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Ensure that your organization complies to all the standard policies, regulations, & practices by outsourcing corporate compliance to us starting at $10 per hour

All businesses are bound by corporate compliance obligations. Not being compliant with compliance requirements can lead to severe financial loss and reputational harm. Outsource2india has over 24 years of experience in providing corporate compliance legal services to both big and small businesses across the US. Our team of corporate compliance experts has comprehensive knowledge of compliance laws and regulations and provides customized support to help you meet all regulatory requirements.

At a time when regulation is becoming more important with each passing day, we leverage our multi-jurisdiction compliance network to meet critical requirements such as anti-money laundering and 'Know Your Customer (KYC). While organizations focus on the core aspect of their business we make sure that they follow or amend policies to mitigate employee risks, regulatory enforcement actions, competitor lawsuits, and federal criminal and civil prosecutions. Our commitment to comprehending regulatory needs is strictly specific to our client's industry and business needs.

Corporate Compliance Services We Offer

As a specialized corporate compliance law and services company, we have developed our expertise by handling every type of compliance requirements for a wide range of industries - Some of our services include -

  1. Securities Laws

    Securities Laws

    As per US regulatory requirements, it's mandatory for a company with privately or publicly traded securities to follow SEC regulations and every other mandatory regulatory requirement. Some such requirements include using correct accounting procedures, making the right disclosures, and timely release of accurate financial reports. Our securities law services are designed to identify a range of interests specific to your business, understand the penalties for violations of the securities laws, understand the basic provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, comprehend the purpose of Blue State laws and how it applies to your business, etc.

  2. Antitrust Laws

    Antitrust Laws

    Companies mustn't chase behaviors that are against the healthy competition. The antitrust laws protect consumers from predatory business tactics and thereby ensure there is a fair play between competing businesses. These laws are applied to a wide range of business activities especially those that include bid-rigging (bid suppression, complementary bidding, etc.), market allocation (restrict businesses to fixed territories), price-fixing (not allowing the market to determine the price), and monopolies (exclusive supply agreements, predatory pricing, etc.). Our services are designed to help you meet antitrust law requirements thus ensuring there are no violations at the time of acquisitions and mergers undertake any activities that can be interpreted as an attempt to restrict trade or reduce market size.

  3. FTC Regulations

    FTC Regulations

    The Federal Trade Commission enforces federal consumer protection laws to check deception, fraud, and unfair practices. The end objective of these regulations is to ensure that companies selling or advertising products or are interacting with consumers make it a point that they treat the consumer fairly. Our FTC regulation services for organizations help them maintain fair practices during telemarketing, price-fixing, or reaching out to the target audience through the internet. Our services have helped our clients become more competitive without compromising on consumer interests by comprehending the marketing basics as per regulations, using endorsements as per FTC Standard act, etc.

  4. Environmental Laws

    Environmental Laws

    In addition to regulatory requirements, companies need to adhere to all local and state environmental laws. Given that companies are offering consumers a growing assortment of "green" options, they need to ensure that the options are truly green. Our environmental marketing compliance services are designed to help organizations to find reliable and competent scientific evidence to support their claims. We adhere to FTC's updated Green Guides have assisted our clients to stay away from what can be interpreted as deceptive claims or practices. Some common environmental compliance issues we have experience dealing with include pollution energy management, waste management, water conservation, etc.

  5. FCPA


    The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is enforced to prohibit businesses from bribing foreign officials to extend business deals. The objective of this act is to ensure all businesses can compete fairly in overseas markets. Compliance with this act requires a company having businesses abroad to maintain clean and clear accounting procedures. Our services include assisting companies understand the foreign corrupt practices act; understand the full provision of anti-bribery; record, book, and establish internal control provisions in a way that make it difficult to hide corrupt payments; have a clear idea of the sanctions and penalties that are likely to incur because of violation of the act, etc.

  6. Facilities Management

    Facilities Management

    Facility management is critical for the smooth running of a business. The facility manager's responsibility is to reduce expenditures and assist a business meets all its goals. In other words facility management help in meeting the defined objectives of a business. However, off late, businesses procure facilities management services by buying a product that can fully support their maintenance and management requirements. Clients mostly accept the facility management support without testing, verifying, or challenging its validity. This has a certain associated level of risks. Our facilities management compliance services help organizations understand the associated risks and comply with statutory regulation to avoid legal prosecution, financial penalties and prevent loss of reputation.

  7. Compliance Training

    Compliance Training

    All employees of an organization must have full knowledge of their responsibilities in terms of compliance standards and procedures. From executives to employees, and from contractors to third parties all must have a fair understanding of all regulations, applicable laws, corporate guidelines, and wrong conduct. The understanding process must include awareness on how to report a violation. We have robust training policies to assist organizations to provide necessary corporate compliance training programs to employees. The objective of our program is to ensure your organization withstands the heavy scrutiny undertaken to identify the person responsible for the violation.

  8. Compliance Auditing and Monitoring

    Compliance Auditing and Monitoring

    While having a compliance program in place is critical for organizations, it's equally important to have a monitoring process to ensure compliance policies are being followed. An end-to-end monitoring process can help organizations identify and address gaps in compliance regularly. Our corporate compliance monitoring services assists organizations evaluate compliance in real-time, and identify issues and rectify violations quickly. Likewise, our compliance auditing services will help to review the complete picture of an organization's compliance policies on a yearly or quarterly basis and draw attention to the missing items.

  9. Business Filing Services

    Business Filing Services

    Being in good corporate standing is critical for your business. To ensure this it is important to file the necessary documents as required by federal, state, and local law. We undertake this service on behalf of you and ensure end-to-end filing. From formations to dissolutions and everything in between, we go the extra mile to take the pain out of corporate filings and in the process help you focus on your business. Our filing service is supported by an advanced entity management system to keep you updated on filings and provide you with access to the document and forms database.

  10. Corporate Entity Management Services

    Corporate Entity Management Services

    As per corporate compliance requirements, it is important to manage information, and properly maintain corporate data that are related to transactions and filings. We have vast experience in corporate entity management. Our services will help you maintain annual reports, operating agreements, ownership certificates, stock certificates, bylaw minutes, business licenses, and registered agent services. Over the years have clients have completely banked on our entity management services to meet all deadlines and compliance needs in a complete, up-to-date, and accurate way.

  11. Registered Agent Services

    Registered Agent Services

    As per state statutes, it is mandatory for businesses and corporations and to have and declare a registered agent. The role of the agent is to serve as a link between the county, corporation, and the state. The registered agent is the one person who will be contacted by both the state and the corporation for meeting requirements such as accepting legal documents, notifications, sourcing tax documents from the government. Our registered agent services for corporate will manage all the day-to-day needs of your business in a compliant way. We are accessible at all times to manage the paperwork on your behalf.

Our Corporate Compliance Process

As an expert corporate compliance services company, we follow the following steps to ensure corporate compliance -


01. Requirement Gathering

We sit with you to understand your requirements so that you have a clear idea of the intended results. We first would want to know what is it that you want to achieve with this compliance program along with the risks you anticipate for your business. Understanding your goals helps us build an objective, effective, and reliable structure for staying compliant within a fast-changing regulatory environment


02. Carry Out a Risk Assessment

Once we understand your requirements we carry out a risk assessment program to give a concrete shape to the compliance framework. This stage includes identifying, and evaluating, all the risks that might happen and take steps accordingly to mitigate them. During this stage, we carry out a complete analysis of the industry, your vendors, business environment, and government regulations. A robust understanding of the risks involved is a good way of ensuring that you have a sound compliance program at your disposal


03. Develop a Risk Management Plan

Based on the risk assessment we build a strategy for handling the risks that you may face. The plan is detailed enough to help you identify threats to operational stability, align all risks to your company objectives, and tailor specific steps to address the risk as and when they come. The plan includes steps such as procuring the right insurance coverage, transferring risk to a vendor, and creating a disaster response strategy


04. Training Personnel on Maintaining Compliance

Once the plan is ready we take steps to implement it. And the first step in this direction is to train your employees on compliance guidelines, the risks involved, and the consequences of violations. As your employees run the show daily, enlightening them ensures there are no violations from the very beginning. We carry out training in phases depending on the criticality of the employee role. This helps us develop an auditable compliance program from the lower to the top rung of an organization


05. Develop a Reporting Structure

Once the training is over we back the comprehensive compliance program with a robust reporting workflow so that you can provide evidence of compliance when needed. We begin by implementing a proper documentation procedure that can be audited by both external and internal stakeholders. The documentation process is designed to make detailed reports so that the auditing is more straightforward, and you can show proof of compliance when there is a sudden audit

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Corporate Compliance Services to Outsource2india?

As a committed corporate compliance service provider, our clients outsource corporate compliance services to us because of a wide number of reasons. These include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We provide complete costs saving benefits to our corporate clients. By outsourcing corporate governance and compliance firms do not have to worry about hiring additional resources and infrastructure. Additionally, we charge fees that are reasonable by market standards. As result, organizations do not have to spend a fortune to carry out regular audit trials. We keep ourselves abreast of all the legal or regulatory developments impacting your services and products thereby ensuring you don't have to hire specialists in your area to understand the changing regulations.

  • Experts

    Our team of experts has an end-to-end understanding of all state filing requirements in a constantly changing corporate compliance landscape. Our team consists of compliance analysts with years of experience in designing and handling compliance programs. They specialize in a range of corporate compliance activities; from periodic high-risk reviews and suspicious activity reviews, to document research and report preparation to be presented before management, registered agents, and regulatory bodies.

  • Access to a Variety of Corporate Compliance Services

    We offer end-to-end corporate compliance services which include services to support business licensing services, corporate restructuring, immigration law, taxation and insurance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, annual report filing services, etc. We specialize in antitrust compliance, consumer finance compliance, data security compliance, employment law compliance, environmental compliance, FCPA compliance, FDCA compliance, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Compliance, industry-specific compliance, securities compliance, etc.

  • Range of Industries

    We have experience in providing corporate compliance services to a range of industries like finance, healthcare, media, heavy industries, etc. We have a team of experts to handle the compliance needs of each domain. The team specializes in handling government-imposed compliance standards for that particular sector besides taking care of compliance with external client specifications and contracts; compliance with industry standards or codes of practice; and compliance with licensing, permits, accreditation, or certifications. It's because of our industry-wise specialization that we are good at handling the complex set of rules and parameters specific to the industry.

  • Maintain Compliance with Advanced Technology

    We make use of the most advanced technologies to get complete visibility of the compliance status of your business across all levels of compliance needs. Our reliance on the best technologies helps us update country-wise Industry-specific laws and round-the-clock support. We bank on software that provides appropriate coverage under Fiscal, Labor, Commercial, Corporate, EHS, and industry-specific laws. We leverage these technologies for both small and medium firms as well as large global organizations.

  • Flexible Hiring Options

    We provide our clients with flexible hiring options for end-to-end compliance audits. With this option, you can carry out several smaller focused internal audits all around the year. In other words, our clients can hire part-time auditors for sections that are most vulnerable to violations. By hiring corporate compliance auditors from us address audits about information technology, operations, and performance.

  • 24/7 Services

    As a reputed and specialized Corporate Compliance Services Providing Company we provide round-the-clock Corporate Compliance monitoring services to our clients across the globe. We have global delivery centers which we use to guarantee quick flagging of compliance violations to our clients. With our constant monitoring, we ensure compliance violations are nipped in the bud and an instant report is generated to create awareness.

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Outsource Corporate Compliance to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has 24 years of experience in handling a wide variety of corporate compliance management services besides legal process outsourcing needs for a range of industries across different verticals. We provide customized compliance services because we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to compliance. We develop compliance solutions based on the industry, size, and risk profile. We ensure our compliance programs are effective and cut through the time-consuming internal procedures and processes and corporate governance. Our comprehensive solution is optimized to ensure all your employees adhere to the latest rules as defined by the relevant institutions.

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