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Patent Docketing Services

Outsource Patent Docketing Services

With specialized patent docketing experts, organize and keep your patent applications safe and easily available at any given point in time. Prices start at $10/hour

Patent docketing is a system or a tool used to manage patent applications. It is the most crucial system for patent law firms as they need to keep a tab on all the patent applications. A single act of mismanagement can turn out to be a disaster. Since patent applications can take close to two years to get through the system, and patent applications can keep increasing, it is important to have a robust patent docketing system to manage all the patent applications.

As more patent applications flow in, patent law firms find it difficult to handle and keep the patent applications in an organized and easily accessible format. Though there are several tools for patent docketing, they require skilled professionals to make them work perfectly as per the law firm requirements. This is where most patent law firms outsource the patent docketing services to a trusted patent docketing service provider like Outsource2india (O2I).

Patent Docketing Services We Offer

O2I is a leading patent docketing service providing company as we have been in the business for over 25 years. We cater to various requirements to meet different laws of different countries and unions and ensure to stay cost-effective and adhere to the laws of the land. To ease our client's decision-making, we have categorized our patent docketing services as below -

  1. Docketing Support Services

    Docketing Support Services

    At O2I, we have patent docketing experts who can assist you at every step in applying for the patent. From uploading and docketing all communications from different patent firms and legal associates to preparing docketing reports, you get skilled expertise to help you at each step when you outsource docketing services to us.

  2. Published/Patent Proofreading Services

    Published/Patent Proofreading Services

    Errors in the published patent application or post-approval documents can often lead to troublesome times. Our team, which has worked with multiple clients from around the globe, will scrutinize the patent application and approval documents for any possible errors. The utmost importance of our patent & trademark docketing services is to ensure error-free documents.

  3. Data Verification Services

    Data Verification Services

    Data verification is an important aspect of verifying Intellectual Property (IP), especially when you acquire an IP. It consumes a lot of productive time for your company or personal time if you don't have an expert to do it. Our experienced team can get it done for you with 100% accuracy in data verification.

  4. Post Grant Services

    Post Grant Services

    The patent grant always comes with a renewal date. The expiry date of the patent will not be mentioned on the application. It has to be calculated and prior actions need to be taken to avoid the termination of the patent. Our team will help you in calculating the renewal date and fee payment renewals by reminding you of the renewal date and time.

  5. Patent Term Adjustment Services

    Patent Term Adjustment Services

    To add more days to the patent term, our team will define the earliest priority date of the patent application and calculate the days that can be added to the patent term to cover the days lost during patent application processing. Our team can help you in defining the PTA for your grant patents.

Our Patent Docketing Process

Being a world-class patent docketing service providing company, we strive to offer customer satisfaction within the given time. After working on a plethora of projects, we have developed a stringent and efficient remote patent docketing process flow. The process flow goes as below.


01. Requirements Gathering

Once you choose to outsource patent docketing services to us, our sales manager will contact you to gather detailed requirements


02. Requirement Analysis and Price Quote

Our service team will analyze the requirements and send a detailed quote based on the requirements to be met. The price quote will be shared with you for further possible negotiations and service alteration


03. Finalizing the Cost and Agreement

Once the service cost is finalized by both of us, a detailed agreement on service delivery and payment will be signed between us


04. Transfer of Applications and Other Documents

Upon agreement, all the applications and supporting documents have to be transferred to our team via a secure file transfer protocol


05. Team Allotment

A dedicated team will be allotted to work on your requirements utilizing the documents transferred to us


06. Quality Check

Our QA team will scrutinize every document before delivering for possible errors. Errors will be corrected as the teams work in coordination


07. Services Delivery

After a thorough quality check, the services will be delivered to you

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Patent Docketing Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing patent docketing services to us, a leading patent docketing service provider, is a smart choice. With a team of docketing experts who have industry experience of over 25 years, we always provide quality services that give our clients an edge over their competitors. As we provide the most trusted and cost-efficient patent docketing services in India, we always make sure our clients get satisfied by outsourcing patent docketing services to us. Furthermore, we have listed a few additional advantages that you get to enjoy when you outsource to us -

  • Lower Cost Per Services

    At O2I, we charge only for the services we deliver. We don't have full-service package plans that make clients pay for something that they don't require. Compared to competitors and doing it in-house, our services always come at a lower cost, maintaining the quality of the services.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    O2I has clients across the globe located in different time zones. Our client support team will work around the clock in multiple shifts to answer all the queries raised by clients. We ensure that each of our clients resolves their queries as quickly as possible.

  • Dedicated Team

    When you outsource patent docketing services to us, we dedicate a team for you. This team solely works on your needs to deliver quality services within a shorter turnaround.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    As a leading patent docketing service providing company, we are equipped with the latest infrastructure that helps our team in delivering efficient services. The latest software and tools will be used to provide accurate services. Outsourcing patent docketing services lets you leverage every bit of it.

  • Single Point of Contact

    To deliver efficient services, communication between us and clients plays a big role. A single miscommunication can cause a serious delay in service delivery. We have incorporated a single point of contact system to reduce communication errors and to ease the communication between us and clients.

  • Quicker Turnaround Time

    With the world's best infrastructure, an efficient workflow, and the right team coordination, we always deliver our services at a quicker turnaround time. By outsourcing patent docketing services to us, be assured of meeting the deadlines at the earliest.

  • High Data Security

    At O2I, we always give the utmost priority to protecting the data of our clients and their customers. As an ISO-certified company, we have a well-trained and experienced IT team that takes care of the data security with the secure servers stored in a secured room with limited access.

  • Highest Quality

    With a dedicated team, an efficient workflow, world-class infrastructure, and the right communication between teams and clients, and a quality analysis team to scrutinize the deliverables for errors, we always deliver the highest quality services at a shorter turnaround time.

  • Qualified and Skilled Professionals

    Our employees and consultants are scrutinized for their qualifications and professional experience before onboarding them into our team. When you outsource patent docketing services to us, be assured of your work getting done by certified professionals.

  • Adherence to Local Laws

    As we work for different clients, we understand the importance of adherence to local laws and patent guidelines. Our legal team with consultants with knowledge of the laws of different lands will ensure legal adherence.

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Outsource Patent Docketing Services to Outsource2india

Are you looking for an experienced and trustworthy partner to outsource patent docketing services? If you are looking for an outsourcing partner who can meet your requirements in patent docketing by adhering to the laws of the land, then you are at the right place. With a large workforce and consultants working in multiple teams to serve different clients, Outsource2india offers efficient and reliable patent docketing services at a lower cost than our competitors. Outsourcing patent docketing services to us will be a great choice as you receive top-notch services with the highest quality within the shortest turnaround.

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