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Deposition Summary Services

Outsource Deposition Summary Services

Our paralegal experts prepare a summary of deposition testimony to save you the time & effort in interpreting complex depositions at rates starting at $10/hour

Want to use the testimonies gathered through depositions? We understand that the wealth of information helps you get leverage while representing your clients. We also understand that it isn't an easy task poring through pouring through pages for information. When you outsource deposition summary services to Outsource2india, our paralegal team will get into action and bring you the complete digest of summarized information from deposition. It's better in terms of time management while building a case.

Outsource2india is a top deposition summary service provider with 25 years of experience in paralegal services including deposition summary services. Since insurers don't reimburse at law firm's hourly rates, it's impractical to spend time creating deposition summaries on your own. This is where choosing the best provider of deposition summary services in India like us saves you time and money.

Deposition Summary Services We Offer

Outsource2india has rich experience in deposition summary services and helps law firms and independent attorneys to have a summary of deposition transcripts at reasonable rates. Not only does it save effort and time, but it also accelerates the process of building a case. The range of deposition summary services we provide include -

  1. Deposition Summary on Testimony and Issues

    Deposition Summary on Testimony and Issues

    We emphasize issues and important testimony. If there are specific issues we create footnotes for testimony. We also find and create a deposition summary for exhibits.

  2. Deposition Summary for Pretrial Motions

    Deposition Summary for Pretrial Motions

    Our paralegal teams will coordinate with the client to prepare a detailed pretrial motion. We rely on deposition summary to create witness interrogatories and identify deposition testimony for leveling charges against the witness.

  3. Deposition Summary or Table of Content

    Deposition Summary or Table of Content

    We create a detailed summary of narratives, topics, event chronology, detailed indexes, and more.

  4. Creation of Transcript Summaries

    Creation of Transcript Summaries

    In cases involving motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, sexual harassment, medical malpractice, and so on, our legal team will create a deposition summary for transcripts to accelerate the litigation process.

  5. Cross-referencing Deponent Testimony

    Cross-referencing Deponent Testimony

    Our paralegal experts will carefully assess the testimony of depositions and create a detailed summary for building the case.

Deposition Summary Process We Follow

At O2I, we firmly believe and practice transparency to ensure the best end-to-end deposition summary services. The most important steps in our deposition summary support services include -


We engage attorneys and law firm executives to know their requirement


We request for case overview to ensure completeness of data


A paralegal expert is selected based on the qualification and experience for deposition summary


Deposition summary of testimonials are created


QA team assesses the summary to ensure the correctness of records


The project will be signed off and the summary will be submitted in the format of the client's choice

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Deposition Summary Services to Outsource2india?

Constantly juggling between multiple legal cases and deposition summary creation is an arduous task for any organization. They not only lost productivity but also cost a lot in operation. Therefore, working with a deposition service providing company is ever-important to see the best results. Here are the reasons that make O2I a world-class deposition summary service providing company -

  • Cost-effective Deposition Summary Services

    Outsourcing deposition summary services to Outsource2india gives you the choice to save hundreds of dollars worth of service costs and time. With an option to customize, you needn't outsource the entire suite of deposition summary solution.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have a capable infrastructure designed to provide deposition summary services for law firms without compromising quality and safety.

  • 100% Adherence to ISMS Regulations

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS compliant company because our data management framework adheres with the global standards by preaching and practicing confidentiality in each step.

  • Expert Team

    We take pride in having the best deposition summary teams with years of experience in a range of case documentation services.

  • Fast Services to Save Time

    We always use our agility to deliver outcomes quickly within the assured TAT. We make sure that your workflow and schedule aren't affected.

  • High-quality Services

    We follow the Six Sigma strategy to ramp up productivity. We provide the best Deposition Summary services in India, ensuring the accuracy and availability of summary anytime.

  • Economies of Scale

    If you lack the bandwidth to scale up or scale down Deposition Summary services at your premise, due to infrastructural limitations, we'll be glad to assist you because we have the bandwidth to enable scaling with ease.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our support team can be contacted 24/7. Thus, you can approach us by writing emails and dialing our contact center number to get responded by a professional quickly. You may also choose to reach us via webchat.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource Deposition Summary Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a top provider of legal process outsourcing services headquartered in India, we offer a broad range of LPO services including deposition summary, law office management, and so on that serves law firms to accelerate litigation services for their clients. We hire experienced legal professionals to meet your all complex requirements and compliance necessities. By offering our secure and scalable deposition summary services, we ensure the fulfillment of our commitments in the best way possible. As a trusted outsourcing partner, we honor the SLA to ensure 100% success.

Looking for a secure, trustworthy, and economical deposition summary service provider? You are in the right place. Please contact us for custom quotes.

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