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Outsource Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services to India

Are financial tasks like bookkeeping, transaction processing, budgeting, and cash flow management shifting your focus away from decision-making or strategic planning?

If yes, you are at the right place! By outsourcing finance and accounting services to India, you will save ample time to focus on important strategic work and grow your business, rather than trying to get your books balanced.

With benefits like easy availability of skilled accountants, access to the latest finance and accounting software, assured security and low cost of labor, India is an ideal destination to outsource your day-to-day finance and accounting services like General Ledger Management, Accounts Payables / Receivables, Billing, Bookkeeping, or Expense Report Processing. With your accounting outsourcing services streamlined and focused with Outsource2india, your company can climb up the success ladder with ease.

Why Outsource Finance and Accounting Services to India?

8 reasons to outsource finance and accounting services to Outsource2india:

  1. Get the India Advantage!

    accelerate performance Accelerate your performance with specialized accounting software and seamless processes
    accounting software, like QuickBooks, Sage and Peachtree Get access to the latest accounting software, like QuickBooks, Sage and Peachtree
    complete security and privacy VPNs, Firewalls and Antivirus software to ensure complete security and privacy of your financial documents
    bookkeeping, payroll or tax processing Avail any type of finance and accounting services - bookkeeping, payroll or tax processing
    flexibility of outsourcing Enjoy the flexibility of outsourcing on your terms
    quality services at a price Quality services at a price that is 40-50% lower than your current cost
    favorable time zone Favorable time zone, ensuring faster completion of work
  2. Improved Performance

    By outsourcing finance and accounting services to India, you can successfully eliminate all the things that are currently downgrading your company's performance - staffing issues, outdated systems, undisciplined processes, or archaic software/tools. Finance and accounting services outsourcing can give you access to state-of-the-art processing centers that deploy cutting-edge technologies, innovative process and value-added services, which are sure to catapult your performance. With seamless integration followed by most service providers, your existing processes can be easily incorporated without a day's loss.

  3. Multi-software Skills

    Indian accountants are trained at employing popular finance and accounting software and have the expertise at using popular accounting software such as, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage, etc. This gives you an option to integrate your data into any accounting software application of your choice. You can also avail your processed data in any preferred format on an anywhere-anytime basis. With access to resources with multi-software skills, bookkeeping services in India is the best option you can consider for your business.

  4. Assured Security and Privacy

    You can stay rest assured that any data transactions that happen over the Internet or LAN, will be kept completely secure and confidential, through the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Network). Indian service providers also employ advanced security tools, such as, Firewalls and Antivirus software to ensure privacy in accounting outsourcing services. Authorized or selective access to your data ensures that only authorized accountants will be given access to your data.

  5. Expertise across Variegated Finance and Accounting Services

    Only India, with its large pool of experienced accountants can give you access to a wide array of finance and accounting services, like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll processing and tax processing to name a few. With accurate knowledge transfers, expert process migrations and efficient real-time process monitoring, you can be sure of zero errors in finance and accounting services outsourcing.

  6. Better Flexibility

    When you outsource finance and accounting services to India, you will have the freedom to decide on how much you want to offshore and when. You can opt to outsource entire gamut of your finance and accountings requirements, or outsource only a basic service like bookkeeping. With the option of customizable finance and accounting services outsourcing, you can save on cost, as you will have to pay only for what you use.

  7. Low Labor Costs

    Since India has a large repository of professional accountants, the cost of labor is much lower when compared to countries in the USA, UK and Europe. Outsourcing your financial requirements to India can put you in touch with experienced Chartered Accountants who are computer literate and well-versed in English. You need not have to worry about the quality of work, as Indians are known to be dedicated, skilled and quality conscious.

  8. Favorable time zone

    The time-zone difference (12 hours) between India and Western Countries has made India a strategic hub, capable of delivering services within 24 hours. By outsourcing to India, you can send in your work at the end of your workday and be sure of receiving the completed work by the very next morning. This will definitely give you an advantage over your competitors.

Finance and Accounting Services Outsourcing Process at O2I

requirement analysis

Requirement analysis

execution of pilot project

Execution of pilot project (if required)

pricing and the proposal

Confirmation of pricing and the proposal

service level agreement

Sign-off of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

project initiation

Project initiation

project execution and management

Project execution and management

reporting and feedback

On-going reporting and feedback throughout the project

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