Investment Analysis Services

Investment Analysis Services

Get access to comprehensive investment analysis for your business from experts at prices starting at $12/hour

Investment analysis is an integral part of most companies belonging to a wide range of industries. Have you ever wondered how it would be to expand your research coverage by freeing up the time of your in-house analysts while managing to screen and track new investment opportunities across sectors and geographies?

O2I's unique range of investment analysis services are ideal for hedge funds, buy-side firms, sell-side firms, private equity firms, investment banks, and start-ups, pension funds, etc.

Our services span the length and breadth of investment research, and we specialize in providing real-time and accurate data for your company by expanding your research coverage and adding value to your existing processes.

Our Investment Analysis Services

At O2I, our investment research analysis services are provided across multiple asset classes to enable our clients, including private banks and wealth managers to focus on their key competencies and high-impact work. Our services include -

  1. Equity Analysis Services

    Equity Analysis Services

    If you are looking for the right kind of stocks which hold up well in a tumultuous market, then you need our services. We help you organize a responsive portfolio that takes into account historical and new stock market developments, ensuring you are always one step ahead in the investment landscape. We can help you with trade brokering, mergers and acquisitions, and leverage both foreign and domestic stock market acumen for the best quality investment analysis services. Some key offerings include -

    • Financial modeling
    • Coverage maintenance
    • Stock/Market Sector research
    • Pre-earnings reports
    • Thematic research
    • Market and Stock newsletters
  2. Credit and Fixed Income Analysis Services

    Credit and Fixed Income Analysis Services

    O2I offers significant gains for asset managers and other clients by offering research and analytics support for making key investment decisions. Our services are spread across multiple rating categories, products, geographic regions, and fixed income segments, and include the following -

    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Investment Notes
    Database Management
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Cash flow models
    Investment Notes
    Credit notes with Recommendations
    Capital structure analysis
    Database Management
    Financial database and updates
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Shadow credit rating models
    Investment Notes
    Tear sheets
    Financial covenant analysis
    Database Management
    Distressed situation history
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Loan models
    Investment Notes
    Credit-based memos
    Negative covenant analysis
    Database Management
    Deal performance
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Recovery models
    Investment Notes
    The research report on deals
    Peer/Bond/Loan comp
    Database Management
    Monitoring changes in tranche
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Trade claims reviews
    Investment Notes
    Sectors-wide research
    A to E Restructuring
    Database Management
    New deals and competitor intelligence
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Waterfall models
    Investment Notes
    Revenue obligation report
    Waiver analysis
    Database Management
    Economic, banking, and financial database
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Commercial real estate models
    Investment Notes
    Municipal bonds report
    Indenture screening
    Database Management
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Investment Notes
    Sovereign reports
    Distressed debt screens
    Database Management
    Credit and Fixed Income Models
    Investment Notes
    Comparative analysis
    Database Management
  3. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research

    Macroeconomic Analysis and Research

    Our analysts can analyze global interest rates while keeping a close tab on economic indicators and FX markets, changing financial regulations across countries, etc. Since a lot of factors play their part in regulating financials across the world, we can help you forecast economic conditions which can in turn lead to better decision making. Our offerings include -

    • Macro research
    • Economic forecasting
    • Key indicators watch
    • Commodity-based research
    • Currency research
    • Database creation and pupation
    • Thematic reports based on customer request
  4. Multi-asset Fund Analysis

    Multi-asset Fund Analysis

    Our multi-asset fund services enable your team to efficiently manage a suite of mutual funds and model portfolios across asset classes and geographies. One of the biggest challenges that we've seen clients face is finding a service provider who can properly analyze portfolios consisting of multiple asset classes. While most of our competitors provide a broad depth of coverage for a single asset class such as equities or fixed securities, we offer a suite of multi-asset fund analysis services that measure performance and risk together for you to create balanced, insightful strategies. Our services include -

    • New opportunity screening
    • Data correlation & pattern analysis
    • Benchmarking analysis
    • Front-load and back-testing
    • Asset allocation support
    • Simulation modeling
  5. DCF Analysis

    DCF Analysis

    We work with your team to forecast the revenues of a company and get it to net present value with the help of a pre-decided discount factor (WACC). We develop this factor through the CAPM theory. Performing this analysis helps us to uncover true enterprise value as well as the fair market value of your equity fund. Finally, this research is also extremely important to conclude whether stocks are overvalued or not.

  6. WACC Analysis

    WACC Analysis

    Our WACC analysis services are a vital area of study especially if you want to look into the capital structure of a company. We have a range of market equations which we leverage to analyze the company's capital cost after accounting for each component of the capital structure. This allows us to build a sound financial profile of the company from scratch.

  7. Custom Investment Analysis

    Custom Investment Analysis

    Apart from the above, we offer an entire suite of services customized to your needs, such as -

    • Company earnings forecast
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • IPO research
    • Company research
    • SWOT analysis
    • Idea generation
    • Business valuation support
    • Financial background research
    • Fund Performance Analysis
    • M&A Analysis
    • Preparing pitch decks
    • Market intelligence

Global Investment Analysis: Our Key Differentiators

One of the many reasons why Outsource2india makes sense as your choice for outsourcing investment analysis services is because we provide independent, highly targeted, and customized analysis services that are designed to support new investment ideas, facilitate effective decisions, and evaluate upcoming companies.

Our 4 main differentiators which set us apart from other investment analysis service providers include -

  1. Independent Data

    We help rationalize company as well as market expectations utilizing our insightful expertise. We also leverage the data to create custom models to identify purchasing behavior while leveraging market research surveys.

  2. Unbiased Opinion

    With our help, you can gain significant insight into competition dynamics across key industry sectors.

  3. Efficient Information Delivery

    Each project we work on comes with a dedicated relationship manager who ensures timely delivery of data and information sync between multiple teams as well project progress regularly.

  4. Differentiated Outlook

    We provide differentiated, well-compiled, and extremely directed market intelligence based on your requirements. Our differentiated services further allow us to perform custom analysis on any topic which is necessary for your business goals.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Outsourcing Investment Analysis Services?

  • Monitor and Strengthen Existing Market Position

    We help secure important historical data for your chosen companies and create a market forecast based on relevant findings. Our custom channel checks and surveys further ensure you always have a well-rounded company positioning for you to make your move.

  • Generate New Ideas

    We are great at identifying technology disruptions and upcoming startups which can shake the world market based on distinguished product offerings. We also create company primers for you to gain information from on a geographical scale and refer to plan future business tie-ups and acquisitions.

  • Exceptional Launch Coverage

    We compile historical market data on companies and portfolios you want to track, create data projections and reports, while also performing a customized SWOT analysis to understand where you, a competitor, or a portfolio stands.

  • Build and Update Sector Models

    Over the years, we have managed to build a database consisting of key market assumptions, all of which are backed by in-depth statistical knowledge and much more. This in turn allows us to rationalize data and match it to relevant company reports.

  • Research Emerging Technologies

    One of our key competencies is to research industry innovator reports to understand the trending opportunities in new tech. We also create platform-based spending guides and organize daily reports based on your needs.

  • Engage Industry Experts

    We can organize industry experts and research analysts to obtain secondary opinions based on your requirements. This coupled with our innovator web conferences etc. allows you to network with the best minds in the business.

  • Custom Research Methodologies

    As your investment analysis service provider, we can perform in-depth investment and portfolio research which considers multiple variables and requirements while updating the same for the latest information.

Why Choose O2I for Investment Analysis Services?

Our team of investment analysts is internationally recognized as one of the best teams with the desired acumen to research market caps and investments across North America and Europe. Our customized support services ensure we can service small businesses, enterprises, market investors, and entrepreneurs alike with differentiated offerings to drive growth and create new opportunities. Some of the key reasons why you should choose us include -

  • Huge Cost Savings

    With our directed, situational and extremely efficient methodologies, we can pass on these savings to our clients to the measure of more than 40-50%.

  • High-end Toolsets

    We leverage proprietary investment valuation tools that are created with the latest technologies in mind to provide our clients with the best possible results.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team of investment research analysts are experienced in the field of investment analysis and are backed by prestigious degrees from some of the top universities around the world.

  • Real-time Data

    In the world of investments, real-time data can be the key difference between a good decision or a bad one. Our data is accumulated through proprietary software algorithms to provide you with up-to-date analytics.

  • Exceptional Data Security

    We maintain high levels of software and hardware security through a combination of secure and sound IP protection NDAs as well as the latest cybersecurity definitions.

  • On-time Reporting

    We can supply your team with daily, weekly, fortnightly, or quarterly reports, depending on what suits your business needs.

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Choose O2I as your Investment Research Analysis Solutions Company

If you are looking to enhance your investment research coverage and significantly reduce costs then you are in the right place. We specialize in your preferences and demands into informed investment analysis reports that offer new dimensional insights, recommendations, and ideas for your company.

To know more about our service offerings, contact us now!

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