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Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

Case Study on Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

Our Customer

Our customer is a U.S. based insurance company (located in New York) in the business of offering automobile and home owner insurance. The company interacts with various hospitals to settle insurance claims of its customers. This involves considerable legal work. As their workload had increased significantly and there was a huge backlog of cases to be settled, they approached Outsource2india (O2I) to provide paralegal services.

The Challenge

The insurance company had received complaints from various hospitals regarding unpaid claims. The insurance company’s legal team had to draft replies and handle other legal proceedings such as filing motions, etc.

Due to the increased workload, a lot of motions were yet to be filed. As a result, a huge backlog of filing work had built up. Further, their customer base had increased, making it difficult for them to handle the increased workload with the current resources. The company was considering outsourcing some of the workload without significantly increasing the costs and local overheads.

Our customer had tested a few other outsourcing companies over the past year but these service providers were not able to meet their expectations in terms of work quality and addressing the work spikes.

The key challenges that our customer was grappling with were -

  • Delays in drafting answers and filing motions over the required timeframe.
  • Lack of experienced and affordable paralegals.
  • Frequent and non-standard changes in the templates.

How We Met the Challenge

We started providing paralegal services to our customer’s onsite team of attorneys.

We formed a dedicated team of professionals to handle the volume of work. This team consisted of trained paralegals with vast experience in the insurance industry. Their main tasks were to work closely with our customer’s onsite lawyers and create standard templates. Our team worked in three shifts to meet the requirement of round-the-clock service.

Our customer had formed a review team and established a review mechanism to do a strict quality check to ensure high quality of work on a continual basis. Our team also ensured a fast turnaround time (TAT) of -

  • 12 hours for the draft replies
  • 14 hours for new motions

The key differentiators of our services were -

  • A 15 days non-obligatory free trial
  • Analysis of customer business operations and needs
  • Customized services
  • Experienced paralegal professionals
  • Real-time communications

Our past experience of working with law firms specializing in automobile insurance and personal injury law, combined with competitive rates for full-time professionals helped us win and execute this project.

What Did the Customer Gain?

Our customer was very satisfied with the consistent high quality of work delivered by our team of professionals as well as the quick turnaround time. The key benefits that our customer derived from our services were -

  • Substantial reduction in costs
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Creation of standard templates
  • Zero HR overheads
  • Faster case settlements

This customer is now a regular with us and a good reference point for new prospects.

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