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Outsource Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services

Managing accounts receivable can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task for a real estate company. It can become a huge burden, especially when there are multiple units within a single property portfolio. However, this is one of the key functions handled by the accounts department and has a direct impact on the cash flow of the organization. Therefore, maintaining an efficient accounts receivable process will ensure smooth cash flow and faster collection of payments.

Outsourcing this process to specialist service providers will take the struggle off the real estate firms and ensure faster payment recovery, improved collection rates, and quicker invoice processing, all of which directly contribute to increased cash flow. Outsource2india is a leading real estate account receivable company catering to accounts receivable requirements of global real estate clients for almost two decades now. Outsourcing real estate accounts receivable services to us will help businesses save valuable time and money.

Accounts Receivable Services We Offer for the Real Estate Industry

Serving the industry for so long, we have gained rich, multi-domain experience and understand every minute concept of cash flow in real estate industry. Our team of accountants and financial experts is trained to handle any kind of accounts receivable requests. Some of the key service offerings we provide include -

  • Real Estate Accounts Receivable Management
    • Keeping track of tenants' security deposits
    • Managing move-ins, move-outs, and renewals
    • Analyzing and processing monthly rents, print invoices, and customer statements
    • Tallying cash receipts against relevant invoices or customer checks
    • Following-up through e-mail or call for the payments as a part of receivables management
  • Tenant Receivable Management
    • Setting up billing parameters, late fees, etc. using the leasing software
    • Carrying out monthly rent processing
    • Rent collection processing
    • Creating and initiating relevant tenant communication through template-driven letters in case of delinquencies
    • Updating tenant records, tracking utility consumption, and calculating the bill backs
    • Analyzing tenant ledger reports for any discrepancies
    • Promptly generating move-in, move-out, and late fee, reports
  • Real Estate AR Reporting
    • Preparing cash and accrual based monthly property control reports
    • Maintaining financial schedules such as depreciation and amortization as per the client's requirements
    • Prepare variance report by comparing operating results with the monthly budget
    • Creating monthly operating reports based on assets, liabilities, general ledger accounts, and tenant information
  • Budgeting Support and Analysis
    • Cash flow forecasting to refinance of mortgage from new lenders
    • Carrying out site-based budgeting based on tenant services costs, repair costs, and maintenance staffing costs
    • Preparing commercial and residential budgets for carrying out day-to-day operations
    • Managing administration and budget formation
  • Marketing Activities
    • Generating new tenant leads by regularly posting vacant units on advertising platforms
    • Proactively connecting with prospective tenants across social media sites
    • Conducting exit interviews and collecting tenant feedbacks
    • Carrying out web-based market research to pin down market rents on similar properties

Tools We Leverage to Efficiently Manage Accounts Receivables

Our accounts receivable processes are designed to ensure effective cash-flow management so that all the receivables will get quickly converted to revenue. In order to provide you with an accurate assessment of all your overdue invoices we make use of latest and advanced tools. Some of the best accounting tools we use include -

  • Sage
  • Fundbox
  • QuickBooks
  • FastFund Accounting
  • CheckMark
  • PaidYET
  • MultiLedger
  • Accounting Xpert
  • M.Y.O.B
  • WorkflowAR

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

The O2I Advantage

Being in the industry for over two decades now, Outsource2india offers highly accurate and quick real estate accounts receivable services at cost-effective rates. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us are -

  • Assured Data Security

    We strictly emphasize on data confidentiality and data security and hence have stringent policies in place to ensure that all the data you share with us remain completely safe

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our top-quality services are available to the clients at reasonable rates, without any compromise in efficiency and accuracy. The pricing can also be customized based on specific client requirements

  • High Billing Accuracy

    We follow strict ISO guidelines and standards to ensure that all the services we offer are prompt, accurate, and error-free

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our processes are designed to ensure quick conversion of receivables into revenue through effective management of cash flow, without delaying the project schedules of the client

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which enables us to deliver quick and efficient results within the stipulated time

  • Better Cash Flow

    Our team of financial experts ensures that the client organization's cash flow is maintained by reducing delinquencies and recovering payments within shorter duration

  • High-Quality Reporting

    Our team is trained to provide precise and detailed accounts receivable reports for all our clients that help them in effectively managing their cash flows

Outsource Your Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services to Us

Outsource2india is a leading real estate accounts receivable company and has been serving real estate agents, companies, brokers, etc. for over 25 years now. Our vast experience of having worked with the leading real estate firms across the globe has enabled us understand the business inside-out and serve the clients more effectively.

Our time-saving yet cost-effective services have helped clients to quickly recover their payments and keep their cash flowing. Having a team of well-experienced accounting specialists, who are aware of all the latest developments in the industry, we provide accurate services on time, every time. Therefore, once you partner with us, you will be left with valuable time, which can be invested on other vital business deliverables. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your accounts receivable requirements.

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