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Legal Filing Services

Outsource Legal Filing Services

Avail our proficient Legal Filing services starting at just $10/hour to ascertain that all your litigation and filing work is completed without any loopholes tipping the winning scales in your favor

Are the legal intricacies proving to be a burden? Are you seeking a team that could compile and file a legal complaint in the shortest time possible? Well, you've tapped on the right link! You can implicitly count on Outsource2india, the premier legal support service providing company, for guiding and taking care of all your law-related matters. We can be called on for filing a pleading, civil summons, complaints, help in filing divorce papers/answers to divorce petitions, bail applications, proposed orders and legal motions, dismissals, etc. We deal with the filings for low courts, high courts, supreme courts, tribunals as well as quasi-judicial authorities. Our experts meticulously toil to develop memorandums and briefs to be submitted within the specified deadline in a manner that'll it get accepted by the court/or concerning legal authority.

We offer our expertise on the filing of power of attorney, legal answers to complaints as well as file court papers online (e-filing legal documents). Contacting us will not only help you save on labor, time, and funds. It will enable you to direct all your focus on other urgent matters. We efficiently deal with all legal filing paperwork giving you the relief from pursuing the tedious technicalities involved with this process. We are experts with the norms of lower law bodies as well as the Supreme Court brief rules. Our experts are a click away from providing you the help that you deserve without worrying about the complexities of the paperwork involved. Our reputation precedes us and our services are amongst the best offered in this industry. We ascertain that our extensive legal knowledge proves to be crucial for your win.

Legal Support Services We Offer

Over the last decade and a half, Outsource2india has established itself in offering the most reputed state filing and legal services not only in India but across the globe. Our in-house lawyers are not only adept at dealing with filing services for individuals, individual practitioners, small law firms or large enterprises, etc. but are also clear with communicating with the concerned law authority. Mentioned below are some of the predominant services that we can be reached out for -

  1. Types of Legal Filing Assistance Provided

    Types of Legal Filing Assistance Provided

    We can be approached for filings of court forms, whether it is filing an answer to a summon/ legal complaint, help with legal divorce papers online, petitions in case you fall prey to any fraudulent activities/ scams or if you've been cheated of any of your dues. All written action is taken as per the requisite court summons sample/ template for filing a motion in court. Note that our team helps individuals file injunctions without a lawyer. Not only do we offer our legal perspective on help with filing out divorce paperwork or drafting divorce papers entirely, but we are also at your service to provide any/all assistance with filing for legal separation.

  2. Authentication of Legal Documents for Filing

    Authentication of Legal Documents for Filing

    Every piece of documentation that is mandatory to the case is thoroughly scrutinized by our team. We verify reports, bills, invoices, pictures, plans, and all financial data handed across to us for its authenticity. This is a prerequisite criterion that is followed by our team to ensure that no fraudulent data has been handed over to us. Please note that any falsified document/information will lead to the immediate cancellation of the filing process. We scrutinize and rectify any errors that could lead to the potential delay of the case admission or its rejection altogether. Our legal filing specialists provide clear explanations in case of any missing or incomplete information relevant/crucial to the filing process so that it can be supplied by you.

  3. Legal Filing Software

    Legal Filing Software

    We are equipped with the latest software that ensures that your submissions are as per the terms of the legal filing system. We draft replies as per the debt summons answer template, court summons template, etc. Handing over all your compilations to us will save you the cost of purchasing exclusive legal software as well as spending money on its expensive upgrades. Our in-house team makes sure that no error would impede the litigation work at any point in time. All documents are secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel.

  4. Data Entry for Legal Filing

    Data Entry for Legal Filing

    All entries are done with precision. Once the reports, petitions, or any written matter is developed we send it across to you in a secure manner. All paperwork will be delivered to you in the form of an e-copy as well as a hard copy (if you request the same). We verify that all information entered the filing software is correct thus ensuring that no problems arise during processing. We submit all drafts for your approval and signatures before the final filing. All compilations are done as per the legal protocol of the authority that it needs to be filed with.

  5. Accounting for Legal Filing

    Accounting for Legal Filing

    We have a team that exclusive deals with cross-checking of the financial details of each casework. Any calculations related to the cases are submitted for verification to our accounting team especially when it comes to instances dealing with fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. Utilizing our automated accounting services, we swiftly update records of expenses, payments, etc. thus giving you precise information for the cases related to money matters.

  6. Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS)

    Uniform Task-Based Management System

    We have in-depth knowledge of the workings of UTBMS, which is one of the most commonly used systems, used for coding legal work. All electronic submissions require a series of codes used to classify the legal services undertaken by a law firm. We task, expense, and correspond the activity codes to process all the legal bills as per UTBMS conditions and accordingly file the legal documentations ensuring that the norms of the UTBMS are complied with.

  7. Resolutions and Resubmission of Pending Cases

    Resolutions and Resubmission of Pending Cases

    All previously submitted documentation that was not in compliance with the filing formats of the concerned law authority and has been subsequently rejected the cause of the same are amended by us. Any paperwork rejected due to spelling mistakes, signature mismatch, incorrect details, any invalid or incorrect data are corrected, and resubmitted for approval. Our lawyers strive to provide solid reports, petitions, and rejoinders ensuring that no case is dismissed due to inconsistent technicalities.

  8. Filing System for Legal Documents

    Filing System for Legal Documents

    We maintain a secure data bank that includes all include all legal case file folders that have been articulately prepared. Note that every document and legal paperwork involved in the case can be accessed by you at a later date. This will provide you with the respite in case you lose or misplace any document.

  9. Payment Assistance

    Payment Assistance

    We provide all assistance with post-payments once the case has concluded. These include money calculations, deposits, and recovery of payments. Our lawyers reach out to individuals/ clients until all your services are paid for and/ or you receive your entitled dues.

  10. Online Tracking of Filed Application

    Online Tracking of Filed Application

    We inform you of any notices received from your clients. You will be provided with a secure link to our online tracking system where you can check the progress of your application once filed. Any doubts that occur during the filing process are immediately dealt with and cleared by our team.

Our Legal Filing Process

All legal filing is developed and provided in a punctilious manner thus assuring no issues with further processing or rejections. The methodology followed by Outsource2india team for legal filing is as follows -


01. Data Entry

Step-by-step we ensure that all data is entered as per the particulars provided by the client.


02. Drafting of Forms

All writings, reports, and forms are generated as per the legal submission requirement of the concerned authority that it must be filed with. We abide by and follow the filing procedure as per the respective court petition template.


03. Approval of Drafted Forms

All work undertaken and processed will be sent across to you in the form of an e-copy as well as hard copy (if requested). All submissions are cross-checked before obtaining your final approval and signature.


04. Final Submission

Once approved the final forms/ reports that need to be submitted to the court of law are generated. Our lawyers are here to assist you until the final verdict.


05. Post-Payment Assistance

We follow up with the other parties involved and help you with all post-payment dealings.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

What Makes Outsource2india the Foremost Legal Filing Service Providing Company Available Online?

Opting for our superior services for filing court papers will additionally provide you with the following -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We invest our time, resources, and wit in processing your legal documentation. Availing our services gives you more than your money's worth by providing you with more support than you would have anticipated.

  • State-of-art Technology

    We are equipped with the latest filing software for all legal assistance that helps us efficiently function with all the litigation procedures from start to finish.

  • Experienced Team

    All legal filing is handled by a team of lawyers who are trained to reply to any/ all issues that crop during the trial.

  • Error-free Services

    We thoroughly cross-check all documentations before filing thus ensuring zero rejections due to legal technicalities on your behalf.

  • Remote Legal filing

    With your permission all your software can be remotely sought by our certified legal team in real-time if need be.

  • Uniform Task-Based Management System

    We follow the mandatory international standards and procedure for legal billing guaranteeing no issues with any of your casework in the future.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    Our workflow is devised to ascertain precision. With our smooth handling and proficient ways we are focused on providing you with replies/ resolution to any concerns at the earliest.

  • Patient Data Security

    We strictly abide by the terms and conditions of our non-disclosure agreement. All legal information handed over to us is completely secure in our possession.

  • Personalized Assistance

    You will be provided with a single point of contact that is not only well-versed with your case but that you can implicitly trust and confide in.

  • Precision in Data Archiving and Extraction

    All case files are meticulously stored in our data bank. All data can be quickly assessed in case of any future requirements. You can contact us for a duplicate copy of any legal paperwork at any time.

  • High-priority Service

    We priorities your time and flawlessly process all paperwork, replies, and rejoinders crucial to the filing process to avoid any further delays in acquiring justice.

  • All-round Support

    You can contact us for our services worldwide as well as across all time zones. Our team can be contacted via chat, phone, e-mail, or across our social media platforms 24/7 throughout the year to set you up with consults, for sending you free quotes, and for all kinds of legal assistance/ information dealing with filings at different law bodies.

Client Success Story

Case Study on Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

Paralegal Services for a New York Based Insurance Company

We simplified filing motions and drafting answers for an insurance client based out of the United States. They had approached us for paralegal services and we streamlined their workload.

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Outsource Legal Filing Services to Outsource2india

Outsourcing legal filing services to Outsource2india will provide you with the complete help related to all your litigation paperwork and filings. Once you hand over all particulars we develop a strong case file ensuring that you don't have to face any hindrances. You can spare yourself the trouble, the time, and the resources of recruiting and training new staff to exclusively deal with legal filing. Our reputation for accuracy and excellence precedes us putting us well ahead of our online competitors. Our legal team is trained to detect discrepancies, check for inconsistencies as well as verify all facts presented help you build a strong case. We do not discriminate based on the magnitude of the lawsuit process and work to guide to the best of our ability to file a legal claim. We have a very high success rate of completing all litigation work in a proficient and organized manner within the set deadline.

Look no further! Your wait ends here. Outsource legal filing services to us and get help with filing out divorce paperwork (especially with understanding divorce papers), property disputes, insurance deceits, filing out small claims court forms, fraud, embezzlement, etc. You can reach out to us for legal filing help and for any of your comments, questions, and concerns at any given time. Our team can be approached for any assistance on any legal services without any qualms.

Contact our Outsource2india representatives today as we provide total legal assistance with filings for all types of cases. We are the premier legal filing service provider available online and can be approached without hesitations for any of our legal document filing services. Choose us amongst all legal filing services companies available online and be assured of complete litigation solutions.

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