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Legal Publishing and Editorial Services

Outsource Legal Publishing and Editorial Services

Make your legal practice more productive and efficient by outsourcing your legal publishing and editorial services to Outsource2india at rates starting from only $10/hour

Are you finding it difficult to dedicate time to performing your legal publishing and editorial duties? Is your focus on your legal publishing and editorial duties causing you to neglect your core responsibilities? Are you looking to outsource your legal publishing and editorial duties to a capable and trusted provider? If so, outsourcing legal publishing and editorial services to India might be just what you need.

Outsource2india provides expert legal process outsourcing services, including legal publishing and editorial services, to clients from all over the world. We are fully aware that law content requires specialized expertise and skill during composing, editing, and quality checks, and our skilled editors have many years of experience in creating compelling legal content. All our legal projects are professionally handled so that we deliver only the highest quality services.

Legal Publishing and Editorial Services We Offer

We are a leading provider of legal publishing and editorial services in India and abroad and provide a complete range of legal publishing and editorial solutions. Our services include -

  1. Content Production

    Content Production

    We understand that a major challenge for legal publishers is managing the publication of sophisticated legal content, especially in an environment where case statutes and law are constantly changing. We have experience and expertise in creating books, continuing education materials, journals, and complex documents for legal practice. Our legal publications often contain extensive use of footnotes, extensive citations, complex list hierarchies, and multiple tables of authorities. We perform updating of new versions as and when the law changes, paying full attention to accuracy.

  2. Automated Publishing

    Automated Publishing

    We make use of a powerful automated publishing platform to help legal content publishers quickly produce publications for online, mobile, and print, and flawlessly handle the inherent challenges of producing expert legal content.

  3. Content Production in Multiple Formats

    Content Production in Multiple Formats

    We help legal publishing teams to create content in familiar programs like Microsoft Word and then to use that single source of content to create an output in multiple formats such as e-books, PDF, XML, and HTML. We support more than 30 output formats, so whatever your output requirement is, we can help.

  4. Maintaining the Integrity of Content

    Maintaining the Integrity of Content

    Our expert legal content team maintains the integrity of all content as well as its formatting and design. We bring to the table the capability to automatically generate hyperlinks, cross-references, indexes, table of authorities, and table of contents.

  5. Dynamic Content Insertion

    Dynamic Content Insertion

    We can easily and effectively include dynamic content, such as video clips and audio files, for EPUB and HTML formats, and at the same time, exclude this interactive content from your print output. We can also help you if you want to publish your content in more than one language or Section 508-compliant formats.

  6. Content Updating

    Content Updating

    Our template-based workflows allow for existing publications to be updated and republished without any hassles. We use embedded tagging to regenerate tables of authorities, contents, and indexes quickly and efficiently.

  7. Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    We are an organization that values collaboration, commitment, and integrity. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and will develop and implement a custom solution tailor-made especially for you. We will also provide ongoing support to maintain and update your existing content.

  8. Other Services

    • Developmental Editing
    • Copyediting
    • Hybrid Project Management
    • Content Quality Checks
    • Illustration Creation/Redrawing
    • Composition Services

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Publishing and Editorial Services to Outsource2india?

Legal publishing and editing is a rare skill and not easily found in the market. We are a leading legal publishing and editorial service providing company and have onboard a team of highly-capable legal content experts.

There are many reasons to choose us for legal publishing and editorial services, including -

  • Affordable Prices

    Our services are very reasonably-priced and transparent. We provide both project-specific pricing and hourly rates to suit all of your requirements.

  • Reduce Time to Market

    With our services, you can significantly cut down your time to market by up to 50% to 80%. We provide end-to-end solutions for streamlining and automating your content production workflows.

  • World-class Reliability

    As a leading legal publishing and editorial service provider, we provide all our clients with unmatched reliability and security and guarantee that all commitments will be met on time every time.

  • Low Overall Risk

    We help you reduce your overall risk of having errors in your content by eliminating or reducing the error-prone manual composing process. We also take advantage of in-built validation.

  • Work with Familiar Tools

    We allow you to work with the content production tools you are familiar with. We use the most appropriate tool for your requirements and generate the content in the output format you want.

  • Cut Production Costs

    With our expert legal publishing and editorial services, you can cut content production costs by up to 50% to 80%. You can use this cost-benefit to focus on your other core areas. With our services, you won’t need to hire and train a dedicated in-house team.

  • High Quality

    We are committed to delivering only the highest quality services at reasonable prices. We have an expert and committed team that has earned its stripes by working on a variety of legal content projects and that delivers outstanding value.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    With us, you will always receive your services on-time every time. We are committed to providing all our legal publishing and editorial services within quick turnaround times. Our presence in multiple delivery centers spread across the world allows us to leverage time-zone advantages to service you promptly.

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Outsource Legal Publishing and Editorial Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a professional and experienced legal process outsourcing (LPO) company providing legal publishing and editorial services in India and abroad. Our team of expert lawyers and paralegal professionals provide only the highest-quality services that you can depend on. We help you save on costs and boost productivity.

If you are looking for an economical, professional, and high-quality legal publishing service provider, get in touch with us today.

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