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Outsource Visual Analytics Services

Outsource2india has served as one of the world's leading providers of specialized outsourcing services since 2001. In 2011 we introduced a business enabling and data interpretation service - Visual Analytics.

In today's digital age, business leaders prefer to look at situations pictorially; images, graphs, and charts now do the talking rather than massive amounts of text data. With every enterprise handling copious amounts of data, analytics had to get visual. Our highly-skilled workforce of MS and PhD statisticians manage to analyze/decipher data to present it visually for today's enterprises. By understanding your strategic business needs, our domain experts can summarize data, develop dashboards, and provide meaningful analysis to help articulate your vision. It's a paradigm shift in the way data is viewed across the globe. Regardless of what industry your company operates in, or what department you are heading, Outsource2india can make sure that your data will be visually explicit to enable a profitable business decision.

Your Visual Analytics Workforce is Only a Phone Call or Email Away

Due to varied scope of data consumption across industries, genuine visual analytics requires a diverse collection of experts in order to make it work effectively. Fortunately, you don't need to hire specialists on site; as you can access the wide pool of data collators, statisticians, data scientists, skilled at leveraging specifically designed tools and algorithms at Outsource2india. Our team is in place and has many man-hours of advanced expertise, which can be fruitful for your business.

Outsource2india, a leading Indian visual analytics company which has seasoned analysts in business finance and accounting and operations who can create unique visual analytics that shed light on the insights hidden in your data! These become pointers that could change the way you do business or even change the course of market category. Our core team can help decision makers avoid information overload by presenting data visually, and in a language that is important to their business presentations.

We make use of popular analytics software like SAS visual analytics to work on projects ranging from investment research, market research, and business research to data analytics. Our cost-effective visual analytics services will take your data representation to the next level. This will enable you to discover hidden opportunities, achieve constructive evaluation, enhance your business processes, and improve decision-making.

Why is Visual Data Analytics Important?

Businesses today seek to work smarter by harnessing the power of information. This is achieved by watching out for trends early, by looking for patterns much before competition does!

Visual analytics is that process that turns data into a graphical representation, which helps CXOs see and understand trends easily. It makes analyzing and explaining data in real-time easier. Simply put, visual analytics can help you in "connecting the dots" and identifying "which dots to connect". The evolution of visual analytics however comes down to the way in which our minds process information. While it is important to represent data visually rather than a non-visual table of statistics, some images are much easier to grasp than others.

For example, the visual data analytics experts at Outsource2india have identified the kinds of data that business users like to see in a particular way. A handful of them are listed below -

  • Location data on a map
  • Relationship data on a scatter plot
  • Time data on an x-axis
  • Value comparison data on a bar chart
  • Relative proportions data on a tree map

We conducted a study on bus routes in one of the major international cities in the world and provided an illustration on how your mind will process data much faster when a carefully-conceived image leads the way.

How mind process visual data

Here is one more illustration to consider. A professional sport is a visible business that has a plethora of statistics. Sports such as baseball can be much more enjoyable (and profitable) if the fans can receive their daily statistics in an easy-to-digest fashion. As you will see in the two examples given below, simply showing the data with a different orientation can change everything. Wouldn't you agree that it is much easier to see how a player stacks up to everyone else in the chart?

Baseball stats visual analytics - good orientation Baseball stats visual analytics - better orientation

The role of Outsource2india is to enable you finding "better" and the "customized" visual analytics perspectives for your data.

What Visual Analytics Can Do for You

Ever wondered how to make the best use of visual analytics services in your organization! Our experts can help you unlock your big data potential by providing interactive visual analytics, which can evoke questions you had never asked before in your business context. At ourtsource2india, we would welcome the opportunity to take a closer look at your situation so that you can get started in the area(s) of your business where data will have the biggest immediate impact. This may be in -

  • Corporate - Visualizations from Outsource2india enable CEOs and COOs discover new data relationships and strengthen their data-driven business leadership - problems in operations or strategy can be solved at early stages; and market entry feasibility studies can be easily consumable
  • Finance & Business Planning - Our interactive visual analytics help CFOs to monitor the financial stability easily and mitigate risks. Furthermore, cost savings are possible as the time spent on repeated low-value tasks for developing data interpretation will be reduced
  • Sales & Marketing - Sales and marketing performance can be easily gauged by CMOs with better correlation of business intelligence from data that was not tapped so far. This is likely to open up new business opportunities and identify innovative ways to serve your customers
  • Human Resources - Outsource2india visualizations help HR leaders to have an in-depth insight of staffing patterns, drive better employee engagement, and ensure gapless successions plans. Better capabilities can be built with our real-time visual analytics

Being a pioneer in offering visual analytics in India, we keep ourselves up to date on the ongoing research and developments in visual analytics software to synthesize data into actionable knowledge. We use leading statistical and visual analytics software packages including SAS visual analytics, SPSS and Tableau.

What to Do Next - Outsource Visual Data Analytics

Outsource2india is happy to partner with you in presenting data in an enabling manner through visual analytics. We are looking forward to a journey where everyone harnesses the power of interpretation and the power of analysis to do better business globally.

Contact us to harness the power of visual analytics in India, we will be glad to work you hand in hand.

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