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Outsource Tax preparation with Intuit’s ProSeries Software

O2I has been engaged in providing superior tax preparation and processing services to our clients globally. Our team of tax experts is highly competent and undertakes tax preparation for

  1. Individuals
  2. Partnerships
  3. Large corporates

O2I files Federal and State Tax returns for both companies and individuals. We also undertake tax processing and computing for mid-sized tax practitioners who outsource to us to deal with peak work loads associated with the tax season.

Global clients outsourcing their tax preparation services to O2I have a choice of getting their entire tax preparation from documentation, form filling to actual e-Filing entrusted to us, all in total compliance to federal tax regulations and IRS.

For all these services, we work on the latest software for tax preparation such as Intuit’s ProSeries and Lacerte software. The ProSeries tax software ensures high levels of accuracy and guarantees total IRS compliance in tax filing.

Intuit’s Tax Software: ProSeries

Intuit’s ProSeries tax software is a U.S. market leader in professional tax solutions. At O2I, we use Intuit’s software for tax, ProSeries when compatible with client requirements or when clients have accounting systems that already run on Intuit’s accounting software QuickBooks.

Tax preparation using the ProSeries software for tax is advantageous because of its built-in e-filing capabilities, ease of use and quick data input features that help to complete the entire data entry, processing, tax calculation and e-filing of tax returns quickly and accurately.

Both the ProSeries Basic and ProSeries Professional packages are used in tax preparation at Outsource2india. Both versions of ProSeries tax software have complete automated calculations for 100% error-free tax calculation and have built in tax-help that keeps the preparer up-dated on the latest tax legislations.

ProSeries Basic edition is used in tax preparation mainly for individuals or sole practitioners. It is one of the most economical tax software with a very simple user interface allowing the client to closely follow and participate in the outsourced tax calculation and e-filing process. Intuit’s tax software ProSeries Basic edition is especially useful -

  • Preparation of 1040 and Schedule C tax returns
  • Allows entering Electronic Filing Identification Number (ELFIN) when e-filing tax returns which is mandatory for IRS compliance
  • Provides detailed category specific checklists for data collection
  • Allows data inputs into forms or worksheets
  • Has built-in error detection and correction mechanisms

ProSeries Professional edition can be used in tax preparation for both individuals and medium-to-large sized corporates. Tax preparation with Intuit tax software ProSeries Professional edition

  • Includes a comprehensive set of forms and schedules for data inputs
  • Offers high integration with QuickBooks
  • Allows direct scanning of W-2 and 1099 client data
  • Allows in-depth diagnostics of tax data

Benefits of outsourcing tax preparation services to O2I

Let Outsource2india’s team of tax experts handle your tax processing requirements with total compliance to IRS and tax filing deadlines. Our secure FTP technology helps to move source documents from customers to our tax processing facilities in India. O2I uses advanced tax software such as the Intuit tax software ProSeries and Lacerte to deliver total accuracy in your tax calculation and filing. We support you with flexible options including phone, online chat and email to assist you at every stage of the tax preparation cycle.

Align your financial planning with your business goals with Outsource2india’s Financial Analysis Services.

Please contact us for further information about O2I's Tax Preparation Services with Intuit’s ProSeries software and Pricing details.

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