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IP Portfolio Management Services

Outsource IP Portfolio Management Services

We work with IP attorneys who advise on IP portfolio handling and how to align with corporate goals with sound portfolio management strategy at rates starting at just $10/hour

Need an expert hand in reviewing IP asset value, expenditures, or portfolios? You can now get professional portfolio management services from Outsource2india and have your portfolio assessed regularly to ensure you are on the right path and adhering to the market scenario. Our goal is to decode your folio management goals and work around existing challenges concerning visibility and time allocation. As an IP portfolio management service provider, we understand the importance of having a balanced IP asset in business, capable of tackling competitive issues to get to the best opportunities.

If you're bogged down by a plethora of challenges within the scope of portfolio management, we have you covered. Being a leading IP portfolio management service providing the company with 25 years of experience in the most complex portfolio ecosystem, we can lead you on the right path to make educated portfolio management decisions.

IP Portfolio Management Services We Offer

As a reputed provider of IP portfolio management services in India, we offer a continuum of portfolio management services, addressing specific challenges. Our solution includes -

  1. IP analysis and Assessment of Risks

    IP analysis and Assessment of Risks

    To innovate research techniques it's important to know the trends that prevailed and is still prevailing in respect to technical space. Our IP landscape analysis outlines the development and risk that persists before applying for an IP and investing in portfolio management.

  2. Project Reviews for IP Rights Selection

    Project Reviews for IP Rights Selection

    IP rights don't come in standard sizes. They differ regionally and categorically and dimensionally. That means you would need a portfolio management service providing company like ours to guide you through the identification and selection of the rights through objective evaluation of projects.

  3. IP audits and Ownership Tracing

    IP audits and Ownership Tracing

    In the ever-growing complex IP ecosystem, it pays to know the IP laws, risks, and products besides other things like infringes and preservation strategies to enhance clarity. Our audits help you assert your entitlement to hold the rights. Also, when you buy in rights from individuals, we create an IP register for audits and collect insights on policies, registers, agreements, and other key documents relevant for the IP audit. It is among several services we offer as part of intellectual property portfolio management solutions.

  4. IP Filing and Prosecution

    IP Filing and Prosecution

    If you have trouble navigating the IP policies across borders and into international zones, we'll help you in managing your intellectual property portfolio with accurate advice on local and worldwide policies. Additionally, we also disclose the prosecution strategy against infringes and to get compensated monetarily.

  5. IP licensing and Acquisition Advice

    IP licensing and Acquisition Advice

    Be it mergers or acquisition, if you're conducting business with private partners or companies, we can assist you with licenses, copyrights, other IP divestitures by close coordination with M&A counsel. We provide advisory on a wide range of IP affairs within the asset sale structure with the consent of a third party.

  6. IP asset maintenance Reviews concerning Business Goal

    IP asset maintenance Reviews concerning Business Goal

    We can review the maintenance priorities of your IP assets in line with the business goals and strategies. Whether is trade secrets, knowledge-base, patents, or other information contained within the remote management services, we can ensure it stays protected at all costs.

Portfolio Management Process We follow

Our Portfolio Management process is fast, professional, and efficient. This is because when you outsource Portfolio Management to O2I, our team takes the necessary care and steps to ensure transparency. Our portfolio management process is as follows -


We help you align your business strategy with our portfolio management services


We improve organization and control of in IP portfolio


We simplify application and process to speedily deploy the products without worrying about losing intellectual rights


We configure our solutions to meet your specific needs


We identify pitfalls if any within the process


Reports will be created, highlighting the process

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Portfolio Management Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing IP portfolio management services to Outsource2india brings immense benefits. Aside from massive cost savings, feel relieved from constantly managing portfolios under stress. Here are more reasons why O2I's portfolio management is better -

  • Huge Cost Reduction

    Portfolio management services providers like us help you reduce the cost of adopting our solution.

  • ISO Standards

    The quality of our portfolio management exceeds the ISO 9001:2015 regulations. This ensures consistent quality of services.

  • Trained and Certified Team

    Outsource2india has fully trained and certified experts who use AI to improve governance.

  • 24/7 Services

    We offer round-the-clock support to help you reach us by phone call, email, or webchat.

  • 100% Data Confidentiality

    Your data is safe with us no matter what time and day it is. Our infrastructure is fully equipped to deal with data security.

  • Quick TAT and Scalability

    The portfolio management services we offer are scalable and agile. You can have solutions implemented by us in no time to accelerate the outcome.

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Outsource IP Portfolio Management Services to O2I

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in portfolio management services. We have seen unparalleled growth by successfully serving clients near and far with the best legal document management services. By resolving conflicts in portfolio management we help you protect intellectual rights upon your assets and prevent others from infringing the same. With a team of qualified portfolio management professionals working.

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