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Tax Processing Services

Outsource Tax Processing Services

Get access to cost-effective and professional tax processing services that can cater to all your tax needs. Prices start at $35 per return

Today, a manual approach towards income tax return filing is not only extremely time-consuming, but also, error-prone. Businesses and firms face an uphill task during the tax season to arrange and make sense out of hundreds of forms, varying tax rates, thousands of different jurisdictions, etc. This not only impacts their productivity, but also their seasonal profitability to an extent.

At Outsource2india, we offer our tax preparation and processing services to US-based multinational companies as well as to small to medium-sized businesses which are severely overburdened by keeping their tax functions in-house. We have mastered the tax operations balancing act, and can easily keep pace with seasonality, governmental regulation changes such as FATCA, and technology upgrades with the help of automation and expert income tax return professionals.

Our Tax Processing Services

With 25 years of relevant experience in servicing corporations and businesses both large and small, we can help you quickly and cost-effectively manage your firm's and client's requirements. Our Income Tax Processing Services include -

  • Federal Tax Return Services

    Accurate tax returns and processing requires in-depth knowledge of various tax laws and bye-laws, which differ from country to country, and sometimes, even state to state. Our expert income tax return services can help you mitigate risks with the help of our automation strategies and expert software use for enhanced e-Filing of income tax returns.

    Our services include -

    • Individual income tax returns
    • "C" Corporation income tax returns
    • Heavy equipment Use tax returns
    • Non-profit corporation tax returns
    • Fiduciary income tax returns
    • Partnership income tax returns
    • "S" corporation income tax returns
  • Tax Preparation Services

    Our experienced tax professionals can easily prepare your tax returns allowing your in-house staff to focus on more productive areas and high-value services. Our expertise transcends individual, corporate, partnership, and fiduciary tax preparation, and we pride ourselves in our swift turnaround times. On an average, we can send fully prepared tax returns along with optional review notes with 12-24 hours of submission. Our services include -

    • Form 1040 (individuals) preparation
    • Form 1120 (For companies and Corporations) preparation
    • Form 1065 (Partnerships) preparation
    • Form 1120S (S Corporations) preparation
    • Interpretation, examination, and classification of items on the balance sheet
    • Interpretation of the treatment and taxability for each account
    • Classification and interpretation of P/L items
  • State Tax Return Services

    Many states in the US prefer to collect separate taxes, and following up with them is an added burden for an already overburdened tax return filing department. State tax refunds are notoriously hard to process, and our services are targeted towards not only filing your returns but ensuring all refunds are obtained for tax overpayments. Our services include -

    • Income tax filing for individuals (all states)
    • Corporation income tax returns
    • Partnership income tax returns
    • Intangible taxes
    • Tangible taxes
    • Franchise taxes
    • Charter taxes

Steps We Follow to Ensure Streamlined Tax Processing

The income tax filing process at Outsource2india has been fine-tuned over the years so as to enhance client satisfaction. Our process includes -

Scanned Documents

We receive all your scanned documents which you can send at any time, as per your schedule

Enter Details

Our tax data entry experts enter all relevant details accurately into appropriate software

Accuracy Check

All entered information is checked once more for completeness and accuracy


The completed tax copy is sent to you for review

Final Doc

Upon receiving your inputs, we update the tax file and send you the final copy which is ready to be filed

Features of O2I's Tax Preparation and Processing Services

Our services are not only flexible, but also highly customizable, allowing you the option to freely choose between a variety of services we offer and the time duration for which you might need them. We differentiate our services by -

  • Providing robust e-filing support and easy integration with a variety of tax software systems such as NetSuite, QuickBooks Accounting, Quicken, Peachtree, Intuit ProSeries, ATX, Creative Solutions Ultra-tax, etc.
  • Leveraging our access to accurate business tax data, including up-to-date rates for sales tax, rental/lease tax, consumer use tax, etc.
  • Usage of electronic document management software and drag-and-drop report writers to easy automation
  • Ability to fully replicate forms using proper fonts or OCR techniques, watermarks, shading, bar codes, etc.
  • Leveraging the extensive operational knowledge of our income tax return professionals in regulatory practices
  • Providing round-the-clock client security and privacy measures, and robust connectivity with the help of ASP/FTP technology
  • Being one of the few firms fully compliant to Sarbanes-Oxley, and ensuring complete financial transparency
  • Acting as a one-stop-shop for all your bookkeeping and accounting needs

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Tax Services to Us

Our services help you effectively minimize the "busy season" burnout which most other organizations face, along with increasing your customer satisfaction numbers, and your businesses' profitability. By partnering to us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Gain better growth capacity without facing the problems of excess overhead
  • Achieve better efficiency with the help of our fully automated and digital services
  • Almost 60% savings as compared to other Mainland firms leading to better profit margins
  • Enhanced client satisfaction by focusing on other high-value, personalized tasks and services

Choose Outsource2india as Your Destination for Tax Preparation and Processing Services

At O2I, our finance and accounting services have helped countless clients stay on top of constantly changing tax regulations, and avoid costly fines.

Read our article on FAQs on PTIN Application to know more about how a PTIN is extremely important for individual tax preparers and accountants.

Contact us today and find out how our Income tax return services can help CPAs, corporations, accounting firms, and small, medium, and large businesses achieve process efficiency, transparency, and accelerated growth in a cost-effective manner.

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