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Outsource Forensic Audit Services

Forensic Audit Services

The business landscape is changing at an exponential rate and things can get very complicated at times. It is important that we know and understand the difference between suspicion and facts in the business world. It is essential to gather the required evidence and use them to find the truth in a short period of time. If any time issues arise, companies need to work with forensic accountants to document the evidence in a systematic manner.

Outsource2india is one service providing company who has the required experience and skills to resolve the high-stake accounting fraud. We provide the required analytical and investigative services to major law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, private equity firms, and corporate counsel and executive management. Our forensic accounting and fraud examination services have helped several clients to function smoothly without any glitches.

Services We Offer

Our team at Outsource2india consists of certified and trained testifiers, data mining and computer forensic specialists, CPAs, accounting fraud examiners, witness interviewers, etc. We ensure that all the steps in the process are carried out according to plan and the task is completed within the stipulated time. Some of the key services we offer to tackle accounting fraud include:

  • Litigation Support Services

    • Billing and earn-out disputes
    • Securities and shareholder litigation
    • Officer and director liability
    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Insurance coverage disputes
    • Business interruption disputes
    • Post-acquisition purchase and working capital price disputes
  • Bankruptcy Services

    • Fraudulent conveyance actions
    • Bankruptcy fraud disputes
    • Preferential payments disputes
  • Corporate Investigation Services

    • Asset tracing and misappropriation
    • Waste and embezzlement
    • Accounting fraud examination
    • Fidelity claims
    • Regulatory-related investigations
      • Healthcare fraud
      • Foreign Corrupt Practice
      • UK Bribery Acts
      • USA Patriot Act
      • Whistleblower Investigations
      • White collar defense
      • DOJ, SEC, and State Attorneys General Investigations
  • Additional Forensic Services

    • Data Mining
    • Computer Forensics
    • Background Investigations/Due Diligence
    • Management Fee Transactions
    • Technical Accounting
    • Accountant Liability
    • M&A Fraud Services
    • Marital dissolution matters

Our Regulatory and Advisory Services

We have the required expertise to address complex issues related to regulatory and auditing issues, accounting, etc. This includes all the stages of SEC and PCAOB, and actions and litigations. We work with companies and help them resolve technical issues, restatement and listing advisory services, and assessment of claims. Our testifiers are presented with the evidences which are both, for and against the government. This enhances their credibility with the different courts and juries.

Most of our team members are trained and have worked with top government agencies in the past. We are trained to react quickly and conduct the entire task in a highly confidential manner while safeguarding your assets and reputation. We help resolve disputes without any kind of disruption to the business processes and mitigate recurrences. Our methods allow us to gather the required facts, analyze them carefully, and prepare documents and reports.

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Why Choose Us for Forensic Auditing Services?

Outsource2india's experience of over almost two decades in this industry has helped us gain enough confidence and serve customers from different domains. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include:

  1. Data Security

    We follow strict confidentiality agreements and different workstation data security policies which ensure that all your information is completely safe with us

  2. Cost-effective Rates

    We provide the best quality forensic accounting services and forensic audit procedures at cost-effective rates

  3. Cutting-edge Technologies

    We have access to some of the latest and path breaking technologies which help us provide the best-quality forensic accounting and fraud examination services

  4. Quick Turnaround Time

    Our team is trained to quickly react and deliver the required fraud in accounting examination results within a quick turnaround time

  5. Experienced Team

    We have a highly experienced team which consists of accountants, fraud examiners, forensic specialists, CPAs, etc.

  6. High Quality Training

    We provide our team at Outsource2india with the best-quality industry training and are equipped to handle any kind service requirement

  7. Support at All Times

    We provide the best quality 24x7x365 forensic audit support services for any kind of forensic accounting issue

Outsource Forensic Accounting to Experts

Outsource2india, one of the leading forensic accounting and fraud examination firm, has been providing quality forensic audit services and a plethora of other finance and accounting services to clients around the globe. Our experience of over 25 years in this industry has instilled enough confidence in us to serve customers from different industries and domains. We have the required skills and expertise to understand the different customers and their business models and provide the services accordingly.

We ensure that we understand the business perfectly before taking up any project from them. We ensure that we are proactive at every stage of the process and work to the best of our capabilities to get the result in your favor. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective forensic audit service provider, then you have come to the right place.

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