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Commercial Litigation Services

Outsource Commercial Litigation Services

We help you manage contracts, negotiate, draft legal filings, and provide advice whenever needed at rates starting at $10 per hour

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in providing commercial litigation services to major corporations and law firms across the US. Our expertise extends from handling intricate consumer class actions to business-critical contractual matters to tribunals and courts. Over the years we have successfully represented both defendants and plaintiffs.

Our clients trust us with all their commercial litigation requirements because of our depth of knowledge, and well-established track record. We have extensively backed large legal firms with a presence in state and federal courts and have served as a comprehensive resource for commercial litigation for several industries, jurisdictions, and areas of law. Driven by a team of accomplished attorneys, we owe our success to our commitment to comprehending legal concerns in a context-specific to our client's business, industry, and market demands.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Litigation Services

As a specialized commercial litigation company, we have developed our expertise in commercial litigation services by handling cases in wide domain areas such as -

  1. Banking and Lender Liability Litigation Services

    Banking and Lender Liability Litigation Services

    With our banking and lender liability services, we represent defendants and plaintiffs in a range of commercial disputes such as bank fraud, lending agreement violations, issues with loan workouts and restructuring, mortgage refinance and foreclosures, securities litigation, and so on.

  2. Breach of Contract Litigation Services

    Breach of Contract Litigation Services

    We have wide experience in handling breach of contract lawsuits for all types of agreements across different industries. We have handled difficult cases such as contracts for construction, contracts for commercial leases, contracts for employment, business debts, asset-purchase agreements, licensing, and even other types of agreements.

  3. Class Action Litigation Services

    Class Action Litigation Services

    We specialize in class action commercial litigation services. Our exposure to class action lawsuits includes unlawful employment practices, allegations of substandard products, wrong advertising practices, discrimination in workplaces, and many more such causes. Our steadfast services have provided restitution to plaintiffs and ensure they do not lose out on gains because of attorney costs.

  4. Unfair Business and Consumer Fraud Practices Litigation Services

    Unfair Business and Consumer Fraud Practices Litigation Services

    We have represented consumers in several fraud cases. Our extensive experience includes enabling consumers with small claims to pursue recovery jointly, ensure victims who aren't aware of being victims to recover the money, bring to account businesses who mislead and cheat consumers in small amounts.

  5. Cross- border Disputes Litigation Services

    Cross- border Disputes Litigation Services

    One of the litigation areas we specialize in is cross-border disputes. We depute highly qualified and experienced dispute resolution and litigation lawyers, with a lot of experience, in handling international and national corporations, to handle sensitive and complex border issues. Our cross border dispute services extend to teaming up with other specialized firms to provide robust international legal advice for our clients and reach out to international jurisdictions in all parts of the world.

  6. Data Privacy and Cyber Security Litigation Services

    Data Privacy and Cyber Security Litigation Services

    We have represented our clients in several data violation issues before state and federal regulatory agencies and courts. We have handled cases such as unauthorized access to data, disclosure or unauthorized use of personally identifiable information (finance and health), and violations of security measures including inadequate cybersecurity steps to protect data. Our efficient and meticulous services have assisted our clients to get proper compensation for damages caused by cyber intrusions, including ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, sabotage, and social media defamation.

  7. Financial Fraud Litigation Services

    Financial Fraud Litigation Services

    Having represented our clients in several financial fraud litigation services, we have developed a comprehensive approach to litigation and forensic services in which we combine our experience and knowledge to represent cases. From financial damages and lost profit analysis to investigating and quantifying financial fraud and embezzlement our expertise has helped our experts have pooled their expertise to provide robust loss recovery services to our clients.

  8. Media and Entertainment Litigation Services

    Media and Entertainment Litigation Services

    With this service, we provide a complete range of counseling and litigation services for every media-related issues. Several media clients have availed our services to tackle issues such as the invasion of privacy, defamation; trademark and copyright infringement litigation, access litigation, and so on. Our clients include newspapers, online publishers, broadcasters authors, and individual journalists, freelance writers, advertising agencies, and so on.

  9. IP licensing Litigation Services

    IP licensing Litigation Services

    We also protect businesses from false third party assertions. This includes invalidation of patents that come in the way of any business and establishing non-infringement and validity issues. Our end-to-end IP licensing litigation services includes providing opinions, re-examining patent post-grant and inter party reviews, opposing trademark issues, and cancellations. Our deep understanding of the legal issues has helped our business clients protect their core interests under the patent and IP laws.

  10. Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation Services

    Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation Services

    We provide a full range of corporate law services to facilitate mergers, restructuring, and acquisition process for businesses. Our services are tailored to take into account all the major legal requirements such as corporate law, corporate compliance, vendor due diligence to make mergers seamless and legally sound. Our complex advisory services have assisted our clients with commercially focused solutions to some of their most challenging business issues.

  11. Professional Liability for Professional Services Providers

    Professional Liability for Professional Services Providers

    We have wide experience in providing litigation services across all types of professional liability risk. We have assisted large accounting firms in class action suits, lawyers and accountants in negligence claims, accountants from all types of regulatory proceedings, engineers and architects in regulatory proceedings and construction claims, doctors in medical malpractice claims, and surveyors in property-related cases. Besides, we have also safeguarded the professional interests of individual insurance agents, brokers and share market middlemen.

  12. Real Estate Litigation Services

    Real Estate Litigation Services

    With this service, we protect the interests of builders. We have a battery of real estate attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of real estate law and extensive experience in solving complicated real estate cases. Besides complex dispute resolution function, our litigators also help in advisory role functions for complex and high value and transactional work and everyday portfolio management issues. We have attorneys specializing in different sections of real estate such as builder-buyer agreements, property sale, title search, transfer deeds, trusts and estates, property investment agreements, wills, and testaments, etc.

  13. Structured Financial Products Litigation Services

    Structured Financial Products Litigation Services

    We have wide experience in providing litigation services to issuers, manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders in the structured products sector. Our team works hand-in-hand with a firm’s guiding the, through the most complex disputes such as credit-linked notes, portfolio credit default swaps, etc. Our deep understanding of market dynamics, as well as regulatory and enforcement environment in which business function have assisted our clients from financial product development to post-sale product review. Our services have also been availed by our clients in procuring new financial product approvals.

  14. Unfair Competition Litigation Services (Noncompetition, Trade Secrets and False Advertising)

    Unfair Competition Litigation Services

    Our unfair competition litigation practice has helped our clients which includes defendants and plaintiffs represent their cases in state and federal courts. We have a great track record of preventing one party from obtaining an unfair advantage over another party primarily in the form of passing off unauthentic goods, trademark infringement, and trade secret misappropriation. Our end-to-end unfair competition litigation services have helped our clients stop competitors from adopting fraudulent ways to do business.

Our Commercial Litigation Process

As an expert commercial litigation service provider, we follow the following steps to commercial litigation -


Dispute Understanding Stage

This is the stage when we sit with you to understand the dispute in detail. After gaining an understanding we depute your case to a team of expert and domain-specific attorneys with relevant experience in handling such cases.


Pre-litigation Analysis

This is a critical stage when we carry out legal analysis based on the law and facts. It is in this stage that we also analyze the statute of limitations and analysis of evidence. Other aspects of analysis include economic damages analysis, business value or costs of the likely outcome, risks of loss, estimate, recoverability of legal fees, and so on.


Identifying the Best Path

After a threadbare analysis of the case and other impacting factors, we try to identify the pathway to achieve a favorable business result with less risk to the business. All our legal luminaries with specialized knowledge of such cases put their heads together to close in on the best possible solution.


First Stage of Lawsuits

After agreeing upon the best path and gathering all the necessary material to present the case we take the first step of filing a lawsuit against the party. In this stage, an initial complaint is filed by our attorneys and then we wait for the other side to file responses.


Second Stage of Lawsuit

In the second stage of the lawsuit, our attorneys begin to take depositions, develop witnesses, review evidence, and develop evidence for their case. This is a critical stage where we sit with our clients to deliberate upon all that we get to know to keep clients informed about the likely outcome of the case.


Third Stage of Lawsuit

The third stage is the pretrial and trial process where we set the stage for the case to go to trial. It entails developing expert witnesses, including facts and press clippings, going through the mediation process, and in case of a failure, setting up a final trial in the court of law.


Filing a Law Suit

A complaint is filed in the appropriate jurisdiction. When the litigation moves at the federal level, several pre-defined rules apply. We take care of all the rules for the appellate. During the case, we keep our clients updated about every development on a hearing-to-hearing basis.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Commercial Litigation Services to Outsource2india

Our clients outsource commercial litigation services to us because of a wide number of reasons. These include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We provide complete costs saving benefits to our clients. By outsourcing to us firms do not have to invest in payroll and infrastructure. Besides the fee, we charge for our attorneys is reasonable. Our costs effective services have helped several law firms spend less on establishment expenditure and instead focus their time and energy on the other crucial tasks. With our commercial litigation services, we stand committed to enhancing the efficiency of a law firm while truncating their day to day costs.

  • Access to Expert Attorneys

    Our commercial litigation service is run by a battery of attorneys who specialize in handling cases for different industry domains. As a result, our clients get access only to experts who have experience in handling specific commercial cases and so understand and build their case in the best possible way.

  • Access to a Variety of Services

    We offer end-to-end commercial litigation services which include essential associated tasks such as document management, document review, analysis and deposition summaries, drafting case summaries, drafting of memos and motions, record summarization, and proofreading.

  • Access to a Third Party Team

    We back our commercial litigation services with highly competent staff and the latest technology for performing litigation tasks. Our clients combine the efficiency of accomplished staff and high-quality software for ringing in greater process efficiency.

  • Flexible Hiring Options

    We provide our clients with flexible hiring options. In other words, our clients can hire part-time legal experts, full-time lawyers, or paralegals for a legal project. By outsourcing commercial litigation services, our clients get a one-stop solution for all their commercial litigation needs.

  • 24/7 Services

    We are round-the-clock commercial litigation services providing company and operate from different global centers in the world. It is because of this that we can provide a quick turnaround time to our clients. Our legal experts are at work while our clients are asleep thus ensuring a speedy closure to cases.

Client Success Stories

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Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

Filing motions and drafting answers were two major tasks we helped the client to achieve after they delegated the processes to us. We delivered the paralegal services in a quick TAT.

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Outsource Commercial Litigation Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in legal process outsourcing and handles a wide variety of commercial litigation needs for organizations across different verticals. We are a cut above our competitors because we approach every case with new thinking. We always explore a range of solutions for any dispute to ensure favorable results with the least risk to your business. We use the latest technology to keep client data, safe and secure as well as create a searchable and accurate database. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of global law and regulations, in particular, the US, UK, and the European legal system. Further, they bank on their wide experience to deliver the best results.

If you are looking for the best commercial litigation services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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