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Legal Coding Services

Outsource Legal Coding Services

If legal coding is costing you the time and productivity, outsource legal coding to our experts at rates starting at $10/hour

Legal coding helps to obtain the data quickly from hundreds of documents when required. It’s not only easy and convenient to find the docs, but also it saves costs. Hence, it’s recommended for organizations to have a legal coding service facility in their process for better results. Now having a whole in-house setup of legal coding services would demand extra man force, thereby increasing the budget, so a better option for this is to go for outsourcing legal coding services.

Outsource2India is one of the top legal coding service providers in the market with unique process flow and various service options. The clients will get all the latest and unique facilities as we maintain accuracy and proficiency in our work and deliver quality projects accordingly. Our skilled employees, with their years of experience, deliver the best of outputs.

Legal Coding Services We Offer

Legal coding is the process of creating summarized or indexed versions of legal documents so that when needed it can be easily accessed for litigation purposes. At Outsource2India, we provide a wide range of services on legal coding to our customers. The coding system helps to record the date, types, writers, places and many such details from the document to a database. Thus, it helps to find the facts and figures quickly while any legal procedure is taking place. As per the requirements, the services can be customized and delivered. Here are some of the services we offer -

  1. Data Capture

    Data Capture

    The data that are required for the coding purpose are all captured by our team and maintained for efficient access.

  2. Prepare Brief Writing

    Prepare Brief Writing

    Our coding team makes a concise version of the facts after acknowledging the matter from customers. This is done on a step by step process of all documents so that they are coded through keyword serially.

  3. Document Analyzing

    Document Analyzing

    In this service document imaging, scanning, conversion, and assessment are done to ensure that the document is accurate and worthy of acceptance by the judiciary.

  4. Objective Coding

    Objective Coding

    In this service, Outsource2India’s skilled and trained team members review the documents and form a computerized catalog of objective data such as date, time, place, etc.

  5. Subjective Coding

    Subjective Coding

    This is an additional inclusive flexible service with objective coding which includes relevant keywords from the text & is performed only if asked specifically by customers.

  6. Document Unitization

    Document Unitization

    In this service, our team members assemble the individual scanned pages into documents both physically and logically. The physical process is where actual documents are clubbed together using staples, clips whereas for logical unitization, it’s based on scanned image footers, notes, contexts like trailing emails which is more manual and need accurate studying and time.

  7. In-text Coding

    In-text Coding

    This in-text coding helps for reading text. Special codes or words or symbols are marked, which helps in reading the text.

  8. Coding Summarization

    Coding Summarization

    After the coding is done from the documents, they are all summarized and chained one after the other based on customer objectives and goals.

Legal Coding Process We Follow

Legal coding service is performed through a unique process by Outsource2India. The exclusive process flow of legal coding service by our coding team helps the customers to stay safe and secure about document verification and security. The processes which are followed by Outsource2India are as follows -


01. Analyzing Requirements

Our first step in the process flow is analyzing the client’s requirements. Once our team completely understands the objectives and the demands, they decide the function methods, procedures and the way they will work to obtain the best result for the client


02. Dedicated Coder

We provide a dedicated team, project manager, and document coder to the client. We all work together and collectively until the successful completion of the project. Once the requirement is shared with the dedicated team, the rest of the process starts


03. Providing Specific Training

Our team also trains the customer side to liaise accordingly. As all of this is litigation-related, so when, where, how, what kind of needs will be required all are being trained as situations could occur anytime and at any moment. Also, malpractice could be avoided


04. The Resources

After the above step, the various resources that are going to be required by the project team during their work are arranged and scheduled as per need


05. Project Execution

The goal is set and the specification, as well as demands of the client, are shared; the resources are also scheduled. Now the team starts implementing the project and the further details of it


06. Trial Program

After all the training and the procedures are done, a trial program is being organized by Outsource2India. Through this trial program, a set is being created of the judgments and the cases


07. Feedbacks

Based on this trial program the quality and audit are checked and verified. The project is revised and changed if required after the feedback of the trial program


08. Delivery Assessment

Finally, the assessments or audits are done to make sure the delivery is accurate and with zero errors. All are fully checked and verified before final delivery of the project. Once it is assured that all is perfect the project is completed and handed over

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Legal Coding Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2India is working on the legal coding services for more than 25 years, and we have given our best performance with skilled, highly professional, experienced, and well-trained employees. We have catered to customers from various industries and business verticals like research institutions, law firms, healthcare, e-procurement organizations and many more on the list.

  • Cost Saving

    We help our clients to increase their revenue and maximize profits. Not only that, but we also help them reduce the operational cost, even bring them to as low as 60% of the original estimation.

  • High-Quality Services

    For us at O2I, quality delivery is a priority. We don’t compromise in the quality and provide work with high accuracy and help clients to increase productivity and succeed in litigation areas.

  • Professional Employee

    O2I has highly skilled and professional employees who have years of experience in the legal coding domain. Working globally has made our professionals more experienced and expert in different domains.

  • Maximized Productivity

    We provide the best coding services to our clients with our latest technology and software which further helps to maximize the productivity level and maintain consistency.

  • Latest Software

    Software like Masterfile, Summation, Ringtail and Concordance from coded data are exported which the client may use and get benefits in the future.

  • Time-Saving

    We are omnipresent across demographics by having onshore and offshore development centers. As we work in different time zones, clients will get the facility of saving more time as we will work in the nighttime also.

  • High Data Security

    Another crucial aspect that we pay close attention to is Customer data Security. Outsource2India is very much professional about its work culture, so data security is important for us.

  • Faster Delivery

    Legal service demands another aspect which is time & we understand that as well. Our quick delivery is what makes us significant in the market.

  • 24/7 Maintenance Support

    We have support teams to look after customer queries and issues post-delivery or even in between the project work. We have 24/7 service centers to assist our customers by email or phone & we are happy to help.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    At O2I we have a top-class infrastructure for fine project delivery and submission. Our data centers updated technical assistance, the latest software is what our customer will surely look forward to. Superior delivery needs better processes in place for a smooth workflow.

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Outsource Legal Coding Service to Outsource2India

Outsource2India is a legal coding service providing company that has the best qualities to satisfy a client as O2I possess skilled and experienced team employee, accuracy in delivery, the latest equipment and software and many other factors. We completely own the requirement & it is our experienced team that has all the legal coding solutions. From the last two decades, we are providing legal process outsourcing in India and overseas. Therefore, our coding team has experience of working for different time zones as well. The service providence has made us more famous in this competitive world. The services and process flow are unique as it changes according to the need of the services by the client. We have a flexible work culture. Therefore, to make your company or organization free from any legal offenses, just contact Outsource2India and experience the best outsource legal coding services.

Gather all your needs and contact us for customized and exclusive legal coding services for your firm.

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