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Payroll Data Analytics Services

Outsource Payroll Data Analytics Services

Get a 360-degree view of your employee spend by choosing our payroll data analytics services at prices starting at $12/hour

Analytic programs can help make any human resources activity more effective. But few programs have as much potential for immediate financial benefit as payroll analytics. It gives organizations an all-around view of their spending on employees. As a result, it becomes easy to visualize payroll and mine into the available data to know all that you need to do to make informed business decisions.

Outsource2india (O2I) has 25 years of expertise in providing payroll analytics services to companies around the world. Our services are tailored to assist you to get extra insights for actionable decision-making. Driven by a team of analytic experts, we leverage advanced statistical techniques to get you the trends on the table. We use a blend of techniques such as benchmarking, surveys, and workforce analytics strategy to give your business the strategic insights need for fact-based decision making.

Our Payroll Data Analytics Services

As a payroll data analytics service provider, we offer a range of services to tackle common problems such as the variation of taxation across the industry, salary distribution across teams and departments, or additional expenses on particular teams or members. Some of the services we provide include.

  • Payroll Data Analytics Service for Standardizing Information

    Payroll Data Analytics Service for Standardizing Information

    With this service, we deliver employees a similar intuitive payroll experience as their employers. All employees of your organization will view their payroll data in one portal. With the availability of payroll details and all related transactions on a single platform, an employer can manage accurate and stress-free payroll for employees and employers alike.

  • Payroll Data Analytics Visualization

    Payroll Data Analytics Visualization

    To get a complete overview of your payroll performance you need to get your payroll data laid out in visuals for a comprehensive understanding. We help you display your data in a choice of charts, graphs, and maps to help you spot any inconsistencies. Our visualization services will help you identify the patterns and trends needed to take improved business decisions. While designing a payroll analytics dashboard for you, we make sure the layout is simple and engaging for the user.

  • Payroll Data Analytics Service for Payroll Assistance

    Payroll Data Analytics Service for Payroll Assistance

    More often than not employees have many questions about their emoluments particularly during the end of the financial period. Our analytics services for payroll assistance leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide responsive and accurate answers to all questions about payroll. While the basic questions are handled with ease, the complex questions are passed on to a payroll service agent. In such cases, each interaction is logged and tickets are raised. We assign a special tracking mechanism for the process.

  • Payroll Data Analytics Service for Connecting Payroll Across Regions

    Payroll Data Analytics Service for Connecting Payroll Across Regions

    Integrating HR cloud with payroll is a critical but complex task for global businesses. In global organizations, administrators work across different regions, which is why small changes can lead to issues with syncing payroll. Our payroll analytics services are designed to integrate company data in a way to plug the gap between local and global payroll across countries. Our analytics services track the data changes in the central data repository and sync it with the data reflected in your local payroll ensuring your organization is in a position to create compliant and accurate payroll.

  • Payroll Data Analytics for Mapping Attendance with Payroll

    Payroll Data Analytics for Mapping Attendance with Payroll

    Absenteeism has a big impact on payroll calculation. Manual calculations are prone to errors and can lead to major mistakes. Payroll analytics can help eliminate errors triggered by absenteeism. As a result, it becomes easy to compute salary due to an employee without any mistake. Besides this, payroll analytics also helps in properly computing sick days toward year-end, assisting employees to make use of their accrued leaves and calculating accurately for employees who are planning to leave the organization. In other words, we help you streamline your payroll management with leaves and absents.

  • Payroll Data Analytics for Computing Turnover

    Payroll Data Analytics for Computing Turnover

    If your organization is having to deal with a lot of attrition, payroll analytics helps you determine if it is related to pay rates. Sometimes, a few departments tend to lose more employees than others. Even issue like this can be tracked accurately with payroll analytics particularly if it is related to compensation. Our clients have leveraged our payroll analytics services to check attrition in their company.

  • Payroll Data Analytics for Aligning Payroll to Company Goals

    Payroll Data Analytics for Aligning Payroll to Company Goals

    All organizations need to map payroll costs to company goals. If the company goal is to ensure customer satisfaction or meet productivity levels, it is important to align these goals with the existing payroll rate. Likewise, it is important to reward units and departments achieving more than others in meeting company goals. Aligning payroll with goals helps in mapping this achievement properly and providing performance-based appraisals.

  • Payroll Data Analytics Service for Compliance Management

    Payroll Data Analytics Service for Compliance Management

    Governments across countries follow strict rules regarding minimum wage. Sometimes payroll analysis exempts people who are due for overtime payments and at times includes people who are not entitled to receive overtime. This happens mostly because of manual errors in payroll calculations. It stands proven that misclassifying an employee can be costly for an organization. With our payroll analytics services, we help you meet all government-related compliance requirements and manage leakage in costs due to employee misclassification.

Our Payroll Data Analytics Process

As a payroll data analytics service provider, we follow a well-established process to provide end-to-end payroll data analytics. The process consists of the following steps -


01. Understand Requirements

In this step, we sit with you to understand and develop a flowchart that maps out your present payroll process in the right order. During this stage, we review every phase to get insights for ways to improve the process with analytics


02. Baseline the Key Measures

We tap into all important data to quantify your input/output costs and turn them into a baseline for transformation. During this identification process, we take all process bottlenecks into account. Besides, we calculate factors like where costs accumulate, time-consuming activities, etc.


03. Redesign the Process with Tools

Once the problems are identified, we draw a blueprint for re-shaping your payroll with the help of technology. Our team of analysts leverages the best analytical tools to feed the data and carry out trials to find the aptest solution as per the pre-defined list. We automate the data input process to get quality outputs


04. Roll Out the Solution

Once the custom-specific solution is developed and vetted by you we initiate the process of rolling out the payroll solution in your organization. Our experts implement the new solution in your system and handhold you through the process of leveraging the payroll solution for optimal use. Post-implementation, we monitor the solution for optimized performance

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Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Data Analytics Services to Outsource2india

As a reputed payroll data analytics services providing company, we have assisted our clients with a range of benefits such as identifying and addressing fraud, spotting money leakage, and systematic abuse of employee classification with great accuracy and speed. Our clients prefer to outsource payroll data analytics services to us because of the following reasons -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    We provide our payroll data analytics services at highly cost-effective rates. All our team members are dynamic players committed to using their analytical and logical skills to solve difficult payroll issues with the utmost efficiency and fastest turnaround time, so you can achieve significant cost-savings when you outsource to us.

  • A Well-qualified Team

    Our payroll data analytics services are rendered by a team of experts with end-to-end knowledge of data analytics. They are experts in the administration of the Oracle HCM Data Loader (HDL) as it is used in Payroll operations and HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HSDL). Likewise, they are specialists in owning and managing updates to system configuration as it is linked directly to payroll.

  • Exposure Across Industries

    We have vast experience in providing payroll analytics services for industries cutting across several verticals. From IT to manufacturing we have provided payroll solutions for diverse requirements. This exposure has helped them understand the role of a payroll analyst and payroll coordinator, acquire industry-wise knowledge of federal and state payroll and tax regulations, sharpen their analytical skills, etc. As a result, we can always deliver the most customized payroll analytics services for your organization.

  • Improve Hiring Practices

    Every organization needs the right hiring process to attract and retain high-quality employees. Our payroll data analytics services help you hire the candidate in keeping with the job description. Once a talent is spotted, data analytics helps you act quickly. Likewise, it helps in writing the best job description to attract the most suitable candidates. With our end-to-end service, you can also improve interview rounds. Besides, our services also help you keep eye on reviews about your company.

  • Reduce the Risk of Fraud

    With our payroll data analytics services, we assist you to spot the risks associated with your current payroll process. Some such risks can lead to fraud. These include misclassifying employees, miscalculating pay, missing payroll deadlines, neglecting to issue tax forms, or failure to maintain complete records. With the elimination of these risks, we assist you to avert misappropriation of assets or other hard-to-detect irregularities.

  • Assist in Strategic Planning

    With the help of payroll data analytics, we assist businesses in strategic planning. Critical information such as the cost of employee acquisition per country leads to valuable insights for expanding business across borders. During the expansion process, our analytic service assists in talent acquisition by predicting the future requirements of the organization. This will help the organization optimize cash flow and reduce unnecessary expenses that are common to all types of business expansions.

  • Employee Benefits

    Our services also assist in employee engagement, from hiring to managing current talent. This is primarily achieved by matching skills and background with payments. We also provide detailed breakup on salary, holiday allowance, overtime, and training needs, each of which plays an important role in employee engagement and satisfaction. With our service, we help you measure and document employee benefits to manage attrition.

  • Build Employer Brand

    In a survey, it was found that an employer that cares about its brand finds it easy to recruit candidates. Our payroll data analytics services help you build your brand by updating the company's profile, managing reviews, and providing continuous updates on the organization's work environment and work culture. Besides attracting the right talent, our analytics service assists in reducing employee turnover significantly.

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Outsource Payroll Data Analytics Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in payroll data analytics and payroll analytics audit services. Over the years, we have assisted several organizations to leverage the vast benefits of analytics to make their payroll process efficient and effective and get a clear view of the whole picture. Our clients have leveraged our services to get over a fragmented payroll model driven by legacy software and run a unified system with standardized data made up of a single source of truth for all important information. As a top-notch payroll data analytics services company we also support our clients with real-time payroll data collection, to enable them to get an accurate picture of time and costs any time they want.

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