Centers
    • Federally Assisted Apartments

    Our income and expense analysis services can serve a wide range of applications for our real estate clients, including -

    • Real estate budget preparation
    • Feasibility studies for developments
    • Market research and analysis
    • Property appraisals
    • Real estate loan requests
    • Property performance analysis
    • Identifying development opportunities
    • Acquisition due diligence
  • Property Tax Budgeting and Consulting

    Property Tax Budgeting and Consulting

    Most real estate companies often lack suitable resources to manage their property tax assessments, which can in turn expose the business to considerable risks, inflated tax liabilities, inaccurate assessments, and possible penalties.

    By properly budgeting your spends and providing necessary inputs throughout the tax season, we help you avoid major risks and the costs associated with incomplete, incorrect, or late property tax filings.

    While property taxes usually vary by state, our services usually cover the entire gamut and includes:

    • Built-up property such as land, commercial and residential buildings, structures, and land improvements
    • Business property, such as owned / leased assets
    • Property Inventory, which includes finished goods as well as raw materials

    At O2I, we specialize in outsourcing property tax appeal services the right way, ensuring your bottom line never gets affected by the following -

    • Improperly retired assets from the list of fixed assets as and when they are disposed off
    • Objects with intangible asset costs such as software, fees, or permits, recorded in your fixed-asset channels
    • Idle equipment that aren't being fully utilized
    • Maintenance which gets recorded in your fixed-asset channels
  • Property Tax Litigation Support

    Property Tax Litigation Support

    Occasionally, valuation and assessment settlements cannot be reached as a result of which our clients - the property owner and/or manager - need insightful recommendations about litigation. We are one of the few property tax protest companies who can handle the entire litigation for property disputes while protecting your rights and providing the right remedies.

    As your consultant, we become a part of your litigation team and help with -

    • Choosing the expert witness, the right attorney, and the formulation of the approach
    • Advising and working with your attorney on regulatory standards, code of ethics, data sources, and industry trends
    • Framing questions for property appraisal experts for depositions and for giving trial testimony
    • Comprehensive case management
  • Real Estate and Property Lease Evaluation

    Real Estate and Property Lease Evaluation

    One of the primary roles and responsibilities for us lie in evaluating commercial and residential real estate properly is in order to determine if it should be included in your investment portfolio or not. Our innate ability to accurately evaluate properties and holdings for our clients has helped them succeed and prepare a comprehensive and valuable portfolio.

    There are multiple approaches we use to determine the lease and value of a property, including the following -

    • Cost Approach
    • Income Capitalization Approach
    • Sales Comparison Approach
    • Value Per Gross Rent Multiplier
    • Value Per Door
    • Capital Asset Pricing Model

Our Property Tax Appeals Process

As your chosen property tax appeal company, we come armed with a team of expert real estate consultants comprising of certified appraisers and tax assessors. With such experts at your beck and call, we can suitably perform annual assessment reviews, tax filings, and presenting tax appeal cases to tax assessors and tax assessment boards. Our efficient property tax appeal process includes the following steps -


01. Appeal Planning

During the first phase, a tax expert from our team reviews your entire property portfolio and creates a benchmarking analysis to understand where you can find the best savings opportunities. During this step, we also create a detailed heat map consisting of all your tax appeal opportunities which in turn allow us to create a detailed status report that routinely gets updated throughout the appeal process


02. Process Initiation

Once we get started with the initiation phase, we establish target values for each and every property in your portfolio, creating a database that maps out maximum savings opportunities. This data is then synced to our proprietary Portfolio Management Database which gradually streamlines the appeal process for our client portfolios


03. Data Collection

After securing the data requirements and timelines for your appeals, we begin to identify potential issues within your current data that needs updating, while finalizing our assessment approach thoroughly


04. Due Diligence

During this phase, as your property tax appeal service providing company, our team of experts starts finalizing target values for all your portfolios while assigning your appeals and delivering the docket consisting of all measures being taken to save money on your tax assessments


05. Project Execution

While we work tirelessly to file your property tax appeals, we also conduct initial discussions with local and national assessors to ensure your appeals receive the optimum results. Throughout this process, we keep providing you with regular status reports and real time dashboards to keep you apprised of all developments

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Property Tax Appeal Services to Outsource2india?

At O2I, our team of expert property tax consultants ensure you receive the lowest tax liability as possible for your real estate holdings by -

  • Finding and identifying tax savings opportunities. This is done by closely reviewing appraisal records for usual inaccuracies that in turn lead to incorrect assessments.

  • Preparing in-depth property valuation analyses which ensure you achieve drastic reductions on real estate property through negotiations and a proper administrative hearing process.

  • Preparing exhaustive documentation such as obsolescence studies, useful life analyses, cash flow forecast, market studies, and other required reports to support fair values for all your properties.

  • Supporting your legal representation in property tax claims and litigation by preparing an overall case strategy, deposition and cross-examination queries, reviewing the valuation report sent by the opposition, preparing appraisals, and testifying as expert witnesses if required.

Client Success Stories

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Save Money and Reduce Overheads By Paying Lower Real Estate Taxes with O2I

If you are looking to appeal a real estate or property tax assessment, you need the support of seasoned and proven real estate experts who lower your risk and reduce tax liability while ensuring better profitability for your business. With O2I, you can now appeal your property tax assessments with confidence.

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