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Outsource BAS Services

Effectively and efficiently maintain your business activity statements (BAS) and file them promptly by choosing our BAS Services. Prices start at $12/hour

For any business, operating in Australia, it is important to maintain business activity statements (BAS) and report the same to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). For small businesses, preparing BAS consumes a lot of time, which can be utilized to improve the business. For medium and large businesses, this BAS includes a lot of invoice collections and paperwork, which always needs an expert to take care of it.

Outsource2india, a pioneer in providing BAS solutions, has been active and helping businesses of every scale to prepare accurate business activity statements for the past few years. We always address every requirement of our clients considering the different business scales, completing period (monthly or quarterly), and GST slabs. While preparing the BAS, we always keep ourselves up to date with ATO notifications for any official changes.

BAS Services We Offer

While working with different clients with different requirements, our team has been exceptional in delivering accurate BAS solutions each time to all the clients with different requirements. At times, when our potential clients were inquiring about the services, we noticed a few of them being confused about the choices. To help our potential clients, we have classified our services and carved them out to meet different requirements. Let us have a look at the different BAS solutions we offer -

  • Preparation of Business Activity Statements

    Preparation of Business Activity Statements

    As a BAS services company, our experienced team can thoroughly go through your invoices and record the various types of taxes applicable based on which taxation slab your business belongs to.

  • Lodgment of Business Activity Statements

    Lodgment of Business Activity Statements

    Lodgment of business activity statements will be done through a process set by ATO. As a BAS services provider, our team will be thorough with the lodgment process guidelines set by the ATO and they will take care of every need of the BAS lodgment.

  • BAS Accounting Services

    BAS Accounting Services

    At Outsource2india, we have an expert accounting team, and executives are skilled and experienced in handling accounting activity and taxation processes bound to guidelines of Australian GST and BAS reporting. As a BAS services providing company, we always abide by the guidelines of the ATO while working on BAS business accounting services.

  • Professional BAS Agent Services

    Professional BAS Agent Services

    With the experience of handling several businesses as professional BAS agents, our licensed BAS agents will advise you and provide certainty or represent you to the ATS concerning all the BAS-related matters. Our professional BAS agent services are helping businesses on a large scale.

  • Preparation for Installment Activity Statements

    Preparation for Installment Activity Statements

    While small businesses do have fewer transactions and a smaller margin of profit, making tax payments at once can be difficult. That is where the ATO has given an option to pay the taxes in installments. Our BAS services for small businesses can help you prepare and lodge the installment activity statements.

Our BAS Process

When you outsource BAS services to us, as a pioneer BAS service providing company, it is our responsibility to deliver accurate and effective services at a lower cost and shorter turnaround time. To achieve all the above, the process flow is the decider. We have a world-class infrastructure and highly experienced teams. Still, the efficient process flow makes all the difference to our quality BAS solutions. After working for hundreds of clients and thousands of different BAS requirements, we have come up with the most effective process-flow for our BAS services in India. Let's have a look at it.


01. Gathering the Requirements

Once you sign up for BAS services with us, one of our sales managers will get in touch with you to gather the requirements. The detailed requirements will be recorded for further reference throughout the service period


02. Costing and Proposal

Requirements will be forwarded to the proposal team and the proposal team will come up with the pricing based on the man-hours required, usage of resources, and contract consultants. It also includes turnaround time and the details of revisions in case of errors in the execution. A complete proposal will be sent to you


03. Finalization and Signing the Agreement

Once you agree upon the given or negotiated costing, we will enter into a stage of signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep the information private between the two parties


04. Transfer of Details from Client

All the required information like invoices, receipts, and transactions will be transferred to us through a secured file transfer protocol. As it will be mentioned in the NDA agreement, all our servers are highly encrypted, and our server rooms are open to only authorized people with security keys


05. Team Allotment

Once all the costing and requirements are recorded, a dedicated team will be allotted to work on your requirements. A team manager and business head will constantly monitor the progress to ensure accurate and quality BAS solutions at a shorter turnaround time


06. Quality Assessment

Despite constant supervision by a dedicated manager and the business head, we always make multiple quality checks to ensure error-free and high-quality services


07. Final Delivery

After a stringent quality check, our services will be delivered within a shorter turnaround time as promised through a secure FTP. Delivery could be in the form of BAS lodgment, preparation of business activity statements, advice, etc.

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Why Outsource BAS Services to Outsource2india?

There are a plethora of companies out there in the market that claim to be one of the world's best BAS solutions providers. Why would you choose us from the ocean of service providers? Well, based on our client's feedback we have listed a few advantages they enjoyed compared to other companies while outsourcing BAS services. Here are some of them -

  • Reduced Overhead Costs

    When you outsource BAS services to us, we always charge only for the work we do instead of charging our clients in packages. Also, you will save the cost of hiring the experts and infrastructure implementation to get work done.

  • 24/7 Customer Care

    We always make sure every query of our clients should be resolved with the least effort from our clients. We have our customer service executives working round the clock to answer all the queries.

  • Exceptional Infrastructure

    To address the most complex problems of BAS services, we are all set with the most secure and advanced software and tools. When you outsource BAS solutions to us, be assured your information is processed using the latest and secure technologies.

  • Single Point of Contact

    A communication gap could completely ruin the relationship between the services provider and the client. Also, the communication gap or miscommunications will hinder the service speed and quality. To ensure the right communication, we always communicate with clients through a single point of contact.

  • High Data Security

    Outsourcing BAS services to us is an assurance that your business-related data shared with us for the service purpose is completely safe and secure with our encrypted file transfer and highly secure servers. We are a BAS services company with ISO certification. Over that, all our employees and consultants have agreed and signed our non-disclosure agreements.

  • Dedicated Team

    When a team is working on multiple projects, mistakes are bound to happen. Those mistakes will reduce the quality of services and increase the turnaround time. To overcome all these, we always make sure our teams are working on a single project at any given point in time.

  • Highest Accuracy

    While providing BAS solutions to our clients, we keep in mind that the errors in business activity statements can bring the worst legal consequences for our clients. Our stringent quality checks will always ensure accurate business activity statements.

  • Shorter Turnaround Time

    With the expert teams, world-class infrastructure, and the most efficient workflow, we always make sure that we deliver BAS solutions on time. As a BAS service provider, we always give importance to the urgency of taxation matters.

  • Leverage the Expertise

    When you outsource BAS services to us, you get to leverage the experience of our team which consists of team leaders and managers with over a decade of experience in Australian taxation and taxation services.

  • Adherence to ATO Guidelines

    As a BAS services providing company, we have to stay up to date with the updates released by ATO and we adhere to the ATO guidelines while we prepare business activity statements.

  • Reduced Overhead Costs

    When you outsource BAS services to us, we always charge only for the work we do instead of charging our clients in packages. Also, you will save the cost of hiring the experts and infrastructure implementation to get work done.

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Outsource BAS Services to Outsource2india

If you are a small-medium business owner or a huge firm with no in-house BAS expertise, then hiring a BAS service provider is the perfect option. O2I's BAS business accounting services are tailor-made to carry out a smooth accounting process and help business owners make knowledgeable financial decisions. If you wish to outsource BAS services to a trusted and experienced outsourcing partner or if you are looking for professional BAS services in India, then, you have come to the right place. With experience of 25 years in helping our clients to ease the taxation process and lodgments under ATO, we can help you too in preparing and lodging business activity statements with ease.

Contact us for effective and cost-efficient BAS services.

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