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Arbitration Services

Outsource Arbitration Services

Cut your expenses and time spent in legal circuits and get rid off the effort spent in resolving legal disputes through unbiased arbitration at rates starting at just $10/hour

When business disruptions occur due to inefficient dispute resolution, it takes a toll on business sustainability, people, and the face value in the investor's eye. Therefore, outsourcing arbitration services becomes an inevitable option. Why? Because it saves hours and millions of dollars that are lost in productivity through in-person, hybrid, or virtual arbitration. It's always better to consider the help of an arbitration service provider like Outsource2india rather than opting for full-blown litigation.

Being a top arbitration services providing company, we handle over 10000 cases annually, some of which are complex and multi-party. In the last 25 years, we've chosen the path of innovation to provide arbitration solutions that guarantee speedy resolution of conflicts without taking the path of an exhaustive deposition. We follow unique methods, discovery protocols, and other efficient methods to deliver great arbitration services.

Arbitration Services We Offer

As a reputed provider of arbitration services in India, we offer a continuum of arbitration services that include -

  • Custom Arbitration Rules

    Custom Arbitration Rules

    We offer unbiased Arbitration Rules that both contesting sides can use to settle disputes. To implement this successfully, we involve members of states, international organizations, and the private jury.

  • Administration of Cases

    Administration of Cases

    It's part of our routine function to support affected parties and arbitrators administratively in proceedings with us observing and serving as a communication pathway. We also can be your custodian of documents. We offer a range of support like linguistic, technical, financial, logistical, and technical for hearings and conventions. The administrative tasks could also be executed through an appointed member of the International Bureau to execute administrative tasks.

  • Arbitration of Energy Charter Treaty

    Arbitration of Energy Charter Treaty

    As a top arbitration services company, we have been instrumental in providing admin support for arbitration between State and Investors as per the Energy Charter Treaty.

  • Arbitration Rules of UNCITRAL

    Arbitration Rules of UNCITRAL

    We offer comprehensive case admin support in arbitrations that are approved under UNICITRAL Arbitration Rules. This holds especially in situations involving State, or intergovernmental organizations. Under the Purview of the current rules, a General Secretary may be appointed to serve select functions.

  • UNCLOS Arbitration

    UNCLOS Arbitration

    We also serve as a registry to facilitate arbitrations under the UNCLOS's Annex VII. Our team is qualified in the latest laws prescribed by the UNCLOS.

Arbitration Process We follow

Our arbitration process is fast, professional, and efficient. This is because when you outsource arbitration to O2I, our team takes to take all the necessary steps to ensure transparency. Our arbitration process is as follows -


In pre-arbitration, the dispute is subjected to grievance steps in an attempt to settle before submission to arbitration through informal hearings


Conflicts, policy violations, gripes, and claims would be resolved in the early stages to decide which issues are covered


We set up discover parameters present both sides the opportunity to obtain information to present their cases


We select neutral arbitrations with no interest in either party. The information shall be accessible to both parties and selected through mutual agreement or chosen via strike method in no mutual decision is possible


Testimony from contesting sides are collected and evidenced during hearings and documented stenographically. Arguments will be heard and cross-examinations may be performed informally


Arbitration would be provided along with the reasoning. The decision may be challenged on narrow grounds

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Arbitration Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing arbitration services to Outsource2india brings immense benefits. Apart from massive cost savings, you can also add more time to the day and focus on other key functions of your business. Here are more reasons why O2I's arbitration is a better alternative to litigation -

  • Huge Cost Reduction

    The high cost of litigation is one of the major factors in propelling businesses towards arbitration services providers like us. In doing so, money and frustration could be saved.

  • ISO Standards

    The quality of our arbitration meets and even exceeds the ISO 9001:2015 regulations. We have unbiased policies to make sure the outcome of our services is neutral to both parties.

  • Trained and Certified Team

    Outsource2india has fully trained and certified arbitrators with years of experience in the arbitration process.

  • 24/7 Services

    Our support networks are reachable round-the-clock. Whether you wish to modify your service or have other concerns clarified, our staff will hear your concerns and address the issues at the earliest.

  • 100% Data Confidentiality

    We take all necessary steps to keep your data confidential to avoid external influences on the decision or the outcome.

  • Quick TAT and Scalability

    Arbitration services we offer can be scaled to address concerns where you lack the bandwidth and ability to serve a large audience.

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Outsource Arbitration Services to O2I

With 25 years of experience, Outsource2india has emerged as a top arbitration partner for businesses. Our arbitration services are not just a solution for large companies with complex legal conflicts, but also ideal for those with a small budget and want to avoid exhaustive litigation. Our skill in legal process outsourcing has brought us to the industry's forefront. With a team of qualified legal experts, there are no hassles we can't fix.

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