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Outsource Data Security Policies at Outsource2india

Remote Servers, emails and the internet are shaping the way finance and accounting service providers transact business. But the gains of the electronic age have come at the cost of financial data security breaches and cyber crime which directly impact the bottom lines and goodwill of organizations.

Instances of identity theft, phishing and fraud have left many finance and accounting organizations open to bad press, loss of revenues and law suits worth millions followed by the inevitable tumble at the stock markets causing immeasurable loss in investor confidence. Countries like the U.S. and UK have enacted new financial data disclosure legislations to counter the rising incidence of cyber crime and to ensure improved financial IT security.

Financial Data Security at O2I

A recent study conducted on financial data security policies of global service providers concluded that most such organizations have data security measures that work only in reactive mode. That is, they kick start after lapses in finance and accounting data security are detected. Outsource2india’s core team of IT security experts made sure that we are ahead of the times in this respect.

Our financial data security policies work in a proactive 3-step process of prevention, detection and rapid response to deter potential network misuse or financial data security lapses. The experts at O2I have put in place high security service centers and surveillance systems that encompass all aspects of our clients’ business: the people, processes and technologies within the organization including all third-party vendors outside it. Outsource2india systems are devoid of external drives to avoid data duplication or copying and have restricted print permissions to prevent data misuse.

Our clients can be confident that O2I’s finance and accounting service delivery works on completely locked down system channels with data privacy measures that are secured through stringent processes and redundancy.

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Processes at O2I mandate the sharing of information on a strictly need-to-know basis only and have put in place powerful network authentication tools. We investigate any data transfer by employees that do not comply with our security stipulations. For utmost financial data security we have put in place the following process and network features -

Financial Data Security: Process Features

  • Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements
  • Audit trails for all system activities
  • Access to registered and authorized users only
  • Scanning of servers for penetration testing
  • Large budget outlays on security

Financial Data Security: Network features

  • Total secured CISCO VPN Tunnel to client
  • Secured Cisco® Intelligent switches and Cisco® Network Assistant optimized for LAN
  • Cisco® PIX® Firewall to block all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and even ICMP
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) protection and Secure Network
  • Secure network firewalls
  • Technology-driven detections systems
  • Secure Encrypted Web Servers and laptops
  • Password protected systems
  • Biometric Access

Enterprise Access System for Employee Login

  • Secure Smart Card and Secure Premises Login
  • Network and Windows Login
  • PC ’locking’
  • Secure Remote Access (VPN)
  • Secure email with digital signatures
  • Single sign on to enterprise and desktop applications

O2I has also focused on IT security policies which have administrative auditing, reporting, and monitoring facilities that guarantee data security at every stage. Besides, O2I’s IT infrastructure has routine security features such as virus prevention/cure, spam filers and URL filtering. Workstations are secured individually by anti-virus protection and back-up drive manager.

Despite investments in state-of-the-art financial security devices and systems, our team of information security experts recognizes that the essential agents of security best practices are the individuals who man these work stations. We undertake training reinforcement from time to time to sensitize employees and third party service providers on financial data privacy needs of our clients and on the latest data security practices.

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