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Cost Accounting Services

Outsource Cost Accounting Services

Outsource for complete financial, cost accounting, and tax-related services at affordable rates starting at $12/hour to save costs involved in hiring full-time employees

When you're running a business, knowing the accurate costs involved in different expenditures, investments, and profits and revenues is extremely important. Financial records not only help in keeping track of your finances but also can provide useful insights into how you're using your financial resources and where your return on investment stands at. With this information, you can arrive at important and the most ideal financial decisions so that your business grows exponentially. Cost accounting requires in-depth knowledge and specialization in the various operations to be accurate with aspects like record keeping and profit evaluation. When you compare hiring full-time accounting professionals to outsource cost accounting software services, the latter can help you save costs and invest in other important operations.

Outsource2india is a trusted cost accounting service provider for various businesses. With years of experience and a team of skilled and efficient accounting professionals, we have been helping ease the burden of performing cost accounting and other financial services so that our clients can give their undivided attention to their core competencies. With Outsource2india handling your cost accounting needs as you handle the other operations, you can nurture a steadily and consistently growing business.

Cost Accounting Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers complete cost accounting outsourcing services that can help you understand your finances and make better financial decisions. Upon not tracking and monitoring costs regularly and accurately, you might be limiting your potential to tap into better opportunities to make a profit and, as a result, grow. With the help of the cost accounting services that we offer; you can focus on key areas of your business that need financial resources with the insight that our reports provide you. Following are some of the cost accounting services that we offer -

  1. Cost Accounting System

    Cost Accounting System

    We can establish a cost accounting system for your business that helps in precise estimates of profits and cost control. Cost accounting systems are frameworks that help any firm to function in a well-planned manner such that important financial decisions are taken while minimizing the risks of loss. We first analyze your business to come up with the best framework.

  2. Accounting Records

    Accounting Records

    Creating, maintaining, and updating cost accounting records from time to time is highly crucial for any business to be run to maximize profits. Without having records to look at, you are more likely to make wrong or inconsistent assumptions and decisions. Our accounting professionals can help you with accounting record-keeping and can also offer training if required.

  3. Auditing


    While it is important to have cost accounting records, it is equally important to audit the cost records from time to time to ensure that the records are accurate and help in arriving at calculated decisions. Our accounting professionals conduct cost auditing to help businesses ensure that their records are free of errors and conform to the principles, objectives, and plans of cost accounting.

  4. Report and Analysis

    Report and Analysis

    Our accountants and financial experts conduct an in-depth cost analysis to assess different elements of the costs and accompanying factors to create a comprehensive report that helps in understanding areas of improvement. Our cost analysis services can also help you in taking cost-saving measures so that you can use your resources carefully.

  5. Performance Management

    Performance Management

    The very purpose of cost accounting services is to optimize the resource allocation and performance of a business. This is an additional service that our accounting specialists provide that can help you in planning your actions based on the cost analysis and reports such that the performance of your business can be improved, leading to better profits and ROI.

  6. Other Cost Accounting Services

    In addition to the services listed above, we also provide services like ledger maintenance, data entry and validation, and budgeting.

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Our Cost Accounting Process

Outsource2india follows a systematic procedure to handle the cost accounting requirements of the clients. We have broadly classified our process into four salient stages without compromising on intricacies and customizations when that is the need. Here are the four steps that we follow to offer you unerring cost accounting services -


Our first step is to perform a requirement analysis upon communicating with you regarding your business when you reach us for our cost accounting services. We then come up with the scope of the project wherein we allocate a team of experts, decide the pricing, and stipulating the delivery date.


After seeking your approval, we receive all the relevant files and our experts start working on your financial data, initiating data entry for precise analysis.


We then perform cost analysis based on the cost records, and the data to create an in-depth report.


We add recommendations for optimizing your performance and managing costs and send the cost analysis report to you via a secure FTP channel. This report would help you make better financial decisions.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india For Cost Accounting Services?

Outsource2india is the leading cost accounting services providing company that has been catering to a variety of financial and accounting requirements of big and small companies from around the world. We are fully equipped with manpower and technology to handle high demand. With over 25 years of experience, we offer transparent and infallible services that distinguish us from our competitors. Here are the other benefits of choosing to work with us for your cost accounting needs -

  • Costing

    We offer cost accounting services at affordable rates, keeping in mind that every company should benefit from our professional accounting services irrespective of their budget. We are keen on improving the efficacy of your business, helping you save costs, which is why we fairly price our services.

  • ISO Certification

    We are an ISO certified company and we strictly adhere to the industry-grade methods, processes, and quality of services. when you invest in us, you can be completely confident about the accuracy and excellence of our cost accounting services.

  • Flexibility

    When you opt for cost accounting services, it only makes sense when the service is designed exclusively for your business requirements. We maintain the right kind of balance between being flexible while also complying with the industry standards of the processes, thus creating the best cost accounting plan for you.

  • Professional Edge

    Over the years, we have carefully picked accountants from different parts of the world who are proficient at what they do. The benefit of outsourcing cost accounting software services to us outweighs working with a single accountant.

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Outsource Cost Accounting Services To Outsource2india

Specialized financial and accounting services render businesses the kind of competence that can help them achieve greater heights. With proper planning and management, you can have more control over your investments and ROI. When you work with a cost accounting service providing company, you can expect insights that allow you to improve your planning and management of finances. Outsource2india provides cost accounting services in India and overseas to companies from different industries. If you expect high-quality services that promise success and operate in a completely transparent manner, we are the right partner in cost accounting management for you.

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