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Articles on Finance and Accounting Services

We have created a depository of finance and accounting outsourcing articles/resources that can help you learn advantages of outsourcing finance and accounting services to India. Have a look.

5 Useful Tips for Effective Accounts Payable Management

Streamlining your accounts payable operations can not only help you achieve your business objectives faster, but also help you cut costs and reduce fraud. Read this article to know more about effective accounts payable management.

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Can Cash Flow Management Trends Affect Your Business

Cash flow management is one of the key aspects for any organization. Read how the top trends in cash flow management will affect your business.

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FAQs on SSN Requirements for Obtaining a PTIN

Whether you are a an individual or a large company, a PTIN is needed if you want to file federal tax returns. Read our FAQs on SSN requirements to obtain PTIN.

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A PTIN is extremely important if you need to file federal tax returns, either for individuals or even large companies. Read our FAQs on PTIN application to know more about the importance of PTIN.

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Financial Outsourcing Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Financial Outsourcing will continue to be in demand in the year 2017. This article highlights top 7 trends in Finance outsourcing that will be in vogue this year.

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Bookkeepers vs. Accountants - 7 Key Differences

Read on to find out the main differences between bookkeepers and accountants, and how to choose between them as per your business requirements.

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5 Biggest Technology Accounting trends

The field of accounting is changing with every passing day. Check out the latest accounting trends which need to be considered by businesses.

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NetSuite vs. Salesforce: Who Leads the Edge?

Read this definitive comparison between NetSuite CRM and Salesforce CRM to understand which one suits your business requirements the best.

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AP Automation Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

Latest trends in Accounts Payable automation can help you work your way towards a leaner, more streamlined, and ultimately more profitable business operation.

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e-invoicing: What Future Beholds?

e-invoicing is helping global organizations move towards a more efficient business model while reducing their carbon footprint.

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FAQs on Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services

Get answers to frequently asked questions on outsourcing finance and accounting services to India.

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Bookkeeping Systems

Outsource2india, a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions, has been proving technology-driven bookkeeping services to global customers since a decade.

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Outsource Bookkeeping to India

If you do not have the resources or expertise to carry out the maintenance of your financial records, it is profitable to offshore bookkeeping to India.

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Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services

Finance and accounting services outsourcing can help your organization save on precious time and effort. Instead of spending time and effort on routine mundane tasks, you and your personnel can concentrate on your businesses core functions.

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Outsourcing Taxation Services to India

We are well-versed in the use of software such as Lacerte, Ultra Tax, ProSeries, Drake Software, Prosystem FX, CCH, TaxWorks, TaxWise, Turbo Tax, ATX and Go-system.

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As the drive towards convergence between GAAP and IFRS becomes faster and more furious, the details of the differences that are yet to be converged become more and more important.

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OFAC and Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are required to abide by the regulations set by the OFAC and are also mandated to block certain transactions as required by OFAC in special cases.

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Xero Accounting Software Review

Have you read countless accounting software reviews, but don't know which software is the best? If yes, then read on to find out our take on the why your business should use the Xero accounting software.

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